I'm sorry if by chance
You've been offended
I honestly thought
This rift had been mended
So what did I say
To tear us apart?
Would it be prudent to mention
This is something I didn't start?

But if it comes to it,
I will end it.
But I'm so tired of this
All my energy's expended
I'm tired of talking
Just to have my words twisted
So if bitter was your goal
Then come and taste it

You have morphed me to fit
Your perverse depiction
And I was more than happy
To match your description
Because if bitter is your goal
Then why not score it?
If that's what you know,
Why deplore it?

I might as well do your job
And twist my words for you
Why not become tainted,
When I'm starting to bore you?
I might as well mould
To what's now expected.
Put on the mask
The public perfected.

I'm so tired of talking
Just to have my words twisted
I'm so sick of myself
And the way I'm depicted.
Perhaps, with more thought
I would have preserved better.
But when you've reached your goal
Who cares that you're bitter?