Honey, I think of you so much each day

The thought of you next to me, makes me smile

I can't seem to find any words to say

It's sad, You haven't been here for a while

I can not see you, Where are you right now?

Because I am here just thinking of you

And I can not really understand how,

It is the little sweet things that you do

I pondered, are you thinking about me?

I thought, do you feel exactly the same?

And are you where you are supposed to be?

I have been totally lost since you came

There's someone else in your beautiful eyes,

I was just there, exactly beside you

I don't know how I got fed up with lies

I realised, I was believing you

Do you know that you fill my thoughts a lot?

Those lies made me selfish and so greedy

I have lost almost everything I've got

And since then, I became very needy

And do you even care that I exist?

Please, I do not want to hear anything

I am next to you, hear me out at least

I do not want to be left with nothing

You can see me, touch me, hear me, feel me

Do not ignore the person who loves you

I'll come back if you ever set me free

That's because nobody wants to feel blue

Don't suddenly show up and leave me lost

That is just an absolute stupid joke

Wake your senses up, I am not a ghost

It's even worst than a glass that just broke

You say you love me back when it's a lie

Believed you before, but never again

It's nonsense, I've already said goodbye

I've given up eleven out of ten

Do not say that you love me when you don't

It hurts knowing that you're pitying me

And if you ask me, I'll say, 'No, I don't'

I really am not who I used to be

It just tears my heart to million pieces

Just hearing you say those words so easily

And you can't even explain what peace is

Don't fool me 'cause I'm not playing silly

I have already given up on you

Seeing you every single day, smiling

It just makes me feel black and blue

Slowly, you are killing me, I'm dying

I am finished with my sacrifices

No reason to feel so sad anymore

You weren't even worth to be a prize

Finally, I have closed the open door