Title: ...what she said
Summary: "What the hell is this, magic?!" "No, it's high tech evolution where we have unlocked the unconscious mind to further develop our potential." "...what she said." Not your average super power story.
Rating: M
Warnings: scenes of a sexual nature, violence and blood
Disclaimers: The story's mine and the characters are based somewhat off real people

Chapter Four - Revelations

Ronan glared up at the ceiling as he laid back on his bed, the ceiling refused to randomly burst into flame, much to his irritation, so he did what he normally did when he was bored with nothing to do; he began to think.

The lanky raven haired teen thought about Bella, and how pretty she was with her mature and curvy body, long dark brown hair, milky white skin and her sapphire jewel-like eyes. Her small height brought out the need to protect her, not that she needed it, but he still felt it and sometimes he wanted nothing more than to hold her in his arms and shield her from the world.

But, she didn't return the feelings. What if she fell for someone else?

That thought terrified Ronan, more than he would ever admit.


Grace sighed as waited by the edge of the forest with Bella on the east side, opposite to Bella's house. The boys were late, much to the blonde's ire and she sat on the nearby bench and glared at a nearby stray rat, as if it was the rat's fault that the boys were late.

Grace let her hair down and she wore her green woolen hat which covered her slightly large forehead, black knee high leather boots that had faded out slightly from age and usage, lime green bell sleeved shirt which contrasted her short violet strap dress. The dress was worn on top of her shirt with a black belt wrapped around her waist and black leggings. Her caramel hair fluttered slightly as a cool breeze blew by and she held onto her large black backpack, the seems were loose and it was close to falling apart after three years of careless use.

Bella wore a soft red and black plaid miniskirt along with a black short-sleeved skull shirt to match her punk-gothic look, black and red stripy socks and red converse. Bella, as usual, kept her hair down, the dark locks contrasted with her milky skin perfectly around her round and young face.

Grace checked her watch. "Where are they?"

"No idea," Bella replied and she sent a text to Danin and Ronan, asking where they were. Unlike Grace, who hated it when people were late, she hated it when people were early. The trees were tilted over to protect them from the sun's harsh rays of light and the blond shivered as she looked around, something didn't... feel right.



"How late are they?" That familiar feeling of dread overcame Grace as her vision faded into black, white and grey.

"20 minutes..." Bella's voice was merely a whisper as she watched the scene unfold; glares were shared, two fists side by side hit soft facial flesh, faint and terrifying milky strangers restrained the assailants and people went flying into the nearby trees.

Grey and gold eyes darted around confidently, waiting for any move from their geeky assailants. Cold blue eyes glared distrustfully at everyone, but warmed slightly at the sight of his brown haired companion.

Danin and Ronan were surrounded by the prep turned geeks from earlier in the week.

Grace gasped as her vision returned to the present; fear and dread overcame her, her body shook and her pupils narrowed as she recounted her vision.

"Grace?" Bella squeaked in surprise as Grace jumped up, grabbed her bag and ran down the worn down path. "Grace?!"

"Dan and Ronan are in trouble!"

All doubt left the brunette's mind and she ran after her taller, blond friend.


They came out of nowhere; Ronan and Danin had been minding their own business as they debated on whether the English or the Irish were better when those Prep-turned-Geeks surrounded them.

Danin scratched his chin idly as wondered whether they had the power to teleport before leaning back as a nerd sailed over him as he tried attacking him, he watched as the nerd sailed over him comically.

"And they say nerds can't jump," he murmured blankly before catching one of the nerds' fist and he hit back at the nerd, breaking his glasses and making his nose burst in streams of blood.

Unbuttoning the black dress shirt he was wearing, Danin rolled his eyes. Spinning suddenly, his shoulder hit a nerd that thought it best to try charge him from behind which sent the charging teen flying to the ground, tumbling a few meters, before he got back up shakily and glared at the grey-eyed teen.

"Ole!" Danin shouted in a sudden burst of inspiration, he took up a matador's stance and waved his shirt to his side. "Nerdo! Nerdo!" the nerd's eye twitched before he charged Danin again, arms spread to try and catch the grey eyed Celt.

He kept charging whilst fully expecting his mark to dodge again, and he sped up, his face however was met with Danin's boot.

"And that's why you don't charge people!" The grey-eyed Celt shouted before two nerds pounced on him, sending them careening into the bushes.

"Hey Irish, you okay?" Ronon inquired as he grabbed a nerd by the front of his shirt and smashed his forearm into the nerd's elbow, causing a sick "crunch" as the nerd screamed in pain, cradling his dislocated elbow.

"Doing good Brit," Danin replied, holding the two nerds at arms length, before smashing them into his knees, they both fell off his legs, out like a light.

His eyes twitched at the heavy breathing behind him his fist shot back, feeling the back of his fist meeting both flesh and plastic, there was a heavy chocking sound followed by a loud gulp.

"You swallowed your inhaler, didn't you…" Danin asked blankly, receiving a chocked 'yes', he reached back and grabbed the nerd's collar and dragged him back out into the clearing. Undoing the nerds belt buckle, he grabbed the pinsetters pants and the back of his collar and hurled him at a bunch of nerds about to jump Ronan, which by the looks of it, was sitting on a pair of writhing nerds and held another in a head lock, giving him the nuggie of death to the scrambling nerd.

"Dan!" His heart skipped a beat as he heard her voice and the nerds were ripped off of him as two very thick and strong tree branches lifted the two nerds that had tackled him into the air and restrained them.

He scrambled out of the bushes and he smashed in the face of one of the nerds who raised a hand to hurt his girlfriend. "Dan!" He was brought out of his anger induced trance when her slender arms wrapped around him. "Thank God you're alright!"

