As they entered the cafeteria, there were only a few people left there—a bunch of people wearing black, and a teacher walking around the room, talking to a Student Leader, and pointing everywhere. The poor student leader was nodding vigorously, while jotting down everything.

"I suppose it's over," Jacob looked at her sadly. Kylie thought that sounded like a breakup.

"Yes," she said, trying to sound disappointed, "but we can still be friends, right?"

"Kylie," he said with a small sigh. "You know that never works out!"

"It doesn't hurt to try, does it?"

"You're right," he nodded empathetically.

They burst into laughter at their 'amazing' acting skills.

"We suck," Kylie told him, while giving him a high-five. "Let me text Amanda and tell her we're going to buy breakfast. Or lunch…"

"Where are we going?" Jacob asked, reading her thoughts. "How about Burger King?"

Kylie nodded and took out her cell phone and started texting. Hey Manda. Jacob and I are going to Burger King to get some lunch. What does everybody want?

Once she put her phone back in her pocket, it vibrated again. Uh… Apparently, everyone decided to copy me. Five whoppers and a double whopper. All meals. Two cokes, two Dr Peppers, and two coffees.

Okay, got it, thanks~ see you in a while bye


By the time she received the last message, they were walking across the school parking lot.

They got onto Jacob's black SUV and immediately left the school. However, they stopped at the gate to put their thumbprints at the scanner, and the gate swung open.

"Ta-daa," Jacob sang. "The road to freedom!"

"Uh huh," Kylie nodded, grinning, "Wait another year to get your freedom!"

Jacob slouched dejectedly, but kept his eyes to the road.

Kylie turned on the radio and they listened to the radio in comfortable silence for five minutes until they reached the restaurant. He parked the car, while she went to the counter to order.

After she had ordered and sat down at one of the seats, he came into the fast food restaurant.

"What's up?" he asked her.

"Ceiling," she replied quickly.


"Love you too," she grinned maniacally.

"Hopeless…" he shook his head. She got up from her seat, just as Jacob got up from his.

Kylie took the bag of burger, and headed out towards the exit, with Jacob trailing behind her.

"Whoa! Shit!" Kylie lost her footing and slipped on a puddle of spilled Coke. Being fast in reaction, Jacob caught her by the waist but they both fell onto the floor, with Kylie on top of Jacob.

"Seriously! Are you that desperate?" Jacob teased. The duo started cracking into peals of laughter.

Just then, they noticed that everyone else in the fast food restaurant was staring at them, in silence. They quickly picked up the fallen fries off the floor, and walked out in embarrassment.

Upon their misfortune in Burger King, Kylie realized that Jacob was actually quite hot, and it would not have been bad to have another boy in her life apart from her brother.

It was a silent car ride back to school. But before it became awkward, Jacob broke the silence.

"Man, it's getting hot in here!" He took a glimpse of Kylie, and thought that he should make a move on her soon, before anybody else gets to her first.

Kylie, playing along Jacob, replied with a smirk on her face, "obviously, cause I'm here."

The car came to an abrupt halt. It jerked violently. "What the shit!" Jacob cursed and said a string of profanities. "This damn car has broken down." Kylie laughed at him and noticed how cute he was when he got angry.

"Sorry about that. It's about time that this car got changed." Jacob told Kylie, after he had called the tow truck.

"It's ok. I'm fine with it."

As the car had jerked violently, their drinks they bought spilled all over the cup holder. "I'll help you get this." Kylie offered, and took a piece tissue to clear up the mess. "Thanks," Jacob said, also reaching his hand for a piece of tissue.

In the process of clearing up the mess, Jacob's hand Kylie's. They both looked up at the exact same moment, and gazed into each other's eyes passionately. Before they knew it, they had reached for each other and their lips met each other. Their tongues explored each other's mouth for about ten seconds, and while she was exploring his mouth, she felt something on his tongue. At first, she thought that it was an m&m, but she soon realized that it was his tongue ring. Kylie felt a vibration in her pocket, and pulled away from Jacob, much to his disappointment.

What up, sis! Are you okay? You are taking a looooonggg time ;)

Kylie replied: Haha you haven't changed a bit from your IMPATIENT AND ANNOYING self ;D Anyway, Jacob's car broke down near the soccer field somewhere and it will be at least 10min before the tow truck comes.

It was not long later when Kylie's phone vibrated again.

Stay there. I'll be there in five.

"Jeff said that he would come by and fetch us home." Jacob nodded.


"You guys are finally back!" Amanda cheered. Everyone in the room bombarded Kylie and Jacob for their food. After receiving it, they said their goodbyes and left.

"Secret," Kylie winked at Jacob, while whispering.

Lucas winked at Jeff, "Did they behave?"

"I'm not a baby!" Kylie glared at him.

"Oh yeah. Definitely not."


Jacob stood next to them awkwardly, like a sore thumb.

"Anyway, I won't stand between you and your beloved boyfriend now," Lucas smirked, upon seeing the look of disbelief and anger on her face.

He grinned and left the room.

"So…" Jacob winked at her.