The Eye Of The Scorpion

What you see before you is
A sexy scorpion, willing to
Mate with you in pure bliss.
Crawl ever so closely, let me
Delight you with my alluring
Scent, my hedonistic charm.

Shining with such decorative
Colours, crimson and raven,
A body made for ravaging.
My love, don't let my hard
Outward appearance deceive,
For inside burns molten lava.

My tail swings from side to
Side, hypnotising with its
Heated dance of seduction.
Trailing blazing kisses across
My frame, throbbing bursts
Of immense pleasure rains down.

Animal satisfaction seizes me,
Your delicious tongue delving
In my mouth, deeper and deeper.
Succumbing, I fall to pieces,
Crashing you hungrily with my
Strong, powerful pincers.

A/N: This was a poem that I wrote as I was inspired by a sensual bodypaint picture depicting the star sign, Scorpio. Reviews are most appreciated!