Same disclaimer as previous chapter.

"Be the sniper, not the sniped." - Michael F.

"Who wouldn't want to do it on the Empire State Building while Godzilla and King Kong battle to the death?!" - Ryan

"You just got hit by floppy cheese!" - Sarah

"I'll get in the hole."

"Call it a trench, it sounds manlier."

"My god she has big lips." -Me

"Shhh, Ashleigh, she's black." - Caleigh

"Have you ever been hit in the head with a wet weenie?" - Sarah

"It's not like you can lose your students, just your friends…" - Mr. Hazlett, psychology teacher

"You smell like man…and chocolate. That's a good smell." - Me

"She's very gassy. Like Jupiter." - Sarah

"He's like a Snapple. You hate the flavor, but you learn something in the end."

"You Facebooked me?" -Me

"No. I googled you." - Ben

"This was created by some Asian to get back at us for Vietnam!" (About polyester shirts) - Mrs. Kies, Vietnam War teacher.

"Always feed your husband before giving him bad news." - Mrs. Kies

"What if a chick kicked you there or punched you or something? That's some dismay in the vajayjay. Game ovaries."