Them Bunny Rabbits That Fell From The Sky

The light shone down from up above,

Like a flapping, majestic, innocent dove,

And up on their feet and walk, they try,

Did them bunny rabbits that fell from the sky.

Ambling to their feet, wandering around,

Searching for that wondrous sound,

The little one, Dave, began to cry

As more bunny rabbits fell from the sky.

Falling in fields, carrots in numbers,

The lemon men woke from their eternal slumbers,

Not happy with what they saw up high,

Bunny rabbits falling from the sky.

The lemon men sighed, and went back to sleep,

But from the tops of their heads, they began to weep,

Helpless in the sun, they began to fry,

Unlike the bunny rabbits that fell from the sky.

Peace conquered all, and peace followed through,

Like a young boy on the toilet, attempting a 'Number 2',

But one day, will they come back on the sly?

Will those bunny rabbits that fell from the sky?

I know its quite random, I wrote this in about 5 minutes. I was bored, so I thought I'd write a poem about rabbits. I hope you enjoyed it.

Luke. 2011.