It's Love

Note: This is a girls love story. If girls love does not interest you then please do not read this story.

Seven-year-old Harumi smiled even though she didn't mean it, and offered the bag of chocolate hearts. "Please accept this, Rodrigo-kun!" she forced herself to say cheerfully.

Rodrigo-kun looked at her, then the chocolates. He was dark-skinned and spiky-haired, the heartthrob of grade 2, sweaty from his furious game of football, she presumed. She had no interest in football or Rodrigo-kun, but all the girls were offering him chocolate because he was so popular and it was just expected on Valentine's Day. Harumi didn't know why Rodrigo-kun didn't make her heart flutter like the other girls, but he didn't, and she just felt uncomfortable around him.

Rodrigo-kun, seemingly getting it, grabbed some of the hearts from the bag. "Thanks Harumi-chan!" he said, and greedily gobbled them down. "Man, Valentine's Day is great! People keep giving me chocolate!"

"Oh thank you, Rodrigo-kun!" Harumi said. She promptly turned around and walked off, wishing for someone she actually wanted to give chocolate too. Why did she have to only give chocolate to boys, anyway? Mother had asked her to give the true feeling chocolate heart to Rodrigo-kun, but Harumi had only allowed him to take some cheaper obligation chocolate hearts. There was no boy she would offer the true feeling chocolate heart to at school, even if Mother thought that Rodrigo-kun would make the right husband for Harumi.

Who would she give the true feeling chocolate to, if she had to give it to anyone? Harumi had to get rid of it before going home, or else Mother would be angry, but Harumi didn't want to throw it away; the true feeling chocolate heart had been very expensive, made of the finest chocolate.

She looked around the playground. Auburn-haired Kokoro-chan was really pretty and kind, and somehow Harumi felt good around her, a sort of warm feeling. Kokoro-chan was jealously guarded by spiky Tatsumi-chan though. Tatsumi-chan looked like a boy, so everyone thought she was Kokoro-chan's boyfriend; it was even rumored that Tatsumi-chan was giving chocolate to Kokoro-chan instead of the boys. Harumi felt jealous that Tatsumi-chan could do that.

Yuu-kun came running up with some chocolate to Kokoro-chan, but Tatsumi-chan started yelling at him, and chased him off. Harumi decided not to try her luck with Kokoro-chan; facing Tatsumi-chan's wrath didn't seem worth it just to get rid of the true feeling chocolate. Besides, it would be nice to give it to someone she did have true feelings for.

But I don't have true feelings for anyone!

Clutching her bag of chocolates, Harumi put her head down and ran away, narrowly avoiding a collision with Fukune-chan. Harumi ignored cries of protest and anger and charged off into the woods, far from the playground, and far from anyone. Her long black hair was blown back, her short legs pumping furiously as she zigzagged through the forest. Her small teeth clenched tightly until her jaw was numb. A teacher called her name from far away. Her legs moved until she no longer heard the sounds of intruding people. It was just her in the cold, silent woods.

Harumi stood around, blinking. Shizuoka Public Park was one of the largest parks in Tokyo. She realized that by running away she might be lost for hours. Which way had she come from? She spun around, looking in every direction, but she only saw trees and the occasional path.

"Oh no…"

Harumi sank down and huddled her knees close. Why had she been so stupid? If she had just given the right chocolate to Rodrigo-kun like Mother asked then she would have been fine. She had to remember that her feelings were unimportant; her family came first, and if Mother wanted her to prepare Kyuusake-kun for an eventual marriage then she had to even if she wanted to marry someone else.

The very pride of a woman is to be strong for her family.

Swallowing hard, Harumi forced a smile just like her mother taught her to, a friendly, inviting smile that hid her pain and fear. To hide her pain so she wouldn't burden her family was the most important thing.

Something slithered through the fallen leaves in her direction. Harumi's smile faded. She immediately imagined a snake coming toward her, even though that was ridiculous—snakes wouldn't be out in February. Snakes didn't usually live in Tokyo either.

So what is that?

Something yellow and covered in blood-red dots rose from the leaves. Harumi froze in place, her blood turning to ice as something long and slimy reared back like a cobra, but it wasn't a snake. The face lacked eyes and the head flared like a mushroom. In the center of what she figured was the face was a vertical seam. The seam slid apart, revealing a pink maw filled with multiple rows of small, sharp teeth. That wasn't the worst part though; somehow even more terrifyingly wrong was that it was transparent. Harumi could see clear through it faintly, as though it were a ghost.

