Title: ...what she said

Summary: "What the hell is this, magic?!" "No, it's high tech evolution where we have unlocked the unconscious mind to further develop our potential." "...what she said." Not your average super power story.

Rating: M

Warnings: scenes of a sexual nature, violence and blood

Disclaimers: The story's mine and the characters are based somewhat off real people

Chapter One - The weird and wonderful

The village of Temple Combe is quiet, rarely did anything exciting happen to those who gave a brief look over. Yet at a deeper observation, weird and unexplainable things happened... a lot.

The alarm rang, and a caramel skinned hand hit the snooze button.

I understand the weird things that happen.

The person slowly got out of bed, revealing dishrivelled long black hair, long for a boy, and intense, dark brown eyes.

I understand because I'm one of the causes.

Jake Dowse, the village's "emo" grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom.

She shivered as she ran the cold water over her skin, the water she waded in reached her knees and fish nibbled gently at her toes. Her pale skin glowed in the early September morning light.

"Good morning Mother."

She smiled, despite how cold she was, and caressed the delicate white petals of the water lily.

Good morning.

"Make sure to be back by six!"

Ronan grunted, muttering; "Old fart" once the door closed. He tugged at the sleeve of his leather jacket before storming off towards the bus stop.

"Fucking sun, bloody old man... stupid everything!"

"Jake sweetie, why don't you have some sausages?" Her lips spread in a fake-sweet smile and the dark haired and eyed boy hit to fight the urge to throw up at the smell of cooked meat.

All his family knew he was a vegetarian, yet they refused to accept it.

Jake scowled and made his own lunch – basically marmite sandwiches and fruit. He grabbed a peach to eat on his way to school. All his homework was done and complete, his long-ish hair was neat, he was free of dandruff, he was spot-free. He was good-looking... but his style and vegetarianism often lead him to being secluded from his peers.

It was lonely, but Jake often drowned out his negative feelings by using his MP3-Player and he listened to all sorts of loud music from heavy metal rock to screamo. But he couldn't escape the whispers and loneliness during class.

He sighed as he neared the bus-stop. He often had to wait with this guy who... had rather gory and nerdy thoughts often running through his mind, and, in all honesty, it scared Jake. This guy, Ronan he was sure the guy was called, was nearing the brink of insanity.

Ronan, like himself, had long black hair but unlike Jake, Ronan's hair was messier, not styled in any particular way and he always wore a grumpy expression on his face, he always wore a leather jacket over the usual school uniform (long sleeved white shirt, green tie, black trousers and black shoes).

The dark-minded teen also wore black leather boots, which the head mistress, Jane, had yet to find a way to get rid of them since it met all the school's requirements of sensible grip and it was black, like the school rules dictated.

Jake sighed and stood at the other side of the bus-stop, he tried to ignore the dark, chilling and frightening thoughts and aura that came from the slightly shorter and more aggressive teen as he waited for the bus.

Yes, you've guessed it, and for those that haven't... well, here it is; Jake is an empath and telepath.

Ronan drew out his breath slowly as he tried to calm down, his temper was beginning to quickly rise and he hadn't even got to school yet. First, the other guy, Jake he was sure his name was, kept jumping almost as soon as his thoughts took a... dark turn.

Then, the bus driver almost threatened to chuck him out if that Jake guy hadn't stepped in, vouching that they went to the same school so that he wouldn't get thrown out. After that, people started to point and whisper at hi, spreading rumours about things. Especially since he punched that annoying thug of a bully last week and it was getting on his nerves.

"Hey Ronan," some rat-faced skinny kid his age called out, making sure that he was loud enough so that everyone on the bus could hear him. "Is it true that you follow in your father's footsteps at being a gay prostitute?!"

Luckily the bus pulled up outside the only Secondary school in the village when Ronan turned around to punched rat-face in the face.

She zoned out as she walked to school, like usual. She imagined the better days, back when she was a kid and she and her friend, Bella, hadn't discovered their... "special" abilities, everything went downhill since then.

She couldn't even stay in the same room as her family without feeling terrified and sick, she lived in a freaking tree-house made by the nice old oak trees who would often tell her stories, stories of the past, of better days when the trees and nature were respected.

Grace wished for those days, alas, nothing went her way.

She had just gotten out of the woods, right next to her friend's house when Bella stepped out of the door, her long dark brown and thick hair, like usual, was loose.

