In her eyes

The look says come hither

But then her gaze withers

As her eyes pass over him

(...over to someone else...)


In her eyes

Lights dim

She only sees him

His expression grim

Her gaze lingers

She plays with her fingers

The moonlit sky

Refused to die


In this time and place

He only sees her face

Nothing else is there


In his eyes

A look of recognition

Turns to submission

As he meets her gaze

The love was strong

But she was not

So when he left her

Her heart did rot


In this day and age

Internal war was waged

But she just couldn't win


In cold December rain

Is when they meet again

He is sorry

But need not worry

He is not forgiven

My heart is broken

She says

And you left it open

Bleeding crimson teardrops

He says

It was your heart on the line

Wish it'd have been mine

Somethings don't heal with time

Only regret it

Can't forget it


In the future and past

Only their love did last

Their relationship crumbled away

A/N- I have to say I'm proud of this. I don't have a huge personal connection to this story, but the emotions in it are so real to me. Anyway. Review, por favor. In is only the working title. Couldn't come up with a better one, but it'll probably change.