"Kandy's Adventure"

"Her First Date"

"Dear Kandice, I've always wanted to meet you. You have been such a great hero as you mentioned. This Miranda Maynard and Erika Avery are such spitfires; but you are my favorite hero! Please say you want to date me. I want to learn ALL about you and your adventures with the great Miranda Maynard.
From, your admirer"

When Kandy Potter, the robot hero of Argos and ally of Miranda and Erika, read the letter she received from her admirer, she started to smoke in fear. She then collapsed with her body motionless. It was like she fainted.


Erika arrived at her old home, where Kandy lives now; she found Kandy, motionless and with a smile on her face. Erika quickly turned her on and stepped back. Kandy opened her amber eyes and looked around. She saw Erika and was very scared.

"Miss Erika… this is terrible," she panicked.

"What's wrong?" Erika asked.

Kandy showed her the note. Erika read it and was surprised.

"Oh? You mean all this was for a date?"

"Miss Erika! Bite your tongue on this one! It's NOT a date!" Kandy yelled, "Even if it is… I can't do it."

"Oh, Kandy, what could possibly happen to you when you go on a date with a guy who admires you?"

"Well… for starters, I'm a robot."

"So? Guys date robot girls many times; at least what Nick told me."

"No, he doesn't! Theoretically, it's possible, but rarely; it's purely fictional."

Erika growled, "I'm gonna kill him…"

She cleared her throat and asked, "So, where does Mister Casanova live?"

"He's a native of London," Kandy responded, "He's been a fan of me since three years ago, after the defeat of Meiko the Sorceress."

"Oh, a London Fellow, eh what?" Erika smiled and jeered at Kandy, "Well, "The mouse haves tea with the grandfather clock" she says, eh, wink, wink, nudge, nudge?"

"Miss Erika, I know you want to meet him face-to-face, but--."

"I'm not! I am just happy that you are dating a fellow London Lord."


"I'm from Norris, but I was born in London."

"Oh… um, also, keep your British Levity to yourself, thank you!" Kandy scolded.

Erika pouted, "Bleeding robot; no jokes in her system."

Kandy looked in her closet and tried to find a perfect attire to go to London; but all she could find was her ponchos, which was all she wear, next to her armor, built-in herself.

"Miss Erika, do you think I should dress flashy in each poncho?" Kandy asked.

Erika then huffed, "You're not going out there dressed in rags! You need some cool clothes, like jeans, a baby-T, some khaki cargos, a tube top, some leggings, sequin blouses, mini-skirts…"

Kandy stopped her, "Miss Erika… they are all good clothes, but, I have to dress in my own fashion. Besides, the guy who admires me must never find out that I am a robot!"

"Huh? Where do you get off saying that guff?" Erika snuffed.

"For your information, about 100% of Argos knows that I am a robot; whereas 64% of all England thinks of me as a normal person. And if they catch wind about me, I'm branded as a freak!"

"Oh… that's bad."

She examined her front flap on her belt.

"Can't you remove that flap on your attire?" She pointed out, "It could be a problem."

"What attire? Miss Erika, my daddy built me in this metallic chrome apparel, as homage to Fairbanks Potter, my estranged late grandfather."

"Oh, I see… that means… YOU'RE NUDE?!"

Kandy gasped.

"Don't be ridiculous!" Kandy stammered, "If I were naked, which I'm not, I'd be very appealing and revealing. Daddy would never make silicon breasts; he's more of a steampunk maker."

"But you have gears, wires, and much computer programs; this is the 21st century, not the Dark Ages!"

"He's too darn stupid to go far to make me soft… literally. Though, I wanted to have a bigger bosom, if any."

Erika slinked away in embarrassment.

"What an idiot…"


Erika and Haruna were talking about Kandy's date, which she wrote to him the next day that she's available in one week.

"Whoa… Kandy, the robot softie, is going on a date?" Haruna gasped.