Harumi somehow managed not to wet herself or scream. Her only reaction was her eyes growing wide and her heart rate shooting up. The huge worm opened and clothed its hideous mouth, as though smelling the air. Its head was pointed in her direction though. Harumi knew that it would be sinking its teeth into her, but she had a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that it would do something much worse to her, but she couldn't comprehend what that fate was.

The worm flew forward, mouth open wide, straight for her face. Harumi was frozen, not even capable of blinking. It was the end, and all because she got upset over chocolate.

A strange, piercing mechanical sound disturbed the woods. The worm abruptly stopped and writhed silently, twisting and bucking, gnashing its teeth. The sound was weird, but it wasn't painful to Harumi. She blinked, unsure if what she was seeing was real.

"Got you now, you little troublemaker!" a woman's voice jeered.

A short and odd-looking woman stepped into view, holding a fountain pen with a tip that glowed with a bright blue light. She had a wild mop of curly teal hair that was partially covered by a battered wide-brimmed white hat. Her eyes were huge and bright, sparkling with the shade of teal. She wore a blue blazer over black waistcoat and a white undershirt, and baggy striped trousers covered her legs. A giant rainbow-colored scarf hung loosely around her neck and a big brass pocket watch hung from her waistcoat. Oversized brown shoes were on her feet, but she appeared to not wear socks of any kind. Strangely, the woman smelled very woody. Not like the damp forest around them; it was more of a processed wood smell, very sharp but not unpleasant.

"So you thought you could get a host here!" the woman said, ignoring Harumi. "Not while I'm around, you're not! This is a world of sapient life, and you can't do as you please here!"

The ghost worm, if it could hear her at all, paid no mind to the woman's words. It just seemed to be in pain. The woman drew a long, clear tube from her blazer pocket, and deftly scooped the worm into it, fastening a cap over the end. She moved so fast that Harumi didn't see how the cap went on.

The woman's pen stopped screaming, and the worm relaxed inside the tube. The woman tucked the tube in a pocket somewhere and laughed, putting her hands on her hips.

"Triumph!" she crowed. "Triumph once more to the greatest genius in the Multiverse!"

Trying to get her breathing under control again, Harumi stared at her strange savior. Was she a good person though?


The woman looked down as if noticing Harumi for the first time. "Oh! Hello there young lady," the woman said. "How do you do?"

Harumi got to her feet and bowed graciously. "I'm fine now, thank you. You saved me from that bug."

"Oh, yes!" the woman said, pacing around in a tight circle. "That critter is a 'Guiruchong'. Very nasty things. They get inside you and do all sorts of icky things to you. It was escaping the derelict population after I cleaned out the infestation. If it got you things would've been very messy and then I'd have to arrest you! The rehabilitation process can be ugly too, let me tell you."

The woman spoke Japanese, but the quick way she spoke was strange. She also couldn't keep still, nervously pacing about and fluttering her hands. Harumi was grateful to the woman, but she felt embarrassed to watch her.

"So, erm…"

"Oh, I'm sorry!" the woman said suddenly, spinning around on her heels smoothly to face Harumi. "I am Frantilly Scientia-Ilm Housenka! What, pray tell, are you called?"

Harumi smiled nervously. "I'm Harumi. Pleased to meet you."

The strange woman snapped her fingers and pointed directly at Harumi. "Harumi. Got it."

Harumi was taken aback by the rude gesture. "Erm, so Frantilly-san…" She had to struggle to make the foreign name out.

"Just call me 'Frantilly', Dearie," interrupted Frantilly. "You life's too short to justify adding titles to names."


"Yes? Yes? What is it?"

"Thank you for saving me."

"You said that already, but I like being praised. The greatest genius in the Multiverse can never be praised enough."

Harumi frowned. Frantilly's lack of modesty was strange, but there were bigger things to wonder about. "Frantilly, what's the 'Multiverse'?"

Frantilly leveled her finger at Harumi again. "The Multiverse? Well, that's a very big question, Harumi. A very big question indeed, and it needs a big answer. But the short answer is, you're in the Multiverse. All of us are. Everything is part of the Multiverse. This planet is just a tiny speck in a little corner of the Multiverse, a corner called 'the World of Humans' because all dominant life in this world is human-based. I come from a very different corner, where humans are rare."

Harumi's eyes widened with awe. "So you're an alien?" she asked breathlessly.

"Yes, for lack of a better word," Frantilly stated.

"But you look human," Harumi pointed out.

