You tell me to fill the ice trays,

To do the dog's water,

To clean up my act

And to be a good daughter.

To water the plants,

To keep clean my room,

To keep clean my hands

And to keep me well groomed.

I ask you a question,

And you tell me no.

You didn't want to answer

You didn't want to know.

You tell me to sleep

You tell me to wake,

You tell me 'Think deep'

You tell me to bake.

A small false mistake,

A small spec of dust

A small tiny problem

You tell me to shut up.

I want to pierce my ears,

I want to play with swords

I want to face my fears,

To not do some work.

But you won't let me try

And if I would cry,

You'd just walk on by.

Ignoring my face,

Ignoring my pain,

If I ask for your help

You'd call me insane.

All of these things,

Should show me your love,

Should show me your pain,

Advice from above.

But in all these things

That you would tell me

You missed out some words,

That would just take you three.