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Something odd…

I was at lunch, eating with my friends laughing, and staying silent. I looked up quickly sensing movement and notice a bird. A raven to be exact. Swooping down on a nearby tree branch and watching me. As soon as I look away, I start having a coughing fit. When it's over I feel some liquid hitting my palm, nice and warm. I look down and see the nice, dark red gooey substance, that reminds people of how short their life is. Blood. I bite down on my lip as I stare at it. My friend comes back and sees the substance.

"uh…what's that, in your hand." He asks.

"Blood." I state simply then tilt my palm watching the blood run down my hand and trickle onto the pavement where it pools.

"Oh my god!" He jumps backwards, and stares, making a disgusted face.

I look back at my palm and see the stain it made and make an intrigued look. I look back at my spectators and crookedly smile. Then the raven caws, and flaps it's wings, jet black plumage falling from it's plump chest. He then rises and soars onto my shoulder and nestles there.

People are staring, and slowly stepping forward. Then a piercing headache raptures my brain and the pain is too intense, I pass out. I come to, seconds later and my body is pale, untouched. I have snow white skin, and my veins are clearly visible crawling in my inner walls of translucent skin. I cough on my sleeve, the fresh taste of blood burning it's copper taste onto the tip of my tongue. I look at the small splatter and blotches on my sleeve. I walk away, throwing my half eaten food in the trash, and the Raven setting to the skies as I enter the building.

February 12th, 2011 12:17 A.M. Mission Viejo, California

I was thrashing ferociously as I felt a stabbing sensation in my heart. Like an ice cold steel knife, plunging into my heart, cutting through chambers, rupturing veins, and then…fire. Fire! It burned like every part of me, like instead of blood running through my veins, it was pure fire. It was agonizing! But like industrial glue, I could not even move a single lip. Then when I thought it'd never end, everything went black.

February 14th, 2011 8:05 A.M. Capistrano Valley High School, Mission Viejo, California

I was in class, in a sorry state, getting freaked out looks from everyone. My skin was still pale, my lips were a purplish color, and I gave off this chilling feeling that told you to stay away. As the silence was broken by the bell, I started coughing violently. Splattering more blood on my desk, but it wasn't a lot. The teacher hurried over to see what was wrong and jumped back in surprise, and the kids all started to whisper, as some caught glances of my "attack."

"Call 911!" The teacher said as she got tissue's to clean up the blood, tears starting to force themselves out of her eyes.

Then I don't know what caused it, but I lost it. I got up, and walked out of the classroom. I got to the middle of the opening and dropped to my knees, and stayed. As I saw ravens land on the rooftops of the portables. Then soon a crowd of people huddled around me, and whispered. One saying "I think he's dead!" After what seemed like forever and a half, the same pain and "on fire" sensation came rushing back to me in full and I thrashed and squirmed, as I screamed. Finally as I lay on the asphalt, I tried getting up, but my arms were like putty, I finally gave a groan and fell heavily on the ground, and felt blood trickle down the sides of my mouth, and pool beneath me. But I wasn't dead. My eyes stay open and can see.

Then a sudden jolt of electricity courses through me and I twitch in response. I then am able to blink and move, and walk, run, sprint, but I couldn't breathe as I soon found out. I got up slowly and dusted off my clothes. Then I look at them, and they're scared.

"What are you looking at?" I ask, then walk away.

The Ravens set off, leaving their feathers behind them. One feather falls gently, into a dark pool of blood.

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