Frantilly made a very offended face. Harumi realized she had said something very wrong. "No," Frantilly said slowly. "You look Gari. Gari were around long before the World of Humans appeared. We are different species though, so don't try to mate with me hoping to create a hybrid."

Harumi blinked at what she heard. "Why should I mate with you?" she asked. "We're both girls."

"Girls can mate," Frantilly said matter-of-factly. "If I wanted to, I could make children if you mated with me."

Harumi scrunched up her brow, confused. "But you just said—"

"I can grow offspring artificially," Frantilly said. "Like a turnip, but alive and crying. We can't just mate and hope for the best, silly."

Harumi was seriously confused, but she was intrigued. "But would you…like another girl?"

Frantilly waved her hands dismissively. "Girls, boys; it's all the same to me. Love is love, right?"

Something resonated inside of Harumi's breast. Her heart fluttered like a trapped bird in her ribcage. "Y-yes…"

Frantilly stepped delicately about, inspecting the trees. "Very quaint," she said. "I rather like it here. This cold is good. I like cold."

Something in Frantilly's pocket squirmed. Harumi froze, fearing that the evil worm had escaped. Something yellow and shimmering popped out and flew around in the air, making a whirring noise. Harumi gasped, but calmed down as she watched the curious object fly around, leaving a trail of yellow sparkles in the air. She began to laugh and twirled under the sparkles. She felt like a Fae, the air lit up with sparkles.

"You like that, do you?" Frantilly asked, smiling. "Cheers me up too, Harumi."

More whirring filled the air, and Harumi noticed blue and red things joined the yellow one. She saw that they were winged orbs that glittered like crystal. They darted and swerved in an aerial ballet, delivering their color to paint the sky.

Frantilly bowed to Harumi and offered her hand. "May I have this dance, Miss?"

Grinning, Harumi accepted. Their fingers clasped and they began to clumsily dance beneath the sparkles. Harumi had never danced with someone like that before, and she kept stepping on Frantilly's toes, but neither of them cared.

Harumi felt warmth like she had never felt before. A sense of enjoyment that had been lacking previously. She finally had a friend.

Or something more…

A sharp alarm suddenly rang out. Frantilly abruptly stopped the dance and whipped around in the direction of the alarm. "Oh, no," she said. "I must leave. Something very important's happening."

She walked off without another word. Harumi followed, worried that Frantilly might vanish. "What's going on?" she asked.

Frantilly held out her arm, the colorful flying orbs flying back into her pockets. "That the alarm for my Spacetime Yacht. It means there's an emergency. I can fix it in a moment though."

They came to a clearing with a small blue tent, like the ones the homeless people living in the part slept in. The alarm was clearly coming from the tent though. Frantilly gave a smart snap of her fingers, and the alarm cut off.

Frantilly opened the front, and Harumi noticed that it was so dark she saw nothing inside.

"I'll be back in half an hour," Frantilly said, putting her right leg through the door. "This should be simple."

Something seized Harumi. It was something she had to do, something nagging her that if she didn't do it she would regret it. She grabbed the true feeling chocolate and offered it to Frantilly, arms outstretched.

"Here! Take this please!" she pleaded.

Frantilly looked at the chocolate blankly. There was a beat, and Frantilly smiled and took the high-quality chocolate heart. "Thank you," she said warmly. "It looks delicious."

Harumi's heart melted at her tone. "Please, eat it all up. Thank you for accepting it…I'll wait for you!"

Frantilly tucked the heart away and stepped inside the tent. "Be right back!" she called, and closed the door. The tent shimmered and slowly faded from sight. Harumi smiled, the knowledge that she had such a special friend made her happier than she had ever been.

Time passed. Half an hour went by. Harumi worried, but was confident. An hour later though the teacher found her. Despite her protests Harumi was taken home. Her mother was upset she had wandered off, but was glad the true feeling chocolate was apparently delivered. Harumi went up to her room to wait. She waited and waited. Day turned to night and there was no sign of Frantilly. It was very late at night when Harumi finally cried herself to sleep.

Sixteen-year-old Harumi wore a porcelain smile as she set the table for dinner. She had cooked the food meticulously and to perfection; most professionals wouldn't have done as well. The brass candleholders were polished beautifully too. The guests would be very pleased by the arrangements. Mother would look very good to them.

Checking her watch, Harumi saw there was still some time left before anyone started arriving. It was Valentine's Day, and there was only one way to spend it.

Walking up to her room, she closed and locked the door behind her. It was dark, but she didn't need the lights to maneuver around the drawings and hand-made dolls of teal-haired women with rainbow scarves and blue blazers. Harumi at different ages was with the woman in the drawings. The room smelled sharply of teak due to the perfumes and candles Harumi collected. The scent made her very especially amorous, and a shiver ran through her body.

