3. Encounter

As school ended at three o'clock, I rushed out of the classroom after packing down my books when I encountered Nakamori and Imai in the hallway. Akatsuki had a club meeting, so she couldn't go with them today.

"Noriko-chan, thank goodness you're here!" Nakamori's eyes turned big and shiny. "I forgot something back in the infirmary room. Could you go get it for me, pleaseee!"

"OK, OK, no need to beg on your knees," I said to her, since she was actually ON her knees, pressing her palms together at me.

"Thank you!" She hugged me before waving at me as I walked to the opposite side of the corridor. Infirmary room, infirmary room... Oh, there it was. I opened the door, thankfully for it being open, before stepping inside.

"Sorry to intrude..." I mumbled, seeing the nurse wasn't here. Hm... Maybe she had a break?

Wait. What did Nakamori forget in the infirmary room? Why did she forget anything here at all, she hadn't been here in days! That's when I saw someone lying on the infirmary bed. I took a few steps closer, pulling the curtains aside as I saw the sleeping form of Takashima Kyouta, located right in front of my eyes. I leaned slightly closer, for a better view. Out of curiosity, of course.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and stared right back into mine. Blue eyes... Deep, deep, sea blue eyes... As if I were going to drown in those beautiful, yet murderous eyes of the person who BROKE MY HEART AFTER IT ALL HAD BECOME SO... I took a deep, mental inhale, just to calm down my inner self. I was completely calm at the outside, maybe a little red from the embarrassment of being discovered.

"Trying to kiss me, or what?" he said.

"WHAT?!" I pulled back, becoming red as a tomato. "I-I'm at least five feet away from you! And don't you think anything weird, I wasn't even trying to! It was a coincidence that you were in here in the same time as I was and... Ah!"

I was interrupted when something grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto the bed, pinning me down. Takashima appeared above me, his thick hair hanging over his shoulders, and his eyes, those blue, blue eyes, staring deeply in my dull brown ones. "You're the girl from class, right? What was your name again?"

"I-I-I..." I couldn't speak, I was stunned! Speechless! He made me blush harder than ever, god, how embarrassing!

"Huh...?" he said slightly fascinated and curious. "Can't speak for yourself, do you need a friend to talk for you, or what?"

"I can answer myself! I'm not mute!" I exclaimed.

"Really? Then tell me your name," he said, almost seductively. He licked his lips, I did NOT like the look in his eyes...

"Miyamoto... It's Miyamoto..." I let out.

"Only last name? You're no fun." He got off me and brushed off his pants. "But please knock before entering next time." He blew me a kiss before leaving the room.

God, that guy and his guts. I hate him...

End of chapter