"It seems she wants to be a human," Erika replied, "It's simple: she is a robot, and she'll date a human; she'd be a freak forever, if found out."

"I sincerely doubt it." Haruna scoffed.

"Miss Haruna, aren't you and Miss Miranda single?" Kandy asked.

"Yes…" Haruna sobbed.

"Well, I'm single, too, but I hope that Miss Erika will help me…" Kandy sighed, "She's the only one with dating tips."

"Right," Erika stated, "But you DO have a week left for that boy you love."

Kandy asked, "Can you tell me how to be courteous towards boys?"

"Well, for starters, you have to watch what you say to them; and also, make sure to NOT make a pass on him too soon." Erika said.

Haruna added, "And don't forget to pay for his food at dinner."

"In pounds, of course," Erika said.

Kandy stated, "You know darn well that I don't eat at all!"

Haruna sighed, "What makes you recharge yourself?"

"I recharge with a battery pack by a plug; I used to be a wind-up doll."

"Oh? A clockwork fighter?" Haruna asked.

Erika sneered, "Although, you really need to eat eventually. Why not ask your father?"

Kandy sighed, "I wish I could, but I don't; when I eat food, it messes up my circuitry."

Haruna then looked around Kandy's body.

"What are you doing?" Kandy asked.

Haruna retorted, "I need to know what kind of attire you wear, besides this suit of armor?"

"What armor? This armor is my body," Kandy responded, "But NO jokes about my nudity!"

Haruna then gasped, "Then… how does she wash?"

Erika grumbled, as she approached Kandy.

"Kandy, I think you need to talk to your father about dating. It seems all we could do is make arbitrary facts and particulars."

"I understand," Kandy nodded.

Haruna was still in fear over Kandy's body.


The next day, Kandy visited Old Man Potter in his mill. She told him about her date with a boy in London.

"And that's it, Daddy," she said, "I want to know about dating, since this is my first time."

"Oh, is that right?" He asked, "Well, for starters, you need to look casual and dress very stunning. What you need is some clothes for your body. I'll be happy to loan you Sophie's clothes."

"You don't understand!" Kandy cried, "If he finds out I am a robot…"

"I see; you don't want to be a nobody…" Potter said, "Well, I'll be happy to give you some clothes with some undershirts and gloves to cover your metal skin, but we need to operate on you by giving you a complete body slimming."

"In layman's terms: I can fit in Sophie's dress?"

"You bet. I'll even download some dating tips for you, so you can learn what you need to know."

Kandy hugged her father; Potter approached her and tried to deactivate her. However, Kandy stepped away and asked if she should go window shopping first. Old Man Potter agreed, but she must do this procedure when she gets back.


That evening, Kandy and Erika went shopping in the mall, close to South Argos. They looked for a dress for Kandy to fit in, but couldn't.

"Miss Erika, Daddy said I would need Sophie's clothes to wear for my date," Kandy insisted.

Erika responded, "Oh, poppycock, those clothes hold too many memories; besides, you are in need of some clothes, rather than ponchos. Mira and I wear these types of clothes all the time, when we're not fighting."

Kandy then sighed.

"By the way, I checked your measurements, and you are a bigger size than Sophie Potter," Erika stated, "So, does Uncle Potter give his word about your operation?"

"Of course; Miss Sophie is a bra size 32. I'm only a 34."

Erika blushed and thought aloud, "That old fogey… he had to extend her bust size."

"It would be great to be just like Sophie, since I am gonna be slimmed down," she smiled.

"Well, you're still gonna need some clothes for your new look!" Erika stammered.

"Really?" Kandy grinned, "I cannot wait to see him."

Erika and Kandy continued shopping all through the night.


At last the day came, a week later; in London, the boy, who has dark hair, a plaid shirt, and black jeans, waited by the bridge for his date.

Erika and Haruna arrived on the other side of the bridge with Kandy, dressed in a green-blue V-neck shirt, a gray skirt and long white stockings, dressed over a tight flesh colored bodysuit, covering her joints and metallic skin. Kandy was very nervous, since she saw him.