Sitting on her neatly-made bed, Harumi closed her eyes and imagined. Her rescuer, savior, with the teal hair and blue blazer and striped trousers, would wisk her away from the suffocating life in Shizuoka Town, taking her on fantastic journeys through time and space. Harumi would be embraced by her savior, engulfed in the wonderful scent of teak.

The heat building up inside her was intense. Harumi's hand slid softly to her skirt, her fingers sliding inside her pants. Fingertips gently teased her moist cleft. Harumi's breathing deepened, her long black hair falling back in a shimmering cascade, her ample breasts jiggling with each breath. She licked her pale lips as she imagined being kissed and touched.

"Frantilly…I love you…"

The movement of her fingers became more rapid, frenzied. They swirled around inside her. Nearing climax, she leaned her head back, panting.

"Frantilly…Frantilly! I love you!"

Her orgasm reverberated through her teenaged body. She gasped and collapsed onto her back, trembling as she came down from her climax.

"Let me give you more chocolate…" she mumbled.

The doorbell roused her from her fantasies. Annoyed, she quickly washed her hands and made her way downstairs as quickly as she could. She adjusted herself, becoming perfect and professional once more. She opened the door and smiled. "Welcome!" she greeted.

A short teal-haired woman stood there in a blue blazer, striped trousers, and a rainbow scarf. She held a fountain pen that was glowing blue at the tip. "Hello there!" she said cheerfully. "Does a 'Harumi' live her? She isn't where I left her, but I was able to track her down to this mansion. Quite a nice place this is."

Harumi's smile dropped. The figure of countless fantasies stood before her, but it was impossible! She had only dreamed Frantilly up as an imaginary playmate. The therapists had explained very carefully that Frantilly wasn't real. Mother had made it clear that a perfect girl didn't need imaginary friends that smelled like teak.

The scent of teak drifted past Harumi. She almost fainted.

"Please come in," she mumbled.

"Oh, thank you kindly!" The woman stepped inside, stepping out of her big brown shoes, not wearing any socks. Harumi watched numbly, then walked back to the dining room.

"So I returned from a few repairs, and Harumi had vanished!" the woman said. "I looked everywhere for her, but she was gone completely. I had to use my onhikki to track Harumi down, so she's in this very house!"

Harumi's hand grasped a candleholder.

"Actually," the woman continued, "if my readings are correct, then Harumi should be in the room right here, but that's impossible, unless—"

With a dull crack, Harumi swung the candleholder into the side of the woman's head. She crumpled soundlessly to the floor, a drop of blood landing on the floor. Harumi stood there, her legs quivering like jelly. She thought she was going to drop over herself, but somehow she stayed steady.

Who is this woman? She can't be Frantilly! Frantilly isn't real!

There was only one way to find out.

Ten minutes later, the woman was bound by sturdy ropes to a chair in Harumi's room. Harumi had just finished securing her when the woman suddenly jerked her head.

"Ouch!" she said. "You really pack a punch, don't you?"

Harumi leveled a carving knife at the woman. "Who are you?" she asked quietly.

The woman smiled smugly. "I'm the greatest genius in the Multiverse, Frantilly Scientia-Ilm Housenka."

"No you're not!" Harumi snapped. "There's no such person as that! You're in my head! You're a figment of my imagination!"

Harumi stomped around the room, clutching her head. A headache pounded in her skull as though a drummer were striking her. "All those therapists!" she ranted. "They were right! I told them that stupid story, and everyone thought I had gone mad. A homeless man molested me and I came up with Frantilly to block the memory out! Yes, I imagined you to rescue me!"

The woman giggled. "Oh, you've grown up, Harumi! Look at those tits! Mine are so small…"

"It's not funny!" Harumi yelled. She swung her knife before the woman's face. "I'll cut you and nothing will happen because you don't exist. I'm going mad, aren't I? The pressure's finally gotten to me. I've cracked!"

"Cut me then," the woman suggested. She grinned lewdly. "I like a little pain every now and then."

Harumi gritted her teeth, and considered stabbing the strange woman right in the heart. Her imagination brought her nothing but pain during the past nine years. Frantilly had remained a sexual fantasy to escape her life, but she tried to keep it only in the realm of fantasy. She didn't know why she had kept the stupid drawing and dolls, but somehow she couldn't bring herself to get rid of them. After she made the strange woman disappear then she could throw all the childish rubbish and teak scents away like she should have.

