Feeling numb at the end of the week,

I'm tumbling down from the high peak.

I'm awake but I feel like it's a dream,

Nothing's real, nothing's as it seems.

The sun comes up then fades away,

But to me it doesn't seem like a new day.

My face is blank from all expression,

I feel nothing but it's not depression.

The past I long to forget comes back to haunt me,

The sleepless nights show under my eyes for all to see.

I lie awake wondering about if we could go back,

Would you change the lyrics to our soundtrack?

We had promises, secrets, trust, and all,

But you left as soon as I took the fall.

We played games but, you played with my heart,

You had her while I was falling apart.

I stare at the ceiling on these endless nights,

Thinking if things could ever go right.

I look back and I wonder how people change,

Then I look at you and you've become strange.

You're not the person I fell for, you changed before my eyes,

You used to be different, but now you just lie.

I risked it my everything and gave it my all,

But to you it was nothing, you just let me fall.

At this late hour I'm staring at the clock,

The memories of you are like a roadblock.

It's an obstacle I can't seem to go around,

And the truth from you has yet to be found.

So tell me what happened to our "Great Escape",

Did you forget, or was it another mistake?

But it's okay 'cause now I'm counting on your lies,

'Cause you know they're no longer coming as a surprise.

What happened to the promises you said you'd keep?

You just walked away when I tried to take the leap.

What happened to the secrets we once shared?

I remember the times you said you used to care.

What happened to the trust we earned over time?

I guess I learned that the stars don't always shine.

What happened to all the memories we had?

The moments I thought that would never go bad.

Is this it? Is this how it's going to end?

So much for being best, best friends.

Here's to the memories, here's to the past,

Here's to the lies and the trust that didn't last.

Goodbye to the moments that passed in a blur.

Goodbye to us and everything we once were.

Goodbye to the wasted time and tears I had to spend.

Goodbye to you this really is the end.


But just so you know, I'll be here if you ever need a friend

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