A/N: Hi everyone. I am HugsandBugsSmileyface. I just thought I'd write a poem.

"The Cycle of Time"

Second by Second
Minute by Minute
Hour by Hour

The Cycle of Time.

For every second there is a minute
And for every minute, and hour.

In such a time a man could die
Or time wilt a single flower

In one single hour your life could change
Or the greater of good

Sometimes things happen you regret
And would change if you could

In one day you could save a life
Or nothing that day at all.

In three days you could miss your baby's
Very first time to crawl

In one week you could find
That the world's a different place

In one year you could discover
You don't know your own face.

In ten years you'll have teenagers
That don't listen to you

In twenty years you'll have
Grandkids to look forward to.

And when your time is over
You'll see that life's so short.

So cherish now your seconds
They are years before you know it.

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