Have you ever seen those remarkably happy couples? You know, you see a female and a male walking on the street and you just know they're happy with each other? The way they look at each other, the way they talk, the way they walk? The kind of couple you meet and they brighten up your entire day, just because they're proof there's still some love left in this world?

Yuri and Ellen are one of them.

They stayed together for a long time after getting together. Even better, they're still together. Their parents were troubled by their relationship at first, but they accepted the feelings of their children and even gave them their blessings.

They're currently in their mid-twenties, living in the home of Jacqueline, who moved away, and Ellen's trying to have a baby. It's not really working, though, but I'm sure that one day, they'll be lucky. They've been lucky in the past, so this is just an obstacle easy to overcome.

Yuri's retained his title for a few years now and he still trains regularly with Ellen. She always loses, but she seems determined to win one day.

Kayleigh is now in her early twenties and Matthew in his midst and they're noticing each other once again. Kayleigh's crush, despite having been over him and her having fallen for other guys in the past, seems to be ignited again and it looks like they might just follow the fate of Yuri and Ellen. But then again, that's not that weird – after them conspiring together to bring Yuri and Ellen together, I knew that there was a click with them that just wouldn't go away.

Derek and Samantha reconciled. It wasn't an easy road back to acceptance and trust, but it was a road they walked together, with help of a therapist. With a lot of effort, Samantha regained her trust in Derek. According to them, their love has never been away – it had simply been laying low for a while.

But, they said, what doesn't kill them makes them stronger. And stronger they have become.

Jake's having normal teen troubles. He's a horrible kid, a horrible teenager, and he hates his parents and slams with the doors more than once. He's taken up the habit of climbing in me, though, and I'm hoping that maybe he'll repeat what Kayleigh has done.

Then again, she's stopped doing it. She's still climbing me at full speed, but nowadays, she talks to Matthew instead of to me. They're good friends now, but it looks like they won't stay like that for much longer now. And I don't mind. It was time the little girl Kayleigh grew up anyway.

I guess I'm glad for them. I hope they'll have children who climb in me, and who will be very happy. As happy as they were. I hope they'll have a good future together, all of them, but I'm sure they will. And I hope the children of their children will be happy too and climb in me regularly as well.

But then again, I'm just a lonely tree. I'm just a spectator and it's better that way, I've always been someone destined to be at the background.

But... you know, can I ask a favour of you? You've been reading this story now and I hope you've grown to like me. Or at least, like trees.

If you ever see a big, old, lonely tree in a town that makes the town look all picturesque, would you please care to climb it?

It's probably not something you'll do, but I'd love it if you would. I've been lonely, and I still kind of am. But I love being climbed in and that brightens up my entire day. And I'm sure other trees feel the same way.

It's something you can do even if you can't climb. It's worth trying, right? I'd love it if you would.

Heck, you might even be climbing me. I promise you I'll be very glad then and I'll do my best to aid you.

And who knows, you might even see Yuri and Ellen somewhere there.

If you would, could you say hi to them for me? I can't.

I'm sure they'll enjoy it.

Author's Note: Finally, we're there! It was an immense pleasure to write this story and I'm very proud to have finished it: I hope this story was as much fun to read as it was to write. But now, I'm done! I love the way this epilogue starts in the same way as the prologue does – it nicely completes the circle.

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However, there are two characters, Gabriëlla and Marisa, who I think deserved a much bigger role in this story – the original story had them peek around the corner a few times without actually being a part of the story. Thanks to my Beta, I removed those parts, because they were annoying to read and didn't contribute to the plot at all. I had plans for giving them their own plotline, but I gave up on those a while ago – but I've decided to use the idea anyway, but now as a standalone story. I'm currently working on it; watch my website or put me on Alert to see when I'm starting to post it. I think that'll be around the end of October.

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