"He's my date, right?" Kandy asked.

Erika smiled, "He sure is."

"Wow! He's h-o-t!" Haruna cheered, "The admirer of Kandice Potter… sure has a taste of love."

Erika approached Kandy and rubbed her shoulders.

"Okay, kid… we have to make it count for you," Erika said, "Remember, don't mention anything about the real you."

"Miss Erika, I'll be fine!" Kandy cried, "I just need some luck. Daddy installed me some dating info, just in case I am lost."

"Okay… but," Haruna stated, "But, what would happen if you--."

"Haruna! That's enough!" Erika screamed.

She then turned to Kandy's face and took her headband off.

"Miss Erika, what are you doing?" She cried.

"I'm sorry, but he wants to date Kandy Potter, the human; not the robot!" Erika replied, as she brushed Kandy's bangs.

"She's more cuter than ever!" Haruna gasped in enjoyment.

Kandy stood in place and was frozen.

"Come on, kiddo," Erika smiled, "Let's give him hell."

"Girls… please!"

She and Haruna shoved Kandy towards the boy. She started to walk gingerly, towards the bridge. The boy saw her and was excited.

"Whoa! She's cute without her armor," he thought, "I never knew the robot would be so cute looking."

Unbeknownst to Kandy, her date already knew about her. But why?

Kandy went to him and bowed, "Good day, my date. My name is Kandy Potter; I am the hero of Argos."

"Please to meet you. My name's Jamie," he introduced himself to Kandy, "It's an honor to finally meet you, Kandice."

"Oh? That's nice… but I never thought you'd admired me as a hero," Kandy stated, "Miranda Maynard is the true hero. I'm more of her back-up singer."

"You have such a cute look," Jamie said, focusing on Kandy's shirt.

"Why… thank you…" she nervously blushed.

"Hmm… I normally thought robots have no feelings," Jamie thought, "Whoever created her must've been a genius."

Kandy grabbed his arm and asked, "What will you be doing today?"

"Well, I thought we should go see a movie," he explained, "Before we do, how about we have a bite at the local restaurant?"

"Mister Jamie…"

"Call me, Jamie. There's no need to be formal."

"Jamie," Kandy said, "I love to see a movie, but… about eating…"

"I get it; you're on a diet!" Jamie cried.

He grabbed her arm and dragged her with.

"Jamie… Wait… Let me explain!" She pleaded.

"I know she's just a robot, but I don't want to see her feel famished," Jamie thought.


At a local diner, they were reading the menus of what they want to eat.

"I'll have a huge chicken cacciatore, please," Jamie smiled.

Kandy read the menu and said nothing.

"The lady will have a chef's salad!" He called.

"Um… I, well…" Kandy quietly stammered, "I'm not…"

"Right away, sir," the waiter grabbed the menus and left to take the order.

Kandy was nervous, but Jamie insisted that he paid for the food.

"No… you hold your money for the movie snacks," Kandy insisted, "We're going Dutch."

"Kandy's Rule of Dating #1: Always have separate wallets and share the pay."

"Okay, if you say so," Jamie smiled.

"Actually, I don't want to disappoint you, but I…" Kandy meekly said, "I cannot eat."

"What?" Jamie gasped, "Oh, wait… are you anorexic?"

"Heavens, no!" Kandy snuffed, "Why would you say that?"

"Um… no reason."

"I just don't feel like eating, that's all!"

"Oh, come now; you can eat! (That's what you robots should try)."

Kandy sighed and tried to explain.

"Kandy's Rule #2: Act polite towards your date."

"Excuse me, madam," the waiter said, as she placed her salad on the table.

"Oh, thank you…" Kandy politely smiled.

She grabbed a fork and scooped up a piece of salad. She looked at it and was shivering.

Kandy thought, "I… I can't do it. If I eat this, my gears will gum up. That's what I wanted to tell him, except… except…"

"Kandice, what's wrong?" Jamie asked.

