Running here, running there,
I have no time to stop and stare.
I'm always busy, always taken;
my personal life has been forsaken.
Quitting love, leaving friends,
I'll be busy til the end.
I don't care about the fluff.
I'm too busy doing stuff.
Party here, football there,
prom's tomorrow, fix my hair.
Tripped and fell, sprained my wrist.
Grab a splint cuz I can't miss
running to the store and back,
running from a heart attack.
I forgot to make my bed;
did my dog and cats get fed?
Grab some toast, a can of Faygo,
I need caffeine; I move too slow.
And now I'm running out of time
to sit here and type up this rhyme.
I will let you go and play
as I run off to save the day.