16. Title: Unplanned Parenthood (2/?)

Author: ANT-chan

Rating/Genre: Romance/Humor/NC-17 (for foul language, SLASH, and sex. Individual chapter warnings included.)

Summary: "This is why we're never having kids." The boys get a lesson in parenting and experience the best birth control available: taking care of someone else's child! M/M

Time Line: January-June, 2547 A.S. 4 years after Shadow Dragon.

Ages: Sin - 547 years; Draca - 192 years; Kira - 80 years; Gwen - 107 years; Kyris - 131 years

MEEERRRYYYY CHRISTMAS. Or whatever you celebrate. XD I bring you the long, LONG awaited second chapter of Unplanned Parenthood!

That is... if there are still any fans of this series left.

So basically, I got done with NaNoWriMo and realized how easy it was to write a few thousand word chapter. And then I remembered it was coming up on a year since I updated this. And I couldn't have that. So here's a short (about 3,500 ish words) chapter to get me back in the swing of things. Enjoy and please comment if you still read this series. XD

Unplanned Parenthood – Part 2

"Nnmph… th' hell's tha'…?" Draca jolted from sleep at the loud, wholly unfamiliar noise that was rebounding from wall to wall. With an annoyed groan, the Vampyre lifted his head from the pillow. "Si'…?" But his lover was nowhere to be found. The sunlight was just breaking through the dark, heavy shades, pale and cold and utterly uninviting. Draca tried to burrow deeper into the warm cocoon of blankets, not wanting to face the morning.

But that sound!

'Why th'fuck does it sound like there's a screamin' brat in th'house?' Annoyed beyond comprehension, the thief pulled himself free of his comfortable shelter. The air in the house, while much warmer than outside, felt chill. He shivered, and reached for the shirt he'd carelessly tossed the night before. The Vampyre swayed sleepily as he pulled it on, knocking his hip against the dresser as he passed and cursing under his breath.

Red eyes blinked, groggy and irritated, as he entered the hall. He was already to the stairs when he remembered his shadows. "Motherfucker-"

The blissful darkness of shadow engulfed him. For an instant, Draca sighed and let himself float in the dark abyss. He was tempted to simply fall back asleep. But he didn't. Despite himself, he was curious. He exited his realm of shadows into the living room, glaring and thoroughly unhappy as the sound returned. His eyes found Sin instinctively, but was quickly distracted from his frowning lover by the screaming child standing at Sin's feet.

For a long couple of moments, the blond only stared at the toddler as if she were a strange, foreign creature. He blamed it on still being half asleep. He blinked at the little girl, taking in her vivid purple hair with only a hint of recognition, before raising his sleepy gaze to Sin.

"Why the hell is there a brat in the house?"

His lover's expression – previously holding only a hint of bewilderment – darkened. "Draca."

That scolding tone was something Draca had heard far too often. He rolled his eyes. "Wha'?"

"Watch that tongue around children. Or I'll rip it out."

With a huff, the Vampyre fell silent. It was too early and far, far too bright in the room for him to deal with this. He looked away from Sin in order to refrain from glaring at him. But whatever he had been considering vanished into nothing in the next instant. Apparently his sudden question had startled the little girl out of her hysterical tears. Now she was staring at him, her tiny wings fluttering and her bright violet hair tumbling into her large emerald eyes-

'Oh shit.' The thought slammed into him like a mareketh on the hunt. 'That's Rona's kid. My cousin is standing in the living room.' He thought he swayed on his feet for a second as his mind reeled. Those impossibly wide green eyes just kept staring at him, further destroying his ability to function.

"K-Kala?" he ventured at last. He was surprised he still remembered her name, in all honesty. In the nearly four years since her birth, Draca had only been to visit his aunt once. It was far too risky to have attempted any more than that, especially after Rona had rejoined with Deimos. That one time Draca had met with her was a complete coincidence, when they had both stopped in the same city on their respective routes home. Back when she would bring the infant with her to the Beacon. Speaking of… shouldn't the hatchling be at the Beacon with Rona? Instead of here?

All the while that he was wondering about this, Kala was glancing from his tall form to the plush toy in her tiny hands. A plush that, now that he actually looked at it, had wild blond hair and red button eyes and was sporting a tiny doll version of his favorite duster. 'Ah- that's… eh?' He was sure something resembling a blush was stealing over his face.

"Dra'…?" that tiny little voice asked hopefully.

"Er… I… uh, wha-… yeah?"