"Oh, well, you know…" Kandy stuttered, "I… I'm just trying to…"

"Kandice, if you don't eat it, I understand," Jamie thought, "I know you'd never eat it, since you were created."

Kandy closed her eyes, covered her nose (Despite the fact that she can smell, too), and held her fork in front of her mouth.


"Sorry, this is my first time, I mean, eating a salad. Yes. The first salad I'll ever eat. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

She placed the food in her mouth and swallowed it whole, since she never learned to chew.

"Whoa! That was amazing!" Jamie cheered.

"Kandice… you idiot!"

Kandy bowed her head and closed her eyes. She was feeling bad, and was about to shutdown… except…

"Huh?" Kandy thought aloud, "Why isn't my circuitry malfunctioning?"

"Is something wrong?" Jamie asked her.

She got up and was a bit pissed.

"Excuse me!" Kandy dashed off to a payphone.

She went to a payphone and placed her 75 Pounds in the phone. She dialed the number to her father.

"Hello?" He called through the receiver.

"Daddy! I ate some food!" Kandy cried in terror, "WHAT SHOULD I DO?"

Old Man Potter started to giggle, "Oh, Kandy, my daughter. I see you weren't aware of your recent upgrade from three years ago."

"Upgrade?! Didn't you upgrade me from a spring-powered girl to a battery-powered girl?"

He then explained, through the phone, about her upgrade:

"Ever since you returned from your adventures, you were in need of an upgrade. So, I deactivated you and proceeded to install a battery within you. You have three ways to recharge: 1) You can wind yourself up, 2) You can plug yourself in, but stay hidden from people, and 3) You can eat for fuel."

"Fuel?! You mean?"

"It's okay, my child," he stated, "Once you had your first bite, you'll be working in 100% capacity in no time; though, try not to engorge yourself."

"I… I will," Kandy said, but had a stern look, "But we need to talk about your ways of creation, Daddy!"

She hung up and returned to the table. She sat down and saw Jamie eating his plate. Kandy then asked if she would like some.

"Kandy's Rule #3: Sharing is nice; with your date, it's optional"

"Are you sure you want to?" Jamie asked.

"Well, you never know," Kandy bragged, "I'm no good at carbs. Besides, I never get fat at all. It takes a slim figure to fit into my suit of armor!"

"I'm a terrible liar…" she thought with a sad look.

"Listen, I know it's too much," he insisted, "But maybe we should skip dessert."

Kandy started to eat her salad, ignoring Jamie.

"What's that now?" She spoke with her mouth full, swallowing each bite.

Jamie then muttered, "At least, chew your food…"

They continued to eat…


Until later at the arcade, they wanted to play a game together.

"Kandy's Rule #4: NO Video Games! If isolated, the date would be ruined."

Kandy looked around and found a punching machine.

"Wow! I've always wanted to try that!" Kandy cheered.

Jamie then stepped in and tried it first. He punched the bag and got a score of 357.

"Not bad. Not bad at all," Kandy applauded.

"You're turn, Kandice." Jamie grinned, as she showed her to the machine.

The machine started; Kandy was about to strike, but…

"I better make sure not to overdo it; after all, I am a robot."

She punched the bag very hard and got a score of 820. Of course, the machine started to smoke and malfunction. The crowd began to gasp in horror.

"Sorry… I guess I didn't know my own strength," Kandy apologized.

Later at the shooting gallery, Jamie fired a rifle towards five moving ducks. He blasted them all and won a prize: a teddy bear dressed as Kandy. Kandy was surprised and rather confused by her plush prize.

"I don't look like that, do I?" Kandy pondered.

Jamie inquired, "Well, she does look like you. It looks cute as you."

She hugged it and smiled.

"Kandy's Rule #5: Accept what the person says about you; if offended, it could mean disaster"

"Jamie, I don't think I would be happy with this date, so far," Kandy said to Jamie, "When this is over, do you think you can talk to me about yourself"

They sat down on a bench and chatted together.

