AN: This was another assignment for English that I got... we had to write a poem using certain guidelines like what you are resident of, your fears, etc... It's pretty weird, that's all I have to say!

A contradiction,
Confused, torn, lost and alone,
Relative of chaos, pandemonium, and of havoc,
Lover of the night, of peace, of the silence in a dream,
Who feels distant, useless, invisible,
Who needs to be free, to express, to be hugged sometimes,
Who gives up dreams for others, hugs to those who need it, and holds out a hand to those lost with her,
Who fears the people she sees, the chaos she feels, and the thoughts she brews,
Who would like to see serenity, perfection, and a night of endless stars,
Resident of panic, confusion, and life,
A contradiction of the heart.