5 Am. The morning broke with a knock on the front door.

This is what woke Peter up on this March Tuesday. Deep in a dream where he had the ability to talk to owls, he slowly moved the sheets of his bed, no one else was going to bother to open the door.

He looked at the state of his room, a shattered dump. He peered in the cracks of his curtain, hoping to maybe see who was disturbing his rest so early in the morning. Although his vision was somewhat blurred because he'd only woken up adding to the fact he hadn't put his glasses on yet.

He was wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday, an Oasis T-Shirt and some tracksuit pants. He checked the time on his mobile, while he was still in his room. He opened his bedroom door, and sure enough no one else in his family had bothered to see who was at the door.

Peter had never been comfortable with opening the door, although tough for him, neither did his family. This wasn't built on any bad experiences; it was only that he never knew what to say. Always finding himself talking ridiculously quiet or saying something stupid.

Once a girl simply wanting to sell chocolate for her soccer team had knocked on his door, he ended up just throwing the money at them, and laughing nervously, until they left.

As he walked up the hall towards the front door, Peter's mind was running a mile. It's only 5 o clock in the morning, what if it's a criminal, willing to kill anyone stupid enough to open the door at this time of morning?

As he opened the hard wooden door he found Jessica staring at him, she was wearing her tiny smile, as if to say Peter was the only person in the world. She was wearing a small, pink skirt, and her stockings were tore on one leg. Her hair was dry but looked like it might have been wet earlier, as it was curly and fluffy. Her eye makeup ran down her face, and even in this state, Peter still thought she was the most beautiful person in the world.

Peter had known Jessica for 2 years, 8 months and nine days. It was quite a rainy day when they met; Peter was ordering some chips at Mac Donald's when she served him. Their eyes met for the first time. Peter was only starting his teen years and maybe puberty hit all at once when he saw her, but he knew he loved her, they got to know each other over the 2 years, 8 months and nine days. Everyday Peter began to love her more and more. They'd text through the night until early in the morning, and share secrets that neither of them would tell anyone else. Peter was crushed when she started dating his brother Nigel.

Nigel and Jessica had been going out for a year, this never once put strain on Peter and Jessica's relationship, but it sure made Peter feel like hell.

As he looked at her big blue eyes, he lent in and gave her a small hug.

"I'm so sorry for coming here. I just had nowhere else." Jess started, looking right at Peter as she spilt her sorrows.

"Yeah, its fine, come in. We love when you visit." Peter smiled right at Jess, making her give him back the smile that he loved so much.

Jess walked in and Peter closed the door behind her.

"Nigel in?" She asked before sucking the snot from her nose back into her head, she even made this look cute. Even when she was hurt and teary, Peter felt like she was his world.

"Yeah, but he'd be asleep." Peter looked at how sad this seemed to make Jessica, "Alright, you can go in there, but don't get up me when he gets pissed off."

Jess giggled before heading towards Nigel's door. His room was right next to Peter's.

"Wait." Peter insisted. "Let me get you some tissues before you go in."

Jess gave Peter a happy look, as if to say thanks for killing her sad mood and replacing it with a much happier one. Peter found that she said most of the best things, without even opening her mouth.

5:16AM. Peter laid in his bed. He almost always spent his time thinking about Jess, and this was one of those times. He sighed while holding the sheets, he thought about all the difficulty his feelings bring, he knew he wouldn't be getting back to sleep this morning.

He heard Jessica and Nigel's faint voices coming through the wall. Peter preferred not to listen to what they said, fearing that maybe he would hear something upsetting about himself.

Peter frowned as he tried to take his mind off Jessica. It was that back before she started dating his brother, he could think about her as much as he wanted without the thoughts turning to filth. He had a chance back then, he could have been dating her, not Nigel. The worst thing to Peter was that he introduced the two.

Everyone had always preferred Nigel, their parents would always choose Nigel over Peter in any occasion.

Peter still had hope. Maybe one day he could get with Jessica. Maybe if she got really drunk and had a fight with Nigel, maybe she mistake Peter's room for Nigel, and by the time she realised she was kissing the wrong brother, it would be to late. She would have already fallen in love with Peter.

Its not like Peter had never had a girlfriend, every now and again he would find himself dating someone, but it would only ever last a week or so. He just couldn't be bothered with other girls, he already knew the one who was perfect for him.

He turned in his bed, amongst the dirty clothes on the floor and half read books on his shelves, there had to be something to help him take his mind off her.

The mumbling from Nigel's room had died down, and Peter just assumed that they had fallen asleep in each other's arms. He closed his eyes, but all he saw was Jessica, from that time he saw her in her bra when he unknowingly walked into Nigel's room, when she was giving him a blow job. He turned on his small TV but the only thing that half interested him was repeats of Happy Days, but he'd seen this one. He was wide awake and painfully alert, Peter had no real talents or hobbies, he liked TV and hung out with his friends a lot. Hung out with Jessica a lot.

Nigel was no bad guy, and he more than disserved Jessica, he was closer in age to Jessica then Peter was, but that was the case with most of the people Peter hung out with. Peter and Nigel had been close ever since they were little, playing pranks on their parents and having adventures. It was uncommon for them to fight and if they did they would forget about it almost instantly, Nigel was two years older than Peter and somewhat a role model.

Nigel had always been the type of person that just shrugs off danger and doesn't care about whether his hair was good or whether someone liked him, as he knew that it would always be in the affirmative. A charisma machine and worshipped amongst his friends, its no surprise that Jessica jumped on his wagon almost as quick as she met him.

Peter jumped back on the bed after giving TV a chance, he sighed about the time him and Jessica almost had a chance, a spark that he has never forgot. It was at Brick Thompson's party, before Jessica met Nigel and all that happened, she was sad because some guy was teasing her, she made her way to a closet and slammed the door. Peter noticed she was upset and needed to cheer her up. He jumped in the closet with her, in the small claustrophobic place, they really connected.

"Hey what's up?"

Jess looked at Peter, with her those big, teary eyes. "Just some arsehole!" shouting as if she wanted the guy that let her down to hear her.

"hey, hey, your right, he is an arsehole. And you shouldn't worry about what an arsehole thinks.." He gently touched her chin, holding up her face.

"Yeah, but why do arseholes have to be so hot?" They both laughed at Jessica breaking the tension.

"His probably just shallow, and you deserve a guy who has feeling up the wahwho!" He tried matching her joke, and even she laughed a little.

"Do you have feeling up your wahwho, Peter?" She sort of turned kind of seductive for the moment.

"Well, I. I um well. Of cause." He managed to get out a few words, Jessica thought his nervousness was cute.

"Maybe you and I should make our way to Brick's folks bedroom, like kick whoever's in there out?" She asked, Peter regretted his answer instantly.

"No Jess, I think you should probably go home." He watched as her spirit broke in many ways, this was the closest they ever would get, and Peter blew it. "No, my brother said that he'll come pick me up pretty soonish, we can give you a lift home.." Jess smiled, at least they'd get to spend a little more time together, plus she'd finally get to met his brother, who she's heard so much about.

A tear formed in Peter's eye, remembering this incident, sometimes before he'd go to sleep at night, he liked imagining what the world would have been like if he and Jessica had have went into Brick's parents room that night. Would they have lasted as long as she has with Nigel, or would it have just ended there?