Written on the 16th February 2011

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Withdrawn within my heart

I cannot see for tears.

The blindness of my eyes

Betray my inner fears.

Clinging to the shadows

To cloak me round about,

I dare not cease to whisper

Lest words become a shout.

Grasping out at nothing,

I cling to shreds of soul

Threading through my fingers.

Identity not whole.


Push away the seer

Who seeks to look within

The murkiness of heart,

Betrayed by outer sin.

Not interested in clich├ęs-

Nor interested in rhymes-

I've forgotten all the riddles

I taught in better times.

The Book of Law departs me.

I seek not greater Truth-

Betrayer in my heartache,

Despoiler of my youth.


I dare not blame nor pardon.

Greater still than I

That Giver of all Mercy

That sees me from the sky.

What right have I to ask it?

What marks me more then they?

The bitterness of longing

That destitutes my day?

Worthy heroes suffer

And see not recompense.

Injustice brings to nothing

And mocks my innocence.