Water Dancers

AN: If I knew why I wrote this poem, I would say why, but I don't remember since I wrote it a year ago for a contest. ^^

Mystical creatures,
Rising from the water,
Graceful as swans,
Gliding across still waters.
The water dancers,
Such beauty, such grace,
That only King Neptune himself,
Could create.
Reflections of the sun and moon,
Across the droplets,
And ripples of the water,
So clear, so blue.
Dolphins beside them,
Not making one sound,
As if tip-toeing,
Trying not to disturb the peace,
Of the blue depths.
Gliding over the water,
Fading back to their watery kingdom,
To bring the beauty and peace,
To the depths again.
The water dancers,
Creatures of myth and legend,
Disappear under the blue.
The water is still and silent once again.