6:30AM. "Oi Pete, we're going up Wild Steve's." Peter heard Nigel call out from the lounge room. Peter was in the bathroom, brushing his teeth, while Nigel walked in and continued.

"Finish brushing your teeth, put on some decent clothes, and we're out of here." Nigel was wearing a black suit jacket and a white shirt underneath, accompanied by some tight black jeans. Peter spat and gave Nigel a look.

"I've got school today."

"Oh well you're not going. I've got a day planned, and your coming." Nigel argued calmly, before walking back into the lounge room and shouting from there, "Dad left for work a bit ago, and mum still hasn't come home from last night."

Peter took his shirt off and replaced it with an orange one that was on the bathroom sink, "What about Jess?"

He heard Nigel's voice, "Oh her dad came to pick her up like half an hour ago. I was asleep and shit, but she left a note."

Peter walked out into the lounge room, where Nigel was writing up a note for their mum to read when she got home.

"I'm ready." Peter shrugged, still fixing up his collar. "You sure that Wild Steve will be awake?"

"Oh yeah. He never sleeps." Nigel smiled towards Peter, "He's crazy."

6:55AM. Nigel knocked on the door for the second time.

"He probably thinks' we're cops or something." Nigel turned to Peter as if he knew all.

Peter was beginning to get a bit worried, "Maybe we should come back later, or just not bother."

"Nah Pete, I promised Seb that I'd be able to get them cheap." Nigel knocked again.

"Oh yeah, how cheap?" Peter asked not really caring about the answer.

"Free." Nigel smiled as the door opened wide.

There stood an overweight lady, holding a baby. She had curlers in her short blonde hair, and specks of facial hair. "What?"

"Oh hello there Madam." Nigel teased, "Was just wondering if your Steve's in?"

The fat lady swallowed deeply, "Oh yeah, you're for him aye?" She started walking inside, "take a seat, his only talking to one at a time."

She ushered Peter onto the couch, and Nigel into a bedroom, supposedly were Wild Steve was. As Nigel thanked the lady, and walked into the room, warning Peter to stay seated, Peter found himself growing nervous.

The lady sat next to Peter, a little closer than Peter would have wanted.

"Hey." She started in her croaky voice. "You want a smoke?"

She pulled a packet of cigarettes from her tracksuit pant pockets, and gestured them towards Peter. Peter politely shook his head.

"Eh live a little." She pushed them closer to him, balancing her baby in her one hand.

"Oh no, its fine, you save them for yourself." His face had turned red and she pulled out a smoke for herself and put the pack back in her pocket, she then pulled out a lighter and quickly lit her smoke.

She gave it a huge puff and sighed with pleasure. The baby began crying. "Oh fuck off." She said quietly to the baby, before turning to Peter. "She must be hungry."

She pulled down her shirt, exposing her bare breast and allowed the baby to suck from it. Peter, very nervous tried to keep conversation around, maybe to show her he wasn't nervous.

"Oh, so how olds the baby?" He asked a fairly suitable question.

"Oh, um I think we've got it written down around here somewhere." She answered, focusing on the baby feeding off her.

Meanwhile Nigel was shouting at Wild Steve, who was lying naked on his bed, listening to i-pod loudly through headphones. Nigel wasn't sure whether Wild Steve knew that he was listening to music, or even if he was wearing any clothes.

"So what I'm saying Steve, is that I need some weed for tonight, and since I leant you my X-Box, and you still haven't given it back, I was wondering if I could have it as a favour.

Wild Steve got up off his bed, his gentiles flopping between his legs. "What was that Nigel?" He shouted back, his music was loud enough that Nigel could identify the exact song he was listening to.

"Take off your headphones, Steve." Steve heard him, and slowly took them off his head, as if adapting to the new sound.

"Oh that's done it, so what are you looking for?" Steve asked innocence in his eyes.

"Was just wondering if I could give us some weed for tonight? Like as returning a favour?" Nigel decided to add the last bit; Wild Steve was quite loyal to his friends.

"When have you ever done me a favour Nige?" Steve was genuinely unsure, even though Nigel only just lent him the X-Box a few months before.

"You remember I gave you that X-Box, and you said you'd score me free drugs whenever." Steve hadn't actually promised this, but Nigel knew that if he lied a little Steve would genuinely believe it.

"What the fuck, man. Toad told me he was the one that given me the X-Box." He seemed disappointed he had been fooled, as if it was the first time. "I've been giving him free pot forever..."

"Well, that Toad has always been a bit of a cock. I just gave you that X-Box, letting you keep it as long as you like."

"Yeah, yeah, I remember. I'm not an idiot!" Wild Steve said, as if trying to convince himself. He leapt over to some cupboards and pulled out a bag of plants.

"I'm closing my eyes, man. Just take it and we'll act like it never happened right." Steve tightly shut his eyes; Nigel found it funny that Wild Steve had to do this ritual. "Just don't pull down my pants!" Steve joked, as Nigel took the weed.

Nigel walked out of the room and closed the door behind him, he looked on the lounge, where the nameless woman was now sitting on Peter's knee, and Nigel could tell he was in pain just by looking at his face.

"Come on you love birds. It's time to leave." Nigel joked, as the lady got off Peter and asked to see him again.

7:00Am. "So how'd you get them for free?" Peter asked, getting use to walking, as after being sat on he thought he never would again.

"It's simple, I get free drugs whenever, sometimes I go by the name Toad, and sometimes other names, every time I say that I leant him the X-Box and he goes into this thing about people lying to him, he closes his eyes, and tells me to take them, as if it was a new experience each time!" Nigel and Peter laughed at Nigel's brilliance.

"We're not going to need that much!" Peter observed as he looked at the bag Nigel was given.

"It's not all for us, we'll be selling most of it." Nigel said as if Peter had known all along.

"What on the street?"

"No way Pete, we'd be arrested for sure. I'm giving it to Seb tonight. He'll sell it at the party." Nigel explained.

"What party?" Peter asked, not that it was uncommon for him and his brother to find a party.

"Oh tonight, but we'll see everyone beforehand. Actually we're going too met up with Jess after getting some breakfast."

"I can't, just brushed my teeth... Jess is going to hang with us today, thought she'd be at school."

No Pete, you see, today is going to be a riot. We will be partying from the second we see, her. We will probably meet up with the rest of the gang after. Now if you don't want breakfast, I'll just have to buy myself some."