"So, tell me about yourself," Jamie said.

"Well, I happened to live in Norris; my cousin, Erika, moved out to live with her fiancé, Nick, in North Argos. She left me in charge. Sometimes, I can visit Daddy; he's the one that crea--, I mean have me."

"You know," Jamie asked, "You somehow look like another girl that has been dead now."

"Oh, you mean Sophie? She's my twin sister," she said, "We used to have fun together, but she died when I was a child. It was an illness she suffered."


"I'm also the granddaughter of Fairbanks Potter, a great warrior who salvaged the countryside!"

"That's neat! You must be a 3rd generation Potter!"

"Well, Daddy's more of an inventor, rather than a fighter. He even built my suit of armor for me!"

"That's neat-o! Maybe I can be just like you when I grow up. I'm only 17, but I'd idolized you."

Jamie sighed and turned to Kandy, "Imagine; me with the great Kandice Potter, who has been allies with the great Miranda Maynard! Sure she was a crybaby and Erika was a tough girl, but you were one-of-a-kind!"

Kandy looked away, muttering, "Tell me about it…"

"So, how about you?" She asked.

"Well, I just live in the forest close to the castle," Jamie said, "You see, I wanted to travel, so I pitched camp there. I was hoping I ran into you, but you were already shut do--, I mean exhausted."

"Go on…" Kandy said.

Jamie then added, "Well, when you were out cold, Miranda and Erika carried you away, to probably somewhere they were going."

"Oh! You mean the "Royal Underground Maze"? Miss Miranda hated that and all mazes."

"Wow! I never knew your friend had a hatred for it."

"Oh, it's just a trait."

Jamie continued, "After you were dragged away, the sky began to grow dark, and the castle was set on fire. And that's when I escaped; though, I never saw you again."

Kandy then cringed, "That's so sad…"

She then added, "Well, I'm here now… and it seems you and I can hang out together."

Jamie grabbed her arm and held her up.

"We should head to the movie theater for the matinee movie," he said.

"Oh, right! We can make it if we walk," Kandy insisted.

"Kandy's Rule #6: Walking saves money, as long as the place is close"

Kandy and Jamie walked together to the theater.


At the theater, Kandy and Jamie were watching a romance movie. He then looked at her and thought to himself:

"Kandy… have you got yourself an upgrade? This date has been amazing, except that you look human looking. Maybe… just maybe… this is where we would kiss."

They watched the movie. Kandy looked at the big screen, popping a piece of popcorn in her mouth, one-by-one.

During the movie, Jamie tried to reach his hand towards her, but Kandy slinked away.

"Kandy's Rule #7: Remember, boys can sometimes be frisky"

Kandy looked at Jamie and asked if he would watch the movie. He agreed, but Kandy was worried.

"He's very close," she thought, "If he feels me, then he must've known about my life."

They both looked at each other and nearly went close to each other. Her face blushed, but then it turned red with smoke coming out.

"Um, excuse me," she whispered, "I… well…"

She stepped out and was blushing continuously. She dashed off to the exit. Jamie followed.


Kandy was sitting in a corner at the lobby, faintly smoking. She was rolled up in a ball and started to cry. Tears were rolling down her cheeks; she was extremely embarrassed. Jamie found her and was upset.

"Kandice… are you okay?" He asked.

Kandy replied, "I'm sorry…"

"No, don't be; it wasn't your fault. I didn't--."

"Bite your tongue! It's my fault! I… I'm sorry… if our date was a disaster."

Jamie held her, but she was hot… burning up.

Jamie asked, "My goodness, you must be overheating."

Kandy gasped, "WHAT? Why would you say that??? I'm… I'm not a robot, if that's what you're intending."

"But… aren't you a robot?" He inquired.

Kandy gasped; her secret was out. She got up and whimpered.

"It's okay… I already knew about you," he said, "That's why I didn't wanted to hurt you."

