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1. Surprise...

Have you ever been in love? In the most depressing moods, but just as you see the person you love, your entire world of misery shatters and is replaced with a new and better one. Just because of a look at a single, yet very special person? To me it happened. It's a long time, back in junior high. I was in love with a guy, we were dating for a couple of weeks, and... Well, to know the rest, you'll have to listen to this story and might have to figure out a few things to say. To reveal everything at once is no fun, is it?

My day started pretty much like any other ordinary day. I came to school, which's name's Shouga High School, and switched to indoor shoes before walking up to the third floor and entering my classroom, where two particular girls noticed my presence.

"Ah, Noriko-chan!" Nakamori Kayo, a girl slightly shorter than me with pinkish brown hair in two curly pigtails, jumped in front of my sight and smiled from ear to ear. She was a person easy to read because of her large variation of face expressions and body language.

That's right, my name is Miyamoto Noriko, I'm seventeen and a member of the society of Tokyo. But that's not important.

The student standing next to Nakamori was a tall black-haired girl. Her eyes, climpsing through the partly foggy glasses of hers and staring at me, blackish blue and outstandingly scary, to be honest.

"G-Good morning, Akatsuki-san..." I let out nervously. Did I just stutter? I thought to myself.

"Hello," she answered in an emotionless manner. "Didn't I tell you to call me by my first name?"

"Of course... A-Ai-san..." It wasn't her eyes or voice scaring me. It was her name, in fact. Her full name was Akatsuki Ai, everyone called her Akatsuki-san or just Akatsuki, but for some reason, she literally forced Nakamori and me to use her first name, although I felt like it was only me being forced to.

"How come you're so early?" Nakamori asked all of a sudden. I snapped out of my train of thoughts and stared at her for a moment.

"My dad was leaving at eight today, so he gave me a ride," I explained to her.

"Oh." She nodded understanding and turned back to talk to Akatsuki.

The truth is, I transferred to this school at the start of the second year. I befriended those two after the first few days, and because of them, I'm not just the new girl, although I would've preferred that over this. Both Nakamori and Akatsuki are popular among both genders, being advisors in different subjects to the girls and a pair of beauties towards the boys. I felt like a third wheel, if you know what I mean.

"Feeling like an outsider, I see." I turned around, just to a girl with short brown hair and cat-like smile, which for some reason turned guys on.

"Hey, Imai," I mumbled to myself. Not exactly on top of my people-to-like list.

Imai Chikako was her name. She was one of the greatest athletes in school, but also the owner of one of the biggest records in the number of sexual relationships. She was sort of a two-sided type, in a weird, complicated and not easy to understand kind of way. Confusion.

"What's wrong, Miyamoto? I thought we were friends," she said, pouting and pointing out her lower lip, only to tease me. Of course, me being the youngest in a sibling group of four, where two of them are boys and the sister being a total tomboy, it wasn't hard to keep a straight poker face and ignore her.

"Save it to someone who cares," I commented, rather lousy, actually. She closed her eyes, ignoring the comment. She had the right to remain quiet. Sigh. This is no crime investigation thing.

Sugimura-sensei entered the room before I managed to talk to any other. We all stood up, bowed and sat back down. Sugimura-sensei checked that everyone was present before grabbing each end of the desk and looked at us through creepy-looking glasses. "I have news for you. We're getting a transfer student in this class. So please be his friend and all that. Come in, you."

The door was opened. We all looked towards the door. A pair of shoes came in. I looked further up. Slender legs, almost girly, covered with pants. Slim body shape, a balance with girly and boyish, the shirt being too big for the student. Even further up, past his chest, shoulders and neck, I stared right at his face.

He... He seemed so familiar. Had I seen him anywhere before?

"What's wrong, Noriko-chan?" Nakamori asked me. I came back to reality and looked at her as confusion filled my eyes. "Nothing... It's nothing."

Sugimura-sensei wrote in kanji on the blackboard before looking at us, holding the chalk in her hand. "This is Takashima Kyouta-kun. Miyamoto-kun, the desk behind yours is empty. Please raise your hand so we can move on."

I raised my hand in hesitation. He showed no change in his face as he walked down the row of desks before reaching his own, right behind my back. As he walked, girls looked at him and commenting how good-looking he was. I realized first now that he had the look of an angel, with blonde hair and blue eyes, just like a pretty anime boy with girly surface appearance.

Takashima Kyouta... I couldn't my finger on it, but it seemed familiar. How? I scratched my head in frustration when he suddenly spoke.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Takashima Kyouta," he greeted. I froze.

That voice...!

Oh no, god, no! He couldn't be...

He couldn't be him, he couldn't... Could he?

Could he possibly be my ex-boyfriend from junior high, who I dated for several months?!

End of chapter


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