A sound that Draca couldn't quite identify – it was either a squeal of delight or a wail of childish sorrow – flew from the toddler's mouth. And in the next instant he had a hiccupping, sniffling Dragon hatchling clinging desperately to his pant leg. Draca's voice lodged in his throat. He couldn't force his protest out – not with the pitiful little girl latched onto him and practically shaking.

And god damn it, Sin was laughing at him in that quiet, impish way of his.

'What do I do?' the Vampyre sent his panicked thought to his lover with such force that the man winced. He knew he'd been too hasty – too forceful – in establishing the fragile link between them. Telepathic powers were very tricky to use, and often caused pain if done wrong. But at this point, Draca couldn't even begin to care. He was tired and had a crying toddler grabbing his leg. Sin could deal with a headache.

'Pick her up,' Sin mentally replied after a moment. His mental "voice" - for it was more a stream of thought that Draca recognized as not his own, rather than an actual sound – was irritated. Even close to angry.

Like Draca cared. 'P-Pick her up?' he hissed in return. 'Oh, nononono. I can't. Baby, you know I hate kids!' His dislike for the little cretins had faded a little over the years, thanks to his contact with Gwen and Kira as they grew up. But by the time Draca had started staying, Gwen was far past the toddler stage. And Kira had come to them at the age of eleven. Draca had never been forced to deal with such a small child before. 'I can't…'

'She wants you.'

'You do it!'

Sin's lip curled, his eyes sparking in annoyance. It seemed that Kala's presence was the only thing keeping him from growling fiercely at him. "Fine." The seraph stalked forward and knelt down in front of him. The instant he got close to the child, she let out a high-pitched screech that made both of them wince. Kala pressed herself tighter to him, almost seeming like she wanted to meld with his leg. Sin stared pointedly up at him. He didn't need to say anything.

"Go 'way!" Kala wailed, her hands clawing at Draca's pants in an attempt to get further away from the seraph.

'Damn it.'

"H-Here, kiddo…" Draca internally winced as his voice stuttered, even as he bent at the waist. Kala finally released him, but only long enough to reach her pudgy arms up for him. The instant he had her settled safely in his arms, she wrapped those little hands around his neck and clung tightly to him. Draca cringed. But the little one didn't even notice, and just sniffled miserably against his raven-haired lover stood up, those sharp eyes trained on the both of them.

"Why is she here?" Draca murmured, half afraid that the toddler was going to somehow take offense to that.

"Rona dropped her off. She's gotten too old for the Beacon's wards to let her in, it seems."

'Great,' Draca thought. "So… she's here until…"

"Summer Solstice," Sin supplied for him. Even though he knew the answer even before the man said it, Draca still bit back a sigh. He tensed again as Kala tightened her grip around his neck. The corners of the seraph's lips barely quirked in a smile. Damn him.

Damn him. Damn him. Damn him.


Draca leaned back, trying to look at the little girl's face. But she wouldn't let go of his neck, proving it useless. "What, kid?"

"Wan', Mama…"

The Vampyre cast his gaze at Sin desperately. 'What do we do? She can't stay here!'

The assassin grimaced as the thought flowed over the botched link. 'She'll have to stay here. And we'll have to take care of her. Get used to it.' Draca wanted to protest, but another whimper from his cousin had him considering otherwise. 'Tell her she can talk to Rona tonight.'

"Your… Your Mama will talk to you tonight, okay?"

All he received in response was a pitiful hiccup. "N-Noooooo!"

"C'mon, Kala." He was almost horrified to hear that he was nearly whining. Begging. To a toddler, no less!

"No! Wan' Mama!" the child wailed, sounding more and more petulant and growing dangerously close to tears. Panicking, Draca sent a pleading glance to his lover.

The shorter male rolled his eyes and bent to pick the fallen plush toy without a word. "Kala," he said, stepping closer. The little Dragon let out a screech of protest right in Draca's ear, making the blond grit his teeth. "Kala," Sin repeated, firmly this time. He held the toy out to her, waiting patiently – far more patient than Draca ever could have been – for the girl to take it. After a tense moment, she did, glaring at the Fallen Angel with big, tearful eyes as she clutched the plush Vampyre to her. "Kala, your mother is traveling. She can't talk until later. She left you that crystal, remember? I'll keep it with me at all times, so you won't miss it when she calls."

"Y'won' let me. Y're mean."

The accusation didn't seem to bother Sin all that much, which surprised Draca. "Of course I'll let you. Draca will make sure I do. Won't you, Draca?"