Many would often wonder how they became friends, being so different. Grace was an eco-maniac who loved meat and survived on vitamin pills and Bella was obsessed with fire and was a science whizz.

But you know what they say, opposites attract.

Jake narrowly avoided the fight that started on the bus between Ronan and Henry and he practically ran into school, hoping to avoid the bullies. As he passed the broom cupboard Jake nearly tripped when he felt two people in there, kissing and touching in... intimate places.

He could feel the guy's finger twirl deep inside the girl's moist cavern, the jolt and electrifiying feeling as their lips met... Jake moved on quickly, willing himself not to get an erection at the feelings they felt.

It was at times like this Jake cursed his abilities even more.

Once he reached his first class for the day, biology, he sighed in relief and sat at the desk as he got out his books and pencil case. His thoughts turned to the thoughts of the girl and boy in the broom closet, despite the embarrassment he knew it would cause.

Those intimate feelings... he could feel the passion between them, the desperate need, and the trust and... that deeper, heavenly feeling Jake was envious of... love, pure, wild love. He wanted someone to feel that way about him, but that was unlikely right now.

He sighed and tensed when he felt them coming into the classroom, both of them stayed at the doorway. The girl had caramel blond hair that was tied into a ponytail, eyes that were a haunting mixture of green and blue, pale skin and she was at a modest 5"6. Her clothes were the girl's usual uniform, long sleeved white shirt, and a green tie which was loose around her neck, a short black skirt, black leggings and black leather boots. Her bag, a large black backpack, hung off her shoulders, heavy with books and her lunch.

She was Grace Walker, the resident Hippie with no dress sense.

The guy, Danin Holman, was a bit of geek and a computer whizz who was on the school's kendo team. He often went to the roof and, sometimes Grace went with him, as far as Jake was aware.

Danin wore the usual black trousers, white long sleeved shirt, green tie but with it he wore black trainers and he also had a large backpack. Danin had wild dark brown hair with dark grey eyes with gold around the pupil and his had a big nose and slightly large lips and pale skin, but he generally took take of himself.

The couple kissed and Danin left to his own class – Japanese language - and Grace sat near the back, like normal. She was only three seats away yet Jake could still feel the excited buzz and faint arousal from her.

Jake had to will away another erection.

Bella rolled her eyes as she spotted her friend Grace, the girl's cheeks were flushed and she had a large grin spread across her face as she remained lost in a day dream.

"You and Dan in the closet?" Bella whispered into her friend's ear as she sat next to her, the blond jumped and smiled at her friend, her eyes softening at the mention of her boyfriend's name.

"Yeah, I loved every minute of it," her eyes filled with tears of happiness. "I love him Bella, so much."

Bella smiled, but she couldn't help but wonder when she'd get her chance for romance.

Bella pretty much ignored everyone but Grace as she played with her lighter under the desk, she prayed one-one would piss her off, the Languages department was still in repair from the last time she got mad.

Once the teacher, Ms Judith Harding, started the lesson, Bella had to continuously poke Grace in the arm to keep her awake, it was only because of Bella that Grace even scraped a passing grade in the previous year and she didn't want things between the annoying old teacher and her friend to get bad during the first term of the year.

However, her actions didn't go un-noticed.

"Miss Walker!" Judith Harding yelled in her shrill voice, making the drooling blond startle and fall off her chair, much to the class' amusement. "Why were you sleeping in the lesson?!"

Bella prayed that Grace wouldn't get cranky from the way Harding talked down to her. Please Grace, don't do anything stupid...

"Cause I don't enjoy science or give the time of day to people who talk down to me like they're the most important person in the world."

Damn it Grace!

"That's it, detention for you Miss Walker! I will be respected!"

"Respect is earned, not given."

Bella could tell how bad the year was going to be with the private wars between Grace and Ms Harding.

"Get out Walker!" Harding yelled, her face, which was red, started to go purple. "What're you doing?!"

Grace packed her things into her bag; "I'm leaving, as you ever so politely requested."

Her smart remark made Harding flush bright red whilst the rest of the woman's face remained purple, Bella had no idea such a thing could actually be possible.

"Leave your things here!" Harding shrilled, damaging the student's ears.

