I hummed making my way into my classroom, I sat down at my usually seat and opened the latest 'Brilliance' magazine. Yet again the mysterious Blake Taylor was modelled on the front. I wasn't usually so into the good-looking-macho guys that were models but there was something different about Blake Taylor, the way he smiled and the way his eyes shone. It might have been my imagination but I might have a secret celebrity crush on him, but then again everyone else at my school did.

"Is that the new copy of Brilliance?!" Mira said taking it out of my grasp, I hadn't even had the chance to look beyond the cover. I moved my hand to try and take it back but I missed it by millimetres. Mira turned away from me opening the magazine and girls instantly surrounded her trying to catch a glimpse of Blake Taylor. I sighed, I guess I would just get it back later it would be okay. The new editions of Brilliance were always expensive and people usually waited a month or two to get them.

"Morning Vee." I looked up standing before me was my best friend Alexander Hopkins. I smiled my usual smile at him.

"Morning Alex." He yawned taking a seat next to me.

"Another late night?" I asked fixing his stand up shaggy, messy un-styled hair. He fixed his glasses before turning to look at me with a sheepish smile.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that...I had to work late again." He said, stretching his arms. I watched as the morning sun made Alex's complexion sparkle, he turned to look at me with a small smile making my heart jump a little, why was that? I shook off the feeling by turning and taking a sip of water from my bag. The bell went and people sat down in their seat, Mira leaned over to my desk and placed my issue of Brilliance on my desk. I looked at it feeling my heart break a little, it looked like all the girls had been fighting over it trying to see more of Blake Taylor. The corners of the magazine were bent and there were little rips and tears from scratching and pulling.

"Is that...Brilliance?" He asked a little nervously.

"It was the new edition, but...not so new anymore." I said a little defeated I didn't even get a chance to look at the inside of it, I didn't feel like looking at it anymore, my beautiful magazine was now ruined. I sighed running a hand through my messy long brown straight hair. Unlike all the girls at my school my hair was un-coloured, un-styled and un-glamorous. Okay 'un-glamorous' isn't even a word but it described who I was. The girls here weren't interested in grades, they came here to be scouted as models and muscians any job where looks were important. Me on the other hand, I only came here because Alex got a scholarship to this place. It wouldn't be school if I wasn't with my best friend after all.

"Jenevieve Launders!" My head shot up staring at my teacher, she snobbishly pushed her glasses up higher on her nose.

"How many times have I told this class not to read magazines during class. Hand it over!" She growled very annoyed, in my own drifting my eyes had been staring at my Brilliance magazine. I sighed standing up I handed over my copy to her, she walked back. Once she was in front of the classroom she took a quick glance at the magazine.

"Oh my lord! This is the new edition of Brilliance." She said happily, even my teacher? Everyone was obsessed with him, Blake Taylor. Then again I can't blame them, he was so good looking. His blazing hazel mixed with sea blue eyes, his chizled jaw and blonde brown hair, he was at least 6'3 with a muscular body and a perfect smile. I mean how is that not irresistable? Instead of teaching the class like she was suppose to my teacher was now conversing with the other girls in my class as the boys talked about something totally different, but I didn't bother with either. All I wanted to do was read my copy of The Brilliance.

"Hey Vee...that was your copy right?" He asked, I nodded again leaning my head down on the desk.

"Hm, here." He said handing me a brown paper bag.

"What's this?" I asked, looking at it but not taking it out. He only smiled with an all knowing look. I gave him a raised eyebrow look before I opened it slowly. I gasped silently, it was a signed copy of the new limited edition of The Brilliance.

"How...did you..." I asked gasping at my best friend, everyone was way to busy talking about Blake Taylor on the otherside that they didn't even notice I had something much much much more better than that.

"I happened to run into him at a store and well...I asked him to sign it for you." He said smiling, I instantly stood up and hugged him awkwardly since he was sitting down.

"You're the bestest best friend I'll ever happy. You don't know how much this means to me!" I exclaimed happily, I felt his arms slowly wrap around me but I thought nothing of it. After a little more than a moment we let go of each other and I sat down, I carefully put it back into it's brown bag and put it away, I was going to savour it for later and for when the others wouldn't be there to destroy it.

Much of the day went by a blur as I wasn't concentrating I was more eager to look at my special book. I had also planned to go to Alex's house with his favorite baked goods and a movie that we could both enjoy.

"Alex, I have to go. See you later!" I called skipping down the steps and jogging pretty much the whole way home. I was so excited, I opened the door quickly and ran to my room throwing my bag onto my bed taking out Brilliance I stared at it's shiny new cover and I almost opened the first page when I put it down and thought for a moment. If I cooked Alex's surprise cookies now, while I wait for them to cook I can read the magazine. It was a brilliant idea of course, so I got to work cooking and put them into the oven. But however being the klutz that I was I had gotten powder in my hair and well lets just say I was a pretty big mess. I threw off my ruined uniform and put it into the wash and I took a nice hot shower making sure to get any cooking materials out of my hair.

"Crap, crap, crap!" I mumbled running out of the shower with just my towel on, I had stayed in there for too long and I could smell the scent of cookies. I quickly took them out of the oven.

"SUCCESS!" I yelled joyfully, they had come out just right. They would taste crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. It was the pefect blend. I quickly went back to my room putting on a pair of jean shorts and a white tank top and my converse shooes. I grabbed a plastic bag to put my cookies in and without a thought I headed out the door on my way to Alex's house to suprise him. _________________________________________________________________

I arrived at Alex's mansion, did I mention he was rich, not rich, but filthy rich. But he wasn't a snob of any type. When I first met Alex he tried to hide the fact he was rich from me. It was funny when I found it, but let's not go into that story right now. His bedroom window was open and I could hear the faint sound of Vivaldi's Double Cello Concerto in D Major playing. Alex had a thing for classical music, it sounded pretty drifting down towards me. I rang the doorbell and Edward the butler answered the door.

"Heya Eddie." I said waving as he let me in.

"Good afternoon Miss. Launders." He called as I happily skipped up the stairs towards the growing sounds of Vivaldi. His room door was slightly open, I creeped up slowly planning to surprise him. I put one hand on the door and pushed it open quickly.

"SUPR...rise." I said, the last part came out all wrong. I stood there staring at who I thought was my best friend. The cookies dropped to the floor and if my jaw could it would have hit the ground.

"Vee." He said surprised. I just stared and stared at my best friend...

"Blake Taylor." I whispered, silence stood between me and my best friend. He stood there as shocked as I was.

"My...my...my...best...friend...is also...Blake...Taylor." I whispered. I could have fainted. In fact I did, but Alex caught me just before I fell at least I think he did because I didn't remember hitting the ground.

This was just the beginning of a whole new friendship between me and my best friend. Little did I know, I had stepped into my best friend's secret life.