You really want to capture power,

To stand atop the tallest tower,

Where everyone can see you as the greatest,

Where everyone will acknowledge you as the best.

Gaining power is your only goal,

Even if it sucks you into a black hole,

Where you stoop as low as betraying your friends,

Where to gain power you flatter people to no end!

And then you'll be a different person,

Misusing your power for all the wrong reasons.

You will favor the people whom you like.

You see someone holding a grudge against you, and you strike.

You held your held high and float in the air.

Everyone around you seems on a lower level, you don't care!

You've lost your world in this dirty race,

When you used everyone to play this chess.

You've lost yourself in this power quest!

Baby you've got power, but you lost the rest!

And one day you'll open your eyes,

And one sudden moment you'll realize,

That the power is gone, it has left you today!

And you are all alone because you threw away

Everything and everyone that mattered!

Baby one day this illusion will be shattered!

And then where will you be?

Thank God this wasn't me!!

I was being drawn into this burning maze,

The alluring prospects held my gaze.

All I saw was that I would be someone,

I was blind to every wrong deed I would have done!

But I am not this girl! I'm a good person at heart.

I woke up from this sugar-coated nightmare with a start.

I tore my gaze, I blinked my eyes.

I broke through the tempting lies!

I listened to people who love me, to all the righteous voices,

I gave up the power struggle for good, I made the right choice!

And now I won't hurt the people I love,

Now I can be kind and sweet and sharing.

Now I won't do the wrong thing,

Now I can be understanding and caring.

Now I feel free, I feel a whole lot stronger!

Now I'm free from this insane power hunger!

Power is only temporary, yet it's so easy to lose yourself

For something that you can't be locked up in the shelf!

You're so desperate you don't understand

That power always keeps changing hands.

And in the process there's too much to lose.

So power or no power? Now you choose!

A/N: this is my perspective, from what I saw, and what I felt. No offensive is intended :)