Ronan finished off one of the last nerds with a punch to the face just as Bella appeared. The last nerd charged at Bella, only to be stopped as a large teen in army gear dropped right in front of him.

The mystery teen's eyes glared down coldly at the now terrified nerd. "Never hit a woman!" He hissed before punching him, electricity left his tanned hand and hit the nerd in the face, and sent him flying up and into the tree. If that wasn't bad enough; his entire body twitched and his hair was static and smoking.

The mysterious army-obsessed teen smirked at the three other shocked teens. "You have been owned," he stated smugly and walked off into the foliage.

The raven haired teen snorted; "Thanks for the moral support."

Jake chose that moment to walk around the corner and onto the scene. He was wearing casual black skinny jeans, a thin dark grey jumper that was left unzipped and a black shirt as well as black converse. It was all designer.

Grace wondered why he wasn't dying of heat, she watched him curiously as he flinched before turning towards the beaten down nerds; Grace blanched and avoided looking at the fallen teens, she couldn't stand it when people were hurt, it made her feel... sick.

Bella cleared her throat; "Maybe we should take this somewhere more private?"

Everyone agreed and they followed the small brunette towards the lake, which sparkled in the early afternoon light. Ronan winced and muttered about the sunlight hurting his eyes whilst the rest continued on, sitting out in the sunlight near the river.

Once Ronan finally joined them after complaining so long about the sunlight and sat in the shade of a nearby tree, Bella started off before an awkward silence could take place; "Well, who wants to start?"

Grace fidgeted where she was sat in Danin's lap, the poor teen went stiff as she moved around. "Um, my powers revolve around controlling plants and trees, to an extent and I can get minor visions of the future."

The blond started to fidget even more as Jake looked at her curiously, whilst Grace had been coming out of her shell, she still found it hard not to feel self-conscious or nervous around strangers or people she doesn't know too well.

Her anxiety was soothed as Danin's hand circled hers, holding it in a firm and reassuring grip whilst he kissed her cheek to calm her down and he smiled when it worked like a charm, she relaxed completely and leaned back against his chest.

Ronan rolled his eyes at the couple's little moment. "I can control the density in people's body, and my own." Seeing the blank looks he was receiving from Jake and Bella, he sighed. "I can manipulate my muscle and bone structure as well as other people's."

Jake blushed in embarrassment for not understanding and Bella merely nodded.

"I can manipulate and create fire by messing with the molecules in the air, and I'm Clairvoyant. Or Claircognizance if you want to be accurate."

Jake refused to be the one to ask the question this time, luckily for him, Ronan asked and surprisingly it was Danin who explained; "Claircognizance is a psychic ability where the person is able to know things without any logical reason as to why, mostly through a sudden input of information into the brain or, for a few like Bella, to see through the eyes of another person to get the information."

"Basically, it's to just randomly know things or see something through another person's eyes," Grace popped in, and she squeaked when her response earned a poke in the ribs from her boyfriend.

Danin smirked at his girlfriend before turning to the others; "I can summon ghosts to do whatever the fuck I want as long as I'm nice enough to them." He sent his girlfriend a look as she opened her soft, pale lips, she hesitated before poking him.

"Language Dan!" Grace scolded him, which made Bella laugh and Ronan merely rolled his eyes as Jake watched on uncomfortably. "So Jake," the blond said cheerfully as she looked at him curiously, whether it was because she was curious about his powers or how he would introduce them, the dark teen wasn't sure. "What're your powers?"

Jake took a deep breath, he had had to go through several hours of homework and meditation to calm down and keep his powers from going wacky and force him to read people's minds so he could do this. It didn't stop him from shaking like a leaf in the wind though.

"I'm a telepath and empath," Jake was surprised that he managed to keep a steady voice; he was nervous, more than he had ever felt before.

All was silent for a while before Grace murmured; "Cool."


Bella looked down at her feet as she and Ronan walked back to he bus-stop, she half-listened to what the raven-haired teen was babbling about.

They had spent the afternoon laughing around by the river, the brunette had started a water fight which ended with Danin and Grace teaming up to win. Of course, Grace ruined her moment of glory when tripped on a rock and face-planted into the water.

Bella smirked at the memory, she looked like a drowned rat afterwards, luckily the brunette was able to heat up the clothes just enough so they'd dry and not catch fire. The blond didn't trust her smaller friend to dry her hair though, which the brunette didn't mind so much.

"Hey Bella?" Ronan inquired as they both finally arrived at the bus-stop. "Do you wanna play Halo3 when we get back?"

This time, Bella did repeatedly hit her head on the bus-stop, much to Ronan's confusion.


Grace clasped her boyfriend's hand and squeezed, he squeezed back and the blond was quickly soothed by the warm and very Danin reassurance. "Hey Dan?" Grace started, she was hesitant, unsure if she would like his answer.


"Why didn't you want to tell the others about your shadow powers?"

"It's simple Shin, I don't trust them." Danin started, Grace was honestly shocked. "I know you trust them and think they're ok, but I barely know them, I need to test them out first."

The blond wasn't exactly sure what to say; what do you say when your boyfriend tells you that he doesn't trust your friends? Ok, Jake wasn't exactly a friend, but race felt like he was a good person, but, maybe what Ronan had said all those times before was right?

Maybe she did trust too easily.



Grace had to force the lump in her throat down, she knew her hands were shaking from both excitement and nervousness. She knew he wouldn't judge her, but what she was about to ask of him was very important, she felt that the time was right to ask and... she knew he wanted it too.

"I want you to be my first, tonight."

Yes, Grace was nervous, but she was sure on what she wanted. She wanted Danin to take her virginity tonight.