Someone gabbed my collar and jerked me to my knees. My eyes cracked open, giving me a glimpse of Daphne's livid face.

"Where is he?" she snarled.

Still half asleep I swiped at her hand holding the neckline of my shirt. "Who?" I asked drearily.

"My son."

Hopefully long gone, I thought. Shrugging I stammered, "I-I don't know…."

Daphne scowled at me. "You're going to have to do better than that." She dropped her hand away from my tunic.

I sat up. The cave was mostly empty, even though it was probably only just into early morning. Bruin couldn't have been gone long if he had stuck to the plan.


"Okay what? Abburis, where is he?"


Lark glared at me from over her shoulder.

My eyes traveled back to Daphne. "I d-don't know..."

"We know you were planning something. Just tell us where you are meeting." Lark demanded.

"Planning...? Meeting...?" I attempted to allude.

Daphne crossed her arms.

I was not making any headway.

"Don't you get it? This is not a game. Abburis, you are risking the life of my son for a boy you hardly know. This is not worth it."

Her words slapped my face. I lurched up, my fingers curling into fists. Words came into my mind, but, there was nothing I could say, no way to formulate the words together.

"And you would have another killed try to save him?"

"Daphne!" Lark whirled on Daphne. "That was too far."

I left the two woman to fight it out. At the entrance to the cave, I looked out at the forest below. I could hear shouts and calls, but not what they were saying. In one day's time, they would be looking for me.

Willow came up beside me.

"Do you think he's alright?"

She shrugged. "I don't know why he wouldn't be. He knows these woods well and I think he got a good head start." A light breeze blew back blond hair from her eyes. And I think it hit her. "You're not thinking about Bruin."

"No," I sighed my breath barely whisper. "I'm not."

She put an arm around my shoulders.


We turned to see Daphne standing behind us, with Lark just to her left. Daphne's scowl reminded me of my mother's.

"It's time you returned to bed, if you are not going to tell us anything useful."

Willow and I fallowed her back to our space. Daphne watched us as we pulled blankets over ourselves. It wasn't 'till after I closed my eyes when I heard her leave. Only twelve more hours, then it would be my turn.

The morning provided us with a dark sky. The council members were all gathered around towards the middle of the cave, everyone else had left. Willow sat beside me, her face crest fallen.

I moved to stand, but Willow placed a hand on my shoulder and slowly shook her head no.

"They aren't letting us leave," she whispered.

"Did they find him?"

Willow rolled her eyes. No.

"I had to ask," I shrugged. I pulled my legs under me, and sat cross-legged, on the cold stone.

"I don't know how you're going to get-"

Slapping a hand over her mouth, I held up a finger.

She peeled my hand off. "They already know. How could they not?" Willow's blue eyes flitted over my face. "Cheer up. I guess we'll just have to think of something."

"Yeah," I breathed.

"Abburs…" She pulled me into a hug, and rubbed my back in slow, large circles. "It's not over yet." Willow sighed.

"You're right." I jerked away from her arms, standing.


I turned away, folding my arms, stalking towards Daphne.

She saw me as I neared, her scowl deepening. "Good morning."

I met her dark gaze. Willow grabbed my arm.

"Come on…" Willow whispered. "Not now." I could hear the edge in her voice. She squeezed my arm.

"I just wanted to tell you…" my voice trailed off.

"Yes…tell me what?" She seamed honest.

I turned and ran. Willow's arm fell away. My bare feet padded on the cool floor, hardly making a sound. Daphne screamed at someone. I ripped on my tunic, spreading my wings wide. The edge was only a few feet away.



I leapt from the edge, opening my wings.

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