Two pairs of eyes, one glowing scarlet and one brilliant emerald, turned to him. Draca swallowed thickly. "Sure, kiddo…" he attempted to sound confident, more for his own pride than anything.

"…'Kay," the toddler murmured reluctantly, but relented. She twisted in Draca's arms and buried her face in his shoulder. It seemed that her bout of tears had finally calmed to gloomy pouting.

And, lucky for the thief, Sin took charge before an awkward silence fell. "Let's get her set up in your old room. Then we'll see what we need to buy for her."

'She's staying for six months,' he wanted so badly to say. 'We're not bloody adopting her!'

"Yeah…" he said aloud. "You uh, you wanna go see your room, kiddo? We can set all your toys out just like you want them." It was a weak attempt at being friendly and he knew it. But Kala didn't appear to mind. She nodded against his shoulder. "It'll be fun," he tried to soothe. "You'll see."

Oh, how wrong he was.

"It's not good enough!" Kala shrieked, bursting into loud wails for what seemed like the hundredth time in the past hour. She was standing just where she had been since Draca had managed to pry her off him: right at his feet. She simply refused to move farther than two feet from him, causing Draca to nearly step on her or trip over the child countless times in the past hour. But while that had been annoying, this… this was disturbing, in a way that Draca had never encountered before.

This was one of many reasons why he despised children.

"Kala," he said weakly, trying to keep his cool. "Don't be that way…"

"M'room is better!" she screeched, stamping her foot. It was quickly heading into a full on tantrum, and Draca had no idea how to handle it. "This room is bad! Don' like it! I wanna go home!"

"Leave her alone, Draca."

The Vampyre looked up at his lover's clipped words. Sin was across the room and fixing the clean bed sheets – the softest they owned, for Kala's sake. It was the last thing the seraph had seen fit to do, after he had put all of the little girl's clothes into the wardrobe and started sorting through her toys. His expression was completely closed off and stoic. He was obviously doing his best to ignore the hatchling. "That's really not such a good idea, Sin…"

"Right. Because you are the expert on children here."

"W-Well, neither are you!" Draca finished his accusation with a wince as Kala wails started to mingle with loud sobs.

Sin only snorted in disdain. "She's throwing a tantrum. If you acknowledge it or try to comfort her, you'll only prove to her that it gets her what she wants."

Okay… okay, that made sense. He could work with that. Draca nodded, mostly to himself, and stepped away from the little girl, leaving her standing in the middle of the room. He tried his hardest to follow Sin's example and ignore the continuing shrieks and hiccupping sobs that sounded far too loud for such a small child. But the longer he tried to ignore her, the louder and louder Kala got. After a few minutes of listening to it, Draca slammed his hand down on a chest they'd pulled out of the storage closet under the stairs. He shot a glare over his shoulder, wishing nothing more than to wring the little girl's neck in a moment of complete frustration and irrationality.

"Draca…" Sin hissed warningly from across the room.

But Draca wasn't even close to in the mood for listening. "Stop. It," he said lowly, clenching his jaw around the threatening growl he wanted to release. He turned as his cousin let out a shrill yell of denial, stalking over to her. He glared down at the screaming child. "I said stop."

"NO!" Kala whirled right around and beat her little fists against his leg. "I WAN' MAMA!" Draca didn't move as she smacked at him. There was nothing even close to pain behind the hits, just a festering anger.

Sin was by his side before his temper could flare. And the look on his face had the blond paying far more attention to his lover than the hatchling at their feet. The Vampyre knew from working and living with Sin for the past century that the man could be absolutely terrifying when pushed. But he had never seen his lover use such an expression – sharp, intimidating; a softer version of the glower that would make grown men tremble in fear – on a child. He knelt and caught Kala's wrist as she moved to hit him as well, his face deadly stern. "There will be no hitting, Kala. Are we clear?" he growled.

"LEGGO! LEGGO!" Kala was reaching full-on hysterics, blindly swinging with her free hand. Sin caught it with laughable ease, taking both of her little hands in his and hauling her up with the other. Draca watched as the seraph carried the squalling child to the bed, dropping her none-too-gently upon it.

"I don't tolerate hitting in this house. Is that clear?" He didn't wait for the little Dragon to answer. "You're going to sit there until you calm down." Kala didn't appear to be listening, or perhaps she was just purposely trying to disobey the man. She tried to crawl off the bed, only to have Sin drag her back to the pillows. "Don't. Move. Or else I'll have to really punish you." Draca almost snorted, fully expecting the little girl to try and escape again. But she did nothing like it. She simply let out a sob as a fresh bout of tears surfaced. She turned her face into the pillows and screamed and kicked. "That's not going to get you out of time-out any faster, child," Sin murmured archly, moving towards the door and beckoning Draca to follow him.

