Once upon a time in a town of political liars and saints, there was a girl at the age of twelve. Her name would soon change to what she enjoyed. She grew to become "Dance". She grew along with her impeccable power to serenade the city to a standstill. She grew with only one flaw: she was made of glass and light. With every other number came another shard, but to her own fault, she held to her glory. She held on for as long as she could, bringing audiences to elation and ovations against the electrician's best wishes. But eventually, star faded and wheelchair bound, she became nothing more then a whisper underneath the haven's bright lights.

She whisked herself to path towards an open field where she would happen stumble upon an undead poet, burning bush adjacent. The undead poet would ask to be with her close, making her promise that she would bury him where he wouldn't be seen, like what god had asked for him. His sins will bring him to hell without being buried by the first person to walk his path.

From the moment of introductions onwards, they were invincible. They would play as merrily as the days before, writing riddles and skipping on the downbeat. Soon, she started becoming fragile as these forty-five years wore on. She reached a point of near immobility. This undead poet swore to make her everlasting, letting her light up at the thought of the idea.

From dusk until dawn, they would share stories of nobility to infidelity. The undead poet would write each one of her secrets into a form that would sing in her head. Until the end, she held on to her last wish and feared for his death. She wished for a last dance with an audience. The poet asked if he could be her attendant but she would continually decline, having her only reason become "With hell comes loneliness."

This dead poet cared for Dance, and mutual feelings back. "I can pray and forgive god when the time comes. That said, I have made my amends. I will be here until the very last dance."

She stood into first position with the help of the poet. Heavy hearted, he hesitated and let go. She followed through every pivot and Passé only to pirouette until there was nothing left.