Alberta woke up to a loud thump coming from downstairs. She turned to see that her husband, Peter, was fast asleep.

The only light in the bedroom was the moonlight that peeked through the window.

The woman turned her bedside lamp on. This prompted a round of tired complaints from Peter, who turned over and covered himself with blanket.

Seeing no use in asking him, she turned off the light, got out of bed, and went to investigate.

Alberta searched every room downstairs. The front door was locked. Nothing seemed to be missing. There was nothing broken. Satisfied, she headed back upstairs.

Peter hadn't moved an inch since she left the bedroom.

The woman crawled into bed and pulled the blanket over herself.

"Good night, Peter," she said.

As she looked in her husband's direction, she noticed something on the floor. Curiously, she turned on her bedside lamp.

Alberta's eyes shot wide open when she realized what it was.

Sitting there, propped against the wall with blood all over his torso, was Peter.

Alberta rolled out of bed and scrambled over to him. She was definitely not dreaming. The woman got on her knees and screamed as loud as she could.

As she knelt there in shock, she failed to notice the figure under the sheets sit up...