The blond thief did without a word, not really knowing what to say at the moment anyway. He continued to stay silent as his lover closed the door on the way out, both of them listening as Kala screamed and sobbed hysterically inside. "How'd you get her to do that?" Draca asked at length.

"Hm?" Sin gazed at him blankly for a few moments, his sharp eyes gazing straight through to this soul like they always did. "What, to listen?"

"Yeah. It's not like she was willing to listen before."

"Children who at least know how to behave will respond to authority," the seraph replied matter-of-factly. "Especially ones that young."

Draca wasn't quite sure he believed that. He tilted his head as he listened to his cousin's ongoing tantrum. "She's not going to quit any time soon," he said simply.

Sin only shrugged. "She will eventually. Just ignore her and she'll quiet down."

The Vampyre said nothing to that, but he was sure his skepticism was obvious to Sin's Sight. Still, he did as the Fallen Angel suggested and waited out in the sitting room. He sank onto the couch next to his lover, and closed his eyes briefly as a wave of lingering tiredness swept over him. They sat there for a few minutes, the only sound in the house being Kala's wails.

"Kala!" Sin called suddenly, making the Vampyre jump. "Get back on that bed!" His eyes were trained on the wall to their right, and Draca knew he was Watching the child's soul through it. The sobs and wails quieted for a sudden moment, and started up anew. The seraph looked away, signaling that Kala had done as he'd demanded.

"This is going to be fun," Draca muttered irritably, sliding sideways until his head rested on Sin's shoulder. He felt Sin turn, but the other man didn't push him away – which was always a possibility with Sin, out of either embarrassment or being in a grouchy mood.

"What would you rather happen?" the raven-haired assassin replied instead. "Would you rather she spent these six months in Deimos' care?"


"Then you'll just have to get used to her, Vampyre."

The blond only sighed, not really wanting to think about that. He wanted to be content in his annoyance and not have to give in to the fact that having Kala here was better than the alternative. He let his eyes flutter shut and twisted, bringing his legs up onto the sofa and curling into Sin's side. It wasn't particularly comfortable, since he was far too tall to curl up so tightly, but he was sleepy.

And he'd missed the chance to snuggle up to his lover this morning. But that was his little secret. He grinned faintly as Sin's arms draped over his back after a moment of – relative – silence.


It was the first thing he heard as Sin shook him awake. Draca raise his head to gaze at Sin's face with bleary eyes. "Wha'… 'ow long w's I-?"

"About seven or eight minutes. She went quiet a little while ago." Sin tilted his head towards the spare room. "You should go get her. She wants you."

Draca wanted to protest. To tell Sin he could fucking do it himself because he wanted to sleep, but making the seraph get up would defeat the purpose of sleeping against him. So he just groaned quietly and hauled himself to his feet. He swayed with a hiss as his legs stretched themselves out from their cramped position, arching his back and raising his arms high. "'Kay… m'goin'…"

The thief refused to grumble as he walked down the short little hall to the spare room. He didn't make a sound as he stood before the door, idly ruffling his unruly hair into submission. There was a tiny whimper from inside. "Dra'?"

Draca opened the door. Tearful green eyes were staring at him from the bed, framed by messy violet hair. He sighed.

The little girl looked utterly pitiful. "I'm right here, kiddo." Kala let out a little sniffle, rubbing at her puffy, red-rimmed eyes with tiny fists. It was hard to stay annoyed at her when she acted like that. "You done now?" he asked, completely unsure how to speak to a child. She nodded, and held up her arms with a plaintive, sorrowful gaze. Draca couldn't think of any other response than walking over and scooping her up.

She latched onto him with what he assumed was her version of a stranglehold.

"M'sorry I hit y'," she hiccupped.

All lingering irritation vanished. Draca rubbed between her wings in what he hoped was a soothing manner. He caught sight of his plushie self sitting innocently on Kala's toy chest. He reached out as one of his shadows brought it to over, staring into its red-button eyes before offering it to his cousin. She took it without a word, clutching it to her chest and burying her face in his neck.

"I forgive you," he said quietly. "Just don't do it again. It'll keep Sin from punishing you."


"You'll be okay, kiddo. I've got ya."

End Part 2. Walk on, Traveler of Worlds.

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