"Quick! Or we'll be late!" Kylie's mom shouted up the stairs.

"I'm coming, okay?" Kylie took a quick glance at the mirror, and a dirty blonde hair girl, whose hair was in a high ponytail stared back at her. She was clad in dark, denim skinny jeans, contrasting vividly to her pale complexion. Her large, Good Charlotte tee was bunched up and tucked in in one corner. She was tall and athletic, being the fastest runner in the nation for the girls.

Unfortunately, after they had moved from their comfy home in Denver, to large and sunny California, her mother decided to send her to a posh, private boarding school with snobs where her brother attended. Since her brother lived with her father after the divorce, they didn't talk much. But when she found out they were in the same school, she was pretty excited. Luckily for her, the school did not require students to wear their uniform.

She took her large, bright green suitcase and rolled it downstairs, then slinging her purple Crumpler over her thin but curvy body. She wore her red converse high tops, as she had packed the other four, and opened the front door.

Her mother stood by the door and when she saw her, she frowned.

"What happened to the new blouse I bought for you?" She demanded, referring to a flowery old blouse that was popular back in the fifties. Kylie had blanched when she first saw it, then pushed it to the back of her closet.

"Uh… my suit case is… too heavy…" Kylie fumbled for an excuse anxiously.

"I want you to PUT IT ON NOW! Do you know how many men are there out there? You ought to be embarrassed!" Her mother snapped. Kylie nodded weakly and ran upstairs to change.

Barely a minute later, she came back down in the disgusting looking blouse.

I look like my grandma! She thought miserably.

"Of course, you look disgusting! Your sister would look much better in the blouse!" Her mother sighed then turned back to the car with a fake sympathetic smile.

Kylie shuddered, but followed her into her car.

The car ride was silent, except for the classical music from the radio. Finally, after a long hour of driving, they saw three huge building that was light brown and had a clock on the main building. The top was curved and painted bright turquoise, and it was almost as big as Disneyland.

"Okay, mom can you please drop me off here?" Kylie asked when they reached the roadside, where other students were kissing their parents goodbye.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," her mother rolled her eyes and unlocked the door. "Don't come crying to me if you want to come home. Goodbye."

Kylie nodded and said, "Goodbye!" Then slammed the door, and walked towards freedom. Finally after an entire summer of being put down by her mother, she was free! She quickly went to the toilet and changed into a comfortable blouse, before coming out.

It's beautiful! She thought.

Still caught in her daydream, she crashed into a rock hard wall. Or so she thought.

"Whoops! Sorry wall!" She giggled, then looked up to see a hot boy, with his blond hair slighty messed up. He was dressed in his soccer jersey, which showed off his beautiful biceps. She could see a faint outline of… and Eight Pack!

He wore a smirk on his beautiful face.

"Oops…" Kylie looked down at her foot and murmured shyly, "I'm sorry!"

"A wall, huh?" He grinned, showing two neat rows of white pearls. His voice was low and sexy, but not to the point where it was disgusting. "My body is so muscular?"

"Sorry!" she apologized quickly. He continued sniggering at her. "Ugh! You're so irritating, you know that?"

"Feisty!" He whispered, leaning close to her ear, looking down her shirt. "I like it." Her legs almost gave out. She growled and poured water from her water bottle over him, satisfied that he was shocked, and completely wet – she had a large water bottle – then walked away.

"Did you just do that?" a girl asked her. She was dressed in a miniskirt, but had black tights that stopped below her knees, and a blouse that had the words: Come to Momma, on it. But, what had shocked her most, was that she was Asian, with long, silky black hair that fell down her back, and did not speak with an American accent. In fact, her English sounded weird.

"I'm Chua Zhi Qin Amanda," she introduced herself, with slight use of perfect mandarin. "I'm from Singapore! I just moved here last year, you see. And you are…?"

"I'm Kylie," Kylie grinned. "What's your dorm?"

"Oh! It is 74! I saw your name on the board – You're in dorm 80, which is just down the hall from mine! Do you want me to show you the way?" She cheerfully offered.

"Thank you so much! I would love that!" Kylie accepted the offer graciously, glad that she had a friend.

They started walking up the stairs of one of the buildings.

"I can't believe you actually poured water on him!" Amanda laughed. "Good job! He's always laughing at me because I am Asian and I speak English 'weirdly'."

"He deserved it anyway! Though he was kind of hot! And he had an eight pack!" Kylie gushed.

Amanda laughed, while helping Kylie with her suitcase. "The Elite group would probably be after you tomorrow! I mean, you just poured water on the most popular guy in school! But I'll save you!" She pretended to superman, accidentally knocking into another hot boy. He was not as tall as the other boy, who was at least 6 foot 3, but he had to be over 6 foot.

"Hey! Watch it, Asian!" He snarled, then walked away.

"What crawled up your ass and died?" She called back.

"That was Jacob Matthews, also the most popular guy. He is Lucas's best friend. The one you knocked into was Lucas."

Kylie watched her conversation with Jacob with interest.

"Okay! Here we are! Room 80," Amanda grinned at Kylie.

Kylie took her room card and slotted it in, and the door unlocked immediately. She entered the room and was amazed by how high class the room was. There were many huge glass windows, which overlooked the large track, tennis courts, and the swimming pools.

There were two large single beds, one of which had a huge suitcase on it, and a large, frilly pink blanket.

"This, will be your bed, then," Amanda pointed to the bed nearest to the window. She then showed her the toilet, which was a HUGE, toilet with a Jacuzzi.

There was a large plasma television on the wall, and two large green closets, to put their clothes. Two large Mac desktop computer sat on both desks, and a leather turning chair was tucked neatly in the desk.

"Video games or computer usage, will be charged under your name, and by the end of the year, you will have a 'bill'. Don't worry, it wll not be very expensive. The Mac you can use for projects, with everything installed inside. But most people have their own laptops, so…" Amanda led her around the room and explained different things.

"Wow! This is much bigger than my room!" Kylie grinned, then started unpacking her things.

"Okay, so lunch is at one, which means you have an hour to unpack. I'll head back to my dorm and see if my dorm mate is there already! And I have yet to finish unpacking! Bye! I'll call you!" Amanda said, and Kylie gave her her number. Amanda saved it and waved goodbye, before stepping out of the room.