The words appeared on the screen, showing up everywhere that she looked. The world appeared at her fingertips and she fell full force into the world of the net. Anything she wanted information wise gleaned simply by a click. Everything seemed amazing due to the sudden introduction of the new world.

Searching the net, she learned that the two people she enjoyed being together in a fandom, whether they were together in canon or not were a ship. Upon discovering ships she in turn discovered the world of fanfiction. She couldn't wait to post her first story... in fact, she signed up before she even turned thirteen.

The words then spun from her own fingertips and she became releasing her imagination. In fanfiction, she discovered that anything she wanted to happen, could happen. She could be the hero... or heroine for a change. She could be paired with her favorite characters. Her preferred pairings ended up winning over the ones she disliked.

With each piece she garnered praise from others. People told her to keep up writing, to post the next chapter. They too look forward to the world she spun in front of their eyes, her work an obvious jewel among the others, standing out and delighting beyond measure. She had created a world of perfect existence.

Then came cruel fate. Someone told her that the world she wrote in was not her own world. She was told that certain things logically couldn't ever happen. She hated the fact they didn't like her being the main unit in the story, with the canon characters barely audible. She also disliked being told there was a right way to even write her favorite pairings.

It is just a story though? This was not reality. The net wasn't part of the real world. Her head began to spin, twisting from the fact negativity had come her way. She had gone to the net expecting a place to be free to do whatever she wanted, yet people were saying that her world was not at all perfect. The dashing of a dream hurt.

At first, she thought to simply ignore the one person she deemed a bully, a meanie. She thought the comments were, as some of her reviewers put it, made because they were in fact jealous. But then more comments began to come. She felt as if they were out to get her simply because she appeared to be an easy target. Why didn't they treat other fanfics she found similar in like manner?

Sometimes, she tried deleting and reposting the fanfics she wrote. However, some people happened to recognize her story from before and chided her for deleting negative reviews. She tried blocking people and cutting off anonymous reviews. She got more reviews if she didn't cut them off and even when she did both, people still came.

She then went back and looked at one of her older stories and found herself wondering why she ever wrote it. She then began to question anything she wanted to write, or had written. She wanted to erase her existance from the net and deleted her fics and her stories. Or perhaps she deleted them and pretended they never happen.

She struggled with growing, as she pretended that the mistakes simply didn't exist. She became frustrated at people pulling apart her fanfic, despite the fact it was simply done for just fun. It seemed like and endless battle. She tried all sorts of stories, but every time she messed up. Was this because she was stupid?

Then, one day, she choose to listen, to take the advice, do some research. Her writing began to grow, from learning from others and learning from herself. Doing it on her own simply wasn't enough, she had to rely on others to point out her flaw. She had to rely on others to learn from. Eventually, she grew out of her problems. But not without someone else.

The rule was, read, read, read, write, write, write, practice, practice, practice, grow from others via example rather then jumping in over ones head.