"Wait… you knew about me all along?" Kandy asked

Jamie stated, "It's true… but, I've admired you from the days of your first appearance."

Kandy started to weep tears.

"I thought robots don't cry," he added.

"I always wonder that, too…" she whimpered.

She got up and was hurt.

"Kandy's Rule #8: If the date goes awry, there's a time to be honest"

"Jamie… I think I was lying to you all along," Kandy sobbed, "I didn't mean to tell you sooner… you would think of me as a freak."

Jamie held her hand and said, "Kandice, I think you should stop worrying about yourself."

"You mean?"

"Yes. I already know about Kandice Potter, the robot fighter. You were an amazing fighter, even if you were a robot; but now I see you in this casual wear, you are cuter than ever. What possessed you to become a human?"

"I'm not! I just want to hide it!" Kandy cried, "Everybody in England knows about me, except they never met me in person. Daddy upgraded me to withstand my danger zones, including eating, which helps me power-up my energy. Plus, I am very strong, since I was created by Old Man Theodore Potter, a.k.a. my Daddy."

Jamie thought, "So… that part with the down the hatch method…"

Kandy held onto Jamie's shirt and apologized to him again for lying.

Jamie then said to her, "Actually, I should tell you about my secret. You see, I may look human… but I am not. I am actually part beast. You know those rare blue timber wolves that stand on their hind legs?"

Kandy shook her head.

"Well, I am one of them. I happened to ran into you when you, Miranda Maynard, and Erika Avery were at the Kingdom of Argos. I saw you by a tree, admiring the view. And then you were unconscious, when you fell off the tree."

"And what did you do?"

"I came in and licked your face, trying to wake you up. But, when you were opening your eyes, Miranda and Erika were on their way, so I bolted."

Kandy was frightened. She was actually dating a werewolf.

"So… you were actually… a…"

Jamie cried, "Were."

Kandy started to grow dizzy.

"You… I must've… this is so…" she quivered.

"Jam-Jam-Jamie, I… I…" she stuttered in a malfunctioning voice, "This… is… so…"

She started to shake and spark. Jamie held her tight and tried to wake her.

Kandy spoke in a distorted voice, "Get your hands off of me, you freak!"

"I'm no freak! I love you!" Jamie cried, "Kandice Potter… I love you…"

"I need to recharrrrrge…" Kandy whined, "Can you at leeeast plug meee innnn...?"

"Huh? Are you oka-?"

"No… I neeeeeeed… tooooo… rechrrrrrrr…" her voice wound down.

Kandy closed her eyes; her arms went down and dropped flailing. She was motionless and was smoking faintly. She collapsed in Jamie's arms.

"Kandice? Kandice?" Jamie cried, shaking to wake her up.

He brushed her white hair and was infatuated.

"Kandy… I'm sorry that you malfunctioned and let your battery die," he said, "Maybe this will wake you up. If not, I'll call tech support."

He held her head up and kissed her. Kandy would embrace the kiss, if she wasn't deactivated. Jamie held her arm and placed it on his waist. After thirty seconds, Kandy opened her eyes and was flushed; a tear went down from her eyes and was still kissing her date. They stopped kissing and Kandy was smiling. She felt refreshed.

"I… I feel recharged…" she thought, "Did he just…?"

Jamie said, "Are you okay now, Kandice?"

"Jamie… you and I… I guess we were meant to be, right?" She asked.

Jamie then asked if they would meet again soon. Kandy agreed, but was worried.

"Jamie… what would happen to you, if we'd meet during a full moon?"

Jamie looked away and walked away from her. Kandy placed her hand on her chest and was sobbing.

"Jamie…" she thought.

"JAMIE!!!" She cried.

"Kandy's Rule #9: If you say "Thank you. I had a wonderful time", the date is successful"

"I had a wonderful time; thank you," Kandy smiled, with tears rolling down, "Will I ever see you again?"

Jamie then nodded, "Someday…"

He left her by the lobby, which Kandy then smiled.

