Lily Scarlette Harrison was a very pretty girl. She was half white and half Asian; some could call her exotic looking. But to her, she wasn't pretty. Her long, thick hair wasn't gorgeous enough. The mole on the left side of her cheek would forever scar the beauty of her face. Her lean body wasn't lean enough and her breast couldn't fill a dress at all. Lily was vain and she knew it.

In the summer of her last preteen year, she had spent most of her time flipping through magazines and catalogs. Various make-up brands held good deals of different kinds of eye liners and mascara. The biggest frustration for her was how she could never find the right match of eye shadow color to give her barely existent eyelids a tint of sparkle and flare.

For her birthday and Christmas, Lily simply held up her wish list of Urban Decay, Mary Kay, and Clinique products to her mother to pass along to relatives. Declaring that these were the only items to make her happy, Lily's mother glanced at her daughter and frowned.

What grew inside of the blossoming Lily was what every parent feared. Growing up was one, but what Ms. Harrison feared the most was the outrageous case of Teenage Girl Puberty. Having never raised a son, she couldn't really judge which sex's puberty was worse, but the expense of fashionable clothes and brand name face products suggested otherwise.

Despite their arguments over how selfish Lily was being, Lily won in the end and was given what she needed to become what she wanted in her new junior high school.

Popular. All Lily Scarlette Harrison wanted to be was popular. Of course, she had never really stuck out in elementary school but that was elementary. To her, middle school was the small stepping stone to the island of high school. She knew that if she was well-known in middle school it'd be easier to become even more well-known within high school walls. She wanted it. Lily was willing to do anything in order to climb her way to the very top. She would make her subtle and not so subtle moves.

"I will be a somebody," she whispered to herself as she mounted the bus steps on her very first day of 6th grade, smiling knowing all the while that her quiet life of playing nice girl would soon be a ripped story book casted among the flames of a desperate fire.


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