"With all due respect... hell no." Grace left the room with Harding following her; the old bat obviously didn't get the hint to leave the blond alone since she was practically doing as the hypocritical bat asked anyway.

Bella resisted the urge to set fire to Harding's skirt.

"Now," Harding declared in her overly shrill voice as she re-entered the classroom, her usually thin, straw-like and messy hair even wilder than usual and her face was flustered. "Where were we?"

"On Mars..." Bella murmured as she twitched, she really wanted to set Harding's skirt on fire.

"Now, we'll be starting a project for the rest of the term." Groans of despair filled the room and that caused Harding to frown, and then she spoke in a voice that practically coated the room with her need to feel superior. "You will all be doing a project on the planets, gather all the information you can about your chosen planet, each of you will do equal amount of research and work, trust me, I'll know if you cheat." Her voice was sickly sweet as she talked down to them as if they were labelled 'Clinically Retarded'.

Jake resisted the urge to repeatedly bang his head on the desk, part of him wanted to strangle the blond Hippie, he was sure her "disrespect" had given the immature teacher the idea to make the rest of the class suffer so that they could give trouble towards the blond, making her more submissive towards the old bat.

Just great, hopefully I won't be stuck with a prep or jock. Despite those labels being American, it still fitted into the British schools as well, the Populars were slightly more sympathetic, but they had even less guts to go against the "rules" of the school hierarchy to make their life easier.

"Bella Smith and Jake Dowse, you will be doing work the newly discovered planet 'Glise 581c'." Bella slumped into her seat and Jake held back a groan of despair, why did the old bat have to drag him into this conflict between Grace and her?! Glise 581 was, as Harding just mentioned, new, so there would be very little information about it and they had to make a freaking project out of it.

Why do I get stuck with the immature teachers? Damn you Grace! Jake could hear Bella ranting mentally and he held back a wince at the volume and the choice of curse words.

Well, at least I'll have an interesting partner. He paled as he noticed her playing with a lighter as she thought about setting something on fire. On second thought, I take that back.

Grace growled and stormed up to the roof, her boots tapped quietly against the plastic sickly green floor tiles as she journeyed upstairs towards the roof. The roof was her safe haven where she could be alone to think, and only her boyfriend, and sometimes Bella, would dare venture up onto the roof.

The blond Hippie slammed the door open and closed before she slumped against the stone wall, the larger metal fence around the 3ft stone wall kept her from falling to her death, and she curled her knees into her chest as she sighed.

I need to calm down, Grace thought to herself before the voices came, whispering reassurances and murmuring tempting offers of bodily harm against Harding. Thank you.

"You're welcome, Mother," the voices replied in unison and she stroked the miraculously fast growing tree branch that reached out to touch her. The rough bark and weathered leaves were a familiar touch underneath her cool finger tips and they wood and leaves curled around her in a protective cocoon, trapping the warmth of the sunlight inside.

Grace rested her forehead against the warm bark, she could feel the pulse of the wood through her skin, through her skull, and she could feel the honest and pure delight of the plants and trees around her as she interacted with them. This was her family, the family that loved her.

"Grace?" She smiled as she heard her boyfriend's voice, worried and slightly hesitant; he was always concerned for her, despite how he held it back in his laid-back and honest demeanour.

Let him in please, Grace whispered mentally, somehow, the plants always heard her.

The tree opened up it's cocoon and withdrew, allowing Danin to sweep his girlfriend into a hug, almost crushing the girl into his chest. "You ok?" Danin asked, his large hands running through her hair.

Grace sighed and her smile disappeared. "I didn't sleep well last night, so Harding and I had a fight in class. I just can't stand the way she talks down and people... plus, it's kinda hard to ignore the death threats the plants were giving her." Grace added the last part in with a sheepish smile, it was her attempt to lighten the mood, it was weak, and Danin easily picked it up.

After a moment, Danin spoke; "Did you notice the weird things happening today?"

"No, I've been stuck on the roof all morning; I might skip classes for the rest of the day. What's been happening?"

"Grace, the Populars have been acting like nerds all day, they knew everything that was happening in the classes and actually answered them, they were even brushed up like the stereotypical nerd you see in American cartoons."

Grace raised an eyebrow at her Irish boyfriend. "Are you sure you're not the one who didn't get enough sleep?"

"I'm sure."

What's going on?

"The Sorceress has made her move, Mother."


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