"Cut me then," the woman said, suddenly serious. "Stab me. Make me bleed. Perhaps I'll disappear once you've slain me and I'll never bother you again."

Harumi hesitated. To hear it so frankly was off-putting. Her grip on the knife's handle tightened, her palm sweaty and hot. She had to do it. If she didn't her past would never let go. She would never get to marry Rodrigo-kun and carry on the family. She wouldn't be the perfect daughter Mother wanted. Madness wasn't perfect.

I have to! Now or never!

She swung the knife in a long arc, aiming to plunge the blade right between the woman's collar bones.

The ropes snapped apart. A hand with a grip like a steel vise clamped around her wrist. In the blink of an eye Harumi's arm was twisted behind her back painfully, forcing her to drop the knife. She cried out, startled by how much it hurt.

"Am I imaginary?" the woman asked, her voice deadly. "Can your imagination do this?"

Harumi couldn't answer. She could only cry with pain.

"I see you remembered me quite well," the woman said. "You made some excellent dolls and pictures of me. And your room smells like my Spacetime Yacht."

Harumi let out a shuddering sob, heavy tears pouring from her eyes and splashing on the floor. "Why didn't you come back?" she wept.

"I did come back," said Frantilly. "Here I am."

"You said you'd be gone for half an hour!" Harumi sobbed. "You were gone nine years! I told everyone about you and they thought I was mad! My mother sent me to therapist after therapist! She needs me to be her perfect daughter so I can make our family look good! I wanted you to take me away from this!"

Harumi began to cry uncontrollably. The grip on her wrist lessened, and soon gentle, slender arms had wrapped around her.

"I'm sorry," Frantelly whispered sincerely. "I was gone for half an hour—but for you it was nine years. My Spacetime Yacht hit a bump that must've thrown me off course, taking nine years for me to return. Harumi, I'm so sorry…"

"You were the only happiness in my life," Harumi ejaculated. "My only friend…"

"It's a serious crime to threaten a Xianren like me," Frantilly stated. "I could have you arrested. I should by the laws I'm supposed to follow. But…I'll make an exception."

Harumi looked at her with tear-washed eyes. "Eh?"

Frantilly slowly walked around the room, her hands clasped behind her back. "I've been meaning for a while to have someone cook for me, to clean up my Spacetime Yacht, to take care of any pets, and assist me in my explorations. I think you might be perfect for that."

Harumi's heart leapt. She wiped away her tears and blinked. "Really?" she asked.

Frantilly smiled. "Really. Join me. Come see what time and space can offer. Explore worlds humans will never see until a trillion years have passed by today. Be at the side of the Multiverse's greatest genius."

Frantilly spread her arms wide for an embrace. Harumi, paused, then returned the embrace, throwing her arms around her friend. She wept again, but her tears were happy. "Thank you! Thank you! I'm so sorry for hurting you! You must think me mad now."

"You are mad," Frantilly said affectionately. "I see the strain of your upbringing has had a bad effect. But who cares? I'm totally mad too, and I embrace the madness. Let's be mad together."

Harumi smiled, then grinned. It was strangely liberated. Was she a lunatic after all? Maybe she had just fallen off the deep end of insanity by accepting Frantilly as real. It didn't matter though; she felt wonderful. "I'll cook for you and clean for you and do whatever you want," she cooed. "But if you look at someone else, I'll kill her, then you."

"You're welcome to try," Frantilly said. She cupped Harumi's full right breasts, fingers squeezing the bra cup. "I'm forbidden to kill, but I'm not forbidden to torture."

She suddenly twisted the flesh of Harumi's breast painfully. "Try to kill me, and I'll make the occasion very special."

"I like the sound of that," Harumi purred.

"I still have your chocolate," Frantilly said. "I'll eat it now."

Harumi watched her friend take out the true feeling chocolate, as fresh as the day it was made, from one of her many pockets. Unwrapping it, she slowly ate the confection, then delivered an unexpected kiss to Harumi. Her mouth tasted like chocolate, and they stayed locked in that position for what felt like eternity.

"Let's go," Frantilly said. "Is there anything you want to take?"

"Yes, one thing." Harumi took the carving knife, then held Frantilly's hand and they walked away together. She heard her mother calling for her to help with the guests, but she ignored her. It was time to really start living.

"It's love," Frantilly said in English.


The end

Author's note: Happy Valentine's Day! I decided to try a yandere-themed story, something I had never done before. I hope you all enjoy it and look forward to more of Harumi and Frantilly.