The train traveled noisily through the green expanse of rural Japan. Outside, lush mountainside cascaded the view, along with birds flapping through the clear, blue sky. It was a solemn sight – one that would inspire an artist in making his magnum opus.

Inside the train, there was also silence due to the fact that there were only a few people. On a particular carriage, a lone girl of sixteen sat while listening to some music that was passed through the headphones she wore on her ears. This particular girl had long, silky black hair though it was rather unkempt and not brushed frequently. She wore a simple red blouse topped by a black jacket, blue jeans and a pair of dirty white sneakers. The bright colors of her outfit complemented her slightly tanned skin, though her dress wasn't much of a tight fit for her slender build.

Yukimino Sora's green eyes gazed at the marvelous view outside. How long had it been since she'd seen such untouched beauty? She rummaged through her memories and triumphantly got hold of the answer – ten years. Yup, it had been ten years since she left her hometown and set out for the busy streets of Tokyo. And now, finally, Sora is coming back to where she belonged. Or at least, where her father belonged.

Sora reviewed her memories and remembered the day before her mother announced that she was leaving for good and taking her daughter with her. She blushed whenever she did reminisce it, but it was – though she wouldn't admit it herself – one of the reasons why she was excited to come back home.

Ten years ago…

"Hey, are you alright?" asked a six-year old Sora. The question was addressed to a young boy of about her age, who was crying beneath a huge cherry blossom tree. Cowering, he had sat there miserably for some time that the girl tried hard not to notice, but just couldn't.

The boy looked up to her, his blue eyes wet with tears. He had short blonde hair that was combed neatly, very fair skin and a pleasant face. Sora smiled at him and the boy answered it with a sniff.

"Are you hurt?" asked Sora tentatively.

The boy shook his head. He then stared at Sora for a while and pointed at the branches of the tree above them. The girl looked up and saw something on the branches – it glinted gold on the sunlight of the morning and Sora recognized it as a silver necklace with a golden cross as a pendant.

"Is that yours?" queried the girl. The boy nodded. "How did it get there?" To this, the boy did not answer and shrunk back to the shadows of the tree.

"Don't worry, I'll get it for you," Sora offered with a smile. The boy looked up at her in surprise but by then, Sora had already hugged the huge trunk of the tree, took off her slippers and started a precarious climb.

The boy watched in awe as the girl expertly ascended the cherry blossom. Sora reached the long yet narrow branch that held the boy's pendant. She sat on the branch and crawled towards it – the necklace was on the farthermost tip of the tree's finger-like extensions. As the girl moved, it sent some of the pink flowers to the ground, showering the watching boy in a rain of petals.

Slowly, Sora crept on like a caterpillar. She had to be cautious – she was hovering at least ten feet from the ground. At last, she could almost reach the golden necklace. She just needed to move a little closer and then…

A snap. The branch broke and sent both girl and pendant falling to the ground. Sora closed her eyes in fear.

When she opened them again, Sora saw the blonde-haired boy staring at her. She jolted up and found herself sitting on the ground below the tree – the same spot the boy had been crying on a while ago. She looked at the boy and noticed that he was already wearing the cross pendant. With the pendant, she remembered the fall and the –

"Thank you," said the boy, the first time Sora ever heard him speak. His azure eyes sparkled and he gave out a very radiant smile that the young girl felt something peck near her chest – something she hadn't felt before.

"You-you're welcome…" said Sora nervously, wondering why she was so nervous all of a sudden. She tried to stand up but felt a nagging pain on her knee. "Ow!"

Sora looked at her knee and found out it was bruised. She did hurt herself after all. Worse, she couldn't even stand because of it. She tried to touch it and it hurt.

The young girl was about to cry when the boy touched her knee with his right hand. Sora looked at him and saw his focused gaze as he stared at the bruised spot with concentration. He murmured something incomprehensible and to Sora's astonishment, his hand glowed with warm golden light.

Sora gasped and felt the pain seeping out. And when the boy took off his hand, she noticed that the bruise was gone. The girl tried to stand up and was perfectly back on her feet; it was like the wound wasn't even there in the first place.

"Wha…" muttered Sora, still astonished. "What did you do?"

The boy smiled at her, under a shower of pink blossoms. "Magic…" he said simply.

"Magic…" muttered Sora, as her reverie ended. The teenage girl shook herself – there was no such thing. Ever since that incident, nothing had ever happened that proved its existence. She had once told herself that that memory was just made-up – nothing but a fragment of her imagination.

But half of her mind said it was true. It was too vivid and too realistic to be a faux. She could still remember the feeling of the sakura petals falling on her head, the feeling of dread as she fell from the tree and the feeling of awkwardness and nervousness when the boy smiled at her.

Sora shook her head. At least now that she was returning, she could finally find out if what had happened that day really occurred. And that boy, if ever he's real, Sora wanted to meet him again. If he is real, that is.

Author's Note: Hello there! This mjinx and this here's my new story "Wand". Though the prologue hints more of a romantic storyline, this is actually a fantasy series with a lot of action. With some romance, of course. And yes, there is indeed magic in this story, but I'm not going to spoil it for you. What the title "Wand" meant is also for the readers to find out. This story is actually on my mind for a few months, but I only got to expand more on the plot one quiet evening. It's strange, but sometimes staring at the ceiling for hours gives you some ideas. Anyway, feel free to put up a comment for this prologue. Chapter 1 would be up by the weekend. Thanks.