"Goodbye, Jamie… one day… I'll understand your love…"


Kandy was at her bed, in tears, holding her prized bear she won. Erika came by and sat down by bedside.

"I heard it from Haruna; I didn't know," she said.

Kandy whimpered, "My date was a disaster!"

She whimpered on, as Erika stroke her long white hair.

"There, there, it's all right," she smiled, "There's no need to cry. You'll see him again. He idolized you and he was a wolfman, like someone we know. He can come back soon… I'll bet he'll return during a full moon."

"B-b-b-Bi-, Shut up!" She whimpered, "You're just making me feel better! Miss Erika, Jamie was a great guy; but he was a wolf and I am a robot! I don't think I'll ever fall in love with someone like again…"

She got up from her bed and looked at Erika.

"Bugger this, Kandy! So what if he was a freak? He is nothing but a great guy, in his pre-transformation state!"

"You really think so?" Kandy asked.

Erika responded, "Well… I've met people like him before, and they seem to like all of us. Murray's a wolfman, too; expect he's more of a smitten towards Emily."

She wiped her tears and held her face, "Kandy, I won't let some git dump you like that."

"He didn't dump me! He wants to meet me again!" Kandy cried.

Erika then pouted, "Well, I tried… though, I'll never understand you robots."

Kandy then stated, "Well, I guess I can just be single and alone, right? It was stupid of me to tell the truth."

"Stupid?! You just don't get it! Even if you love someone, you can tell about it to him. Trust me… Miranda's a widow, Haruna's a divorcee, I'm engaged, and Emily… well, let's not go there yet."

Kandy then held up the bear, "Miss Erika… even when you give me good advice… sometimes you're wrong."

Erika was confused.

Kandy stood up and spoke, "Miss Erika, I get these words of wisdom from Daddy, you, Miss Miranda, Miss Haruna, and even Miss Emily. And I always get some sage advice. But sometimes I get the wrong idea…"

"How so?"

"You and Miss Haruna tried to change me, when I became a person I don't want to be. Jamie loved me because he idolized me, but he didn't like me because I was dressed like some teenager, in which you made me as. Sadly, he loved me for myself!"

She changed into her armor and held her bear by her hand.

"From now on, I'll just be honest to the people I know. And I know that one day he'll return and date me again. And also, I'll just be myself: Kandy Potter, hero of Argos!"

Erika then hugged Kandy and said, "See? You learn something new every day."

"Thanks, Miss Erika!" Kandy mimicked in a high-pitched voice, holding the bear towards Erika, like she was talking to a doll.

Erika giggled. They both shared a laugh together.


That night, it was a full moon. A blue wolfman appeared in Kandy's backyard. Kandy looked outside and found the wolf holding a white rose. It even had a ribbon saying "To Kandice, from Jamie".

"Jamie?" She gasped.

He approached her and said in a deep growl, "I told you I'd returned to you, Kandice."

"Bite your tongue, Jamie! My name is Kandy!" She growled, "Call me Kandy, Jamie!"

She huffed away, but was grabbed by the arm.

"I'm sorry… Kandy," Jamie growled, "Do you still love me?"

Kandy smiled and held him tight; she hugged him.

"Jamie… I love you…"

They shared a kiss together.

They stopped kissing, as Jamie stepped away, "This is goodbye for now…"

"Jamie! NO! Don't leave me again!" She cried.

"Oh, I'll return to you… someday…" he smiled.

He scurried away, disappearing into the dark shadows. Kandy held her bear and looked at it.

"Miss Kandice, you don't think he'll leave me again, do you?" She asked the bear.

As she looked out the window, she heard the wolves howl, while the moonlight shone on her.

Kandy let out a smile and giggled, "Well, I know for one thing… I'll never understand men; even the rugged wolverines."

She cried tears of joy and whimpered, "I'm so glad Daddy upgraded me already."

"Kandy's Final Rule: Never say goodbye. Just say… come back soon"