When Love Has to be Enough…

(Valentine's Day for the Long Distance Relationship)


There will be no roses, this year, on my table.
There will be no chocolate, no candy hearts.
In fact, I find myself lacking all of the usual emotions
That this holiday normally imparts.

I sit and watch all the happy couples,
And I envy each and every happy smile.
And although I'll pull through with a happy face,
Know that, inside, my heart is dying all the while.

Now, I know that I'm loved – believe me;
I know that my heart isn't all on its own.
But that still won't keep me from wishing
That today, of all days this year, I could be home.

This year, I wouldn't ask for any roses,
And the chocolates I certainly wouldn't demand.
In fact, the only thing that I truly desire
Is for you to be here, and for you to hold my hand…

…as you tell me, "I love you."

I promise, that's all I want this holiday;
It's really the only thing I want for this year.
Because today, of all the days, acutely
I feel your absence – that you aren't here.

This Valentine's day, for once, I'm not single.
This year, my heart belongs to you.
But that still doesn't change the fact
That this year, I may as well still be alone, it's true.

For as much as we are together in spirit,
In body, we're still so very tragically far apart.
And so, regretfully, all that all I can presume to give you
Is the promise that I will still love you with all my heart…

{..today, and for all of my tomorrows, too…}


L. Sherman