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It was Sunday afternoon, a week since Luke had saved Emory from the fire. He barely even knew the girl and she was already all he could think about. Day after day, he saw her face in his mind and wished he could somehow see her again. It was silly really. This possessiveness over the girl should have gone away a few days ago, but he still just couldn't shake the feeling of her away from him.

"Luke! Watch what you're doing!" a man grabbed his hand and yanked it up.

Luke looked down. His finger was about to be chopped up for the salad.

"Thanks Cookie," he sighed and looked over at the firefighter, Cookie as they called him for being the best one who could cook.

"What has gotten into you this past week? You're all glassy eyed and lovesick look-in'." Cookie shook his head and let go of Luke's hand.

"Really? Is Charming still thinking about that girl?" Chief Williams walked in, calling Luke by his nickname.

Luke had been called Charming ever since he joined the squad. They didn't think the pretty boy from a wealthy family would last a week! Well, just shows how he proved them wrong.

Ducking his head to hide his flushed cheeks, he said," I don't know what you are talking about."

"Oh you know…Ms. Monroe," Jeff grinned as Tom, the well known teaser, came into the room.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's this I hear about Charming having a girl?" Tom jumped onto the couch and stared at Luke for an answer.

"It's nothing…there is no girl." Luke glared at the fire chief as if to tell him 'say anything else and I'll break your neck'.

"Well, not yet anyways," Chief Williams gave a satisfying smirk and sat with Tom.

"Oh do tell Luke. I am all ears."

Sometimes, it really sucked having a group of over grown men who loved gossip as much as old ladies did all around him at times.

Luke gave no answer so Jeff took it as a time for him to reply.

"Well, Ms. Emory Monroe is 22 and was rescued by, none other than our Luke here, and he was indeed fascinated by the looks of this, shall I mention, single woman."

"Single! Well we better go save her before Luke get's his paws on her!"

Luke glared at the two ole farts.

"Shut up."

"Oh, touchy, touchy Luke."

"Get over it guys. I don't even know the girl and won't be seeing her anytime soon." Luke grinned victory over the topic.

But the other two weren't done yet.

"Hey, Chief…Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Tom rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"No, but I'm sure you would like to enlighten us," Jeff grinned, knowing all too well what Tom was thinking.

"Well if Ms. Monroe was a victim of the fire, isn't it about time for our weekly check up?"

"Oh, of course! And who better then the heroic Luke to go and visit her?" The two men turned and looked at Luke, daring him to deny.

But Luke dared.

"Sorry to break your idiotic idea, but I promised a visit to my mother this weekend." Choosing to end the topic, Luke waved and walked out of the room.

"Oh, that's okay Lukey-boy! There's always next weekend!"

Sometimes, Luke wished the Chief wasn't engaged to his sister. Otherwise he would totally murder him.

The view was magnificent. The mansion looked to have three stories—and who knows, maybe even a basement floor! Three steps away was the house where she would potentially be working, if she made it through the interview today. Emory's excitement ran away and was replaced with nervous little butterflies. She felt too small and ordinary to be going into such a grand house. With a deep breath, she headed towards the door. Before she had the chance to knock the great door swung open and a middle-aged man stood with a black and white uniform. She assumed it was the butler.

"Yes?" His deep voice and blank stare terrified her.

"Uhm...well…I'm..."She gulped and started again," I'm here to ask about a job opening?"

"Yes, come in, I'll go get the mistress." He nodded and walked off and up the stairs.

Emory felt like a princess while standing in the front foyer. Every object in the room looked to cost a fortune! She began doubting if working there was a bad idea. If she broke something she would forever be in debt. Emory heard a noise and spun around to find a small child in a living room. Immediately she walked to the child. Children always made her happy and she thought it would be nice talking to someone she could be spending her days with.

"Hello there," Emory smiled and spoke softly.

The eight year old girl turned around with wide eyes. She had black hair and green eyes. A yellow sundress was on her with a small bow in her hair. Emory thought she looked darling.

"You look so beautiful in your dress," the small girl blushed slightly and whispered a soft thank you.

"What are you doing?" A sharp voice penetrated in from the foyer.

"Uhm…" Emory turned around to find an old, proper woman standing and glaring at her," I was just…"

Emory was unable to continue in result of the sharp glare she was receiving.

"How did you get in here? Leave. I have no idea what a person like you is doing in my house, but you need to leave."

Emory's mouth dropped open. A person like you. And exactly what kind of person is she? Emory battled with her emotions to remain calm at the rude comment. Luckily, she was rescued when the clicking of heels approached and another woman entered.

"Mother, you aren't terrorizing … are you?"

The rude woman turned," Lydia, are you saying you allowed her to come in here?"

"Yes mother, I sent out an ad the other day for help and this young lady replied. She's here to help me keep the house in shape." Lydia said calmly, obviously used to her mother's rants.

"Hmmph, well…," Lydia's mother glanced Emory up and down," She might pass as a maid…barely."

She walked off and Lydia turned to Emory with an apologetic look on her face.

"Sorry about that. My mother likes to walk around my house like she owns the place," Lydia gestured for them to sit.

"Oh, I see you met Polly," She nodded towards the small girl.

"Yes, she was very sweet," Emory sent another smile towards Polly.

"Run along and play with the others," as soon as Polly left the room Lydia said," Did she actually talk to you?"

Emory nodded.

"Oh that is just swell!" the 52 year old woman clasped her hands together, "She doesn't talk to anyone at all, but that is a different story to tell later! Now, you are here for a position on staff, correct?"

"Yes, I was hoping you could take me on as a housekeeper or the nanny," Emory rubbed her sweaty palms against her skirt.

Lydia's face lit up," Oh you would just be perfect as the childrens nanny! You could watch after the kids and then if you are available you can help Hilda with the house! This is just wonderful! You can start the day after tomorrow! In fact we'll send Thomas with you to gather your things from where you are living so you can move in here. You will of course be staying in the staff quarters and we'll pay rent so you can store your other furniture you can't take with you."

"A..Are you sure?" Emory was in shock at how this interview was going.

"Yes, of course!" she stood up and shook hands with Emory," I'll go get Thomas for you."

She turned and headed out the room when Emory said," Mrs. Downly? Thank you so much!"

Lydia laughed," Oh dear, I'm not Mrs. Downly. That is my mother."

"I'm Mrs. Princely."

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