I walked through the graveyard

The somber atmosphere

Only added to the sadness

That always existed here

I stop feet from your marker

Unsure if I could go on

But your grave lay in a myriad of others

Who are also gone

Garrulous and noxious thoughts

Accosted my mind

It had taken me unawares

Of the chronic sorrow I would find

This harrowing sight

And my once beatific feelings

Incongruous to each other

Taking that which used to be healing

Pushed into a state of lassitude

I fall to my knees

Feeling aloof from the rest of the world

As I curse that quagmire of a disease

They said this would bring

A nuance in my perception

Of the situation

But I'm the exception

I have not found my cloister

To be beside the headstone

Of my lost loved one

In the ground all alone

My feelings were not docile

As I tried to force a surfeit of bliss

It accentuated the depression

From memories I can't dismiss

Realizing the lost cause

And I stand to leave

But take one last look back

Reminding me of what I grieve

Like women during suffrage

You worked through a lifetime

I just wanted you to be here

For the rest of mine