I am here, You are there,
Our love surrounds us everywhere.
Every day We spend together
brings a joy We cannot measure.
You are You and I am Me.
Why is only My mind free?
You are set to only take;
leaving bodies in Your wake.
Yet I'll sit here and contemplate;
My choices alone can wait.
I'm the sun, You're winter's chill.
I bring life, You only kill.
You take Your sword, steal My knife;
You go to take another life.
The only thoughts inside Your head
are building armies of the dead.
I don't understand it all.
You seem to have missed My call.
I'll sit here and weep alone
as You crack and break their bones.
You can only see the dead;
You're blinded by a haze of Red.
Only You can make Me whole.
I'd never have another Soul.
I would rather dance and sing,
or fly upon my fractal wings.
Or maybe I would rather lay
under the sky to watch the day.
So many choices to pick and choose.
There's so much precious time to lose.
But I know that I'll chose to stay
at the door til the end of day.
I'll see You come limping back;
head hung low, shoulders slack.
I'll wrap you up into my arms,
I'll keep you away from harm.
I will lay you on Our bed,
on My chest shall rest Your head.
I shall sing Your favorite song,
and You will sleep for not too long.
And through the night We will make love
until the sun is up above.
You will leave without a word,
but Your loud silence is always heard.
Now what shall I do on this White day?
I'll wait til You're here to stay.