I don't know how long it was, but I just stood in the mall by myself thinking the word 'date' over and over and over again. I smiled and bit my lip a little thinking about it, but I was getting thirsty so I decided to get a drink.

"One mango smoothie please." I said to the cash register man, he took down my order and went to make it; I hummed along with the loud music that was playing as I waited.

"Here you go one mango smoothie." I thanked him, paid and left. I walked around the food court until I found an empty table to sit down at.

"Hey cutie, you look a little lonely. I should sit here." As I looked up I saw the bad mouthing boy smirking at me as he sat down. I bit down on the inside of my mouth as I looked at his nose, I think Alex might have broken it…or maybe it was originally like that. I didn't get a very good look at him in the cinema. He had red brown hair and hazel eyes, he wasn't great looking but he wasn't ugly. He was just average. I took a sip of my smoothie but it was terrible! It didn't even taste like mango! What did this guy give me?! I almost spat it out; the cashier guy looked over to me and gave me a nice smile and questionable thumbs up, I looked closely and saw a small badge that probably read 'trainee' I know I probably should have told him that he has no career in smoothie making but I was too lazy, I just gave him a smile from afar. DISGUSTING!

"So where's your little boyfriend? I have to you know, pay him back for what he did to my face." He said his face scowling.

"He left and FYI he isn't my boyfriend. He's my best friend." I said with attitude, why is it that all the creepy guys got my attention and the one I really wanted didn't even notice me? I sighed to myself.

"Probably with his other girlfriend, but that's alright I love second rate girls." He said winking at me. I clenched my fist, what the hell kind of pick up line was that?! Don't get me wrong I should be angry that he just called me a 'second rate girl' …I am angry about that, but what a jerk! And still…I'M NOT A SECOND RATE GIRL! "Because you know if he can't pay back the favour, you can do it for him." He said evilly. I stood up in my chair letting it scratch against the ground; I picked up my disgusting tasting smoothie and chucked it over his face without a second thought. I didn't even wait for his reaction as I walked away, angry as a storm.

I found myself wandering into a quieter part of the mall, less people were around and I breathed out deeply. So what if I was second to Amanda? What if I was always going to be second? What happened today was good enough for me…to be close to him, I played with the bracelet on my hand for a moment.

"I don't understand why that guy would go out with a beach [what word is similar to this? Use your imagination. This is supposed to be G rated!] Like you." I turned around as the boy came up to me angry and smoothie dripping off his face. Did he not understand what I meant by chucking that smoothie into his face? I rolled my eyes, this was growing tiresome. I just wanted to be alone. I started to walk off again when he grabbed my arm, and turned me around to face him. I could feel the smoothie on his fingers and instantly cringed.

"Did your mother never teach you how to talk to a lady?" We both looked up and behind me was Damien Kingz. Wearing a white hoodie and a pair of black skinny jeans, I think the boy got a shock that Damien was so good looking that he let go of my hand and I ran over to Damien.

"You alright Love?" He asked looking me over. I nodded feeling annoyed and frustrated from this guy. I sent icy daggers in his direction hoping he'd catch on.

"You should just mind your own business, besides that girl right there is a waste of time." The boy said spitting on the ground. GROSS, GROSS, GROSS!

Damien let out a little laugh as he walked over to the boy, he put a hand on his shoulder and without even thinking about it he punched him square in the nose. I heard the large crunching sound and realized that he really broke his nose. The boy fell to the ground holding his nose which was now bleeding and he was groaning in agony.

"This is what you don't understand. Love, here," he said pointing to me "isn't a waste of time. In fact I'd do anything to spend the day with her. So buddy you're the one missing out. You didn't realize what an amazing beautiful lady she is. But…I'm glad you didn't, because you're a jerk and because you're a jerk I punched you." Damien said. I just stared at him realizing what he said. The boy looked at him very confused before he got up and retreated quietly.

"You don't have to do that for me…" I said as he led me over to a bench.

"Of course I had to do that." He said wiping off the yucky juice off my hands, his fingers gently brushing against mine sending warm tingles shooting through my body.

"Why?" I asked him, he stopped wiping my fingers for a moment and we just stared at each other in an oddly intense moment.

"You're so cute Love, you already know why." He said going back to wiping my fingers.

"I do?" I asked stupidly. What exactly was I missing here? He chuckled and shaking his head before looking into my eyes again.

"You're really going to make me say it again?" he asked me but I only shrugged my shoulders. "I'm in love with you. You're so cute when you don't remember things. That's okay though. I'll just keep reminding you until you do remember." I blushed having heard that he loved me a second time. It was the first time a guy had told me he loved me; I wasn't exactly sure what I was supposed to do now. So I kind of just…sat there staring at my hands as he continued to wipe them.

"So tell me, how did you get into this mess?" Damien asked casually as if that really long awkward moment of silence didn't exist just now.

"I was here with Alex…on a date. He told me it was a date at the end but I think it's strange…" I said, Damien threw the tissue into the bin and came back to sit down next to me again.

"Why is that?" He asked me, we sat comfortably and silently in the mall watching people come and go, just doing nothing in particular.

"Isn't he…in love with Amanda? I don't see why he'd want to go on a date with me." I didn't know what made me say it but it was so easy to talk to Damien, there was just no hesitation at all.

"Yet again, you're so cute." He said, starting to run his fingers though my hair, I looked at him puzzled what in the world did he mean this time? "Though, it's not fair. Alex got to go on a date with you. It's my turn." I turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow, what in the world did he just say?

"I'll pick you up tomorrow night. You're coming to the fashion gala with me." He said standing up, yet gain it wasn't a question it was plainly and simply a statement.

"I wanna show you why I'm better than him."

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