Chapter 5: A Familiar Face

It had been a two weeks since Ash had been here and I had gotten pretty used to him living with us now. I wouldn't call us friends just yet but we had our own weird friendship going on. I got bored often so Ash was my source of entertainment when he was at home.

It was fun to continuously bug him by waltzing into his room unannounced. I had been doing that since the day he had caught me in his room.

I was currently incredibly bored as it was Saturday and Sam was visiting his grandparents so I couldn't cure my boredom at his house. I jumped off my bed and wandered over to Ash's room.

I swung the door open. "Whazzup my brother from another mother?"

He glanced up from his desk as I walked in and made myself comfortable on his bed.

He sighed. "What now?"

"I'm bored," I replied, staring up at the ceiling.

"Not my problem," he said with his back still towards me.

I smiled at his clear annoyance of my presence. He had gotten used to my random visits but that didn't mean he enjoyed them. I looked around his room and noticed he still hadn't unpacked and the room still looked dull as ever. I stood up from his bed and propped up onto his desk so I was facing him.

"Your room's as dull as a black dot," I stated.

He looked up at me and laughed. "Maybe I like black dots."

I smiled. "No you don't, you're just a lazy ass who can't be bothered to unpack his crap"

He poked me in the stomach. "Well maybe I like being a lazy ass."

I rubbed my stomach and inspected his room for another second. I suddenly lit up. "I have an awesome idea!"

Ash frowned. "Should I be worried?"

I ignored him and jumped up in excitement. "Let's paint your room!"

He stared at me blankly. "Boy, you must be really bored?"

"Come on, it'll be fun." At this current moment, painting seemed like the most exciting thing in the world.

"Painting a wall is considered fun to you?"

I glared at him. "Yes, painting walls has always been a passion of mine."

"Okay then," he said flatly.

"You're just jealous of my painting skills."

"Yeah, cause it's so extremely difficult to paint a wall," he said sarcastically. He didn't know a thing about painting. It took the right amount of pressure on the brush, precision and delicacy. Painting a wall required large amounts of skills that only certain people can do correctly. It's true; I read about it… somewhere.

"Fine, mock all you want but please let me paint your room?" I pleaded.


"Why not?" I argued.

"Because you're a girl and you'll paint my room pink."

I raised an eyebrow. "Do I look like a kind of girl who likes pink?"

"Err… Dotty, look at what you're wearing."

What was he talking about? I looked down at what I wearing: a pair of boxer shorts and a tight, hot pink t-shirt saying 'pink is the new black.' I mentally cringed when I read those words. There's no way in hell I would own a t-shirt like this.

"This is Helena's t-shirt," I explained. "It must have got mixed up in the wash."

He didn't look convinced. "If you say so…"

"I'm not lying, stink brain." He laughed and reached up to ruffle my hair which he had become accustomed to. It was quite frankly incredibly annoying; he was basically treating me like a dog. I might as well walk on all fours go 'woof woof.'

"I seriously despise this t-shirt."

He suddenly grabbed my t-shirt and pulled me onto his lap. I glanced at his face and saw him staring intently at my top. He finally looked up and locked eyes with me. He leaned in closer. "That's too bad, because I thing you look damn sexy in it." I felt a blush creep onto my face making him smile. "You're cute when you blush." Why did I have to have such pale skin? I tried to move away slightly but his arm was wrapped tightly around my waist constricting my movement so I gave up. I just stared at him and realised that I could see the exact shade of his eyes. Why couldn't I have eyes like his? His dark blue eyes were just so darn sexy…


I jumped off his lap and glared down at him. "I hate you."

He laughed. "You're too easy."

"You're a douche," I muttered. I was pretty sure I still blushing which pissed me off further.

He smiled and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "Let me make it up to you."

"How?" I asked curiously.

"Let's go buy some paint."

Ash took his car and we drove to the store to start our mission- finding the perfect paint for his room. I remember when I was younger and chose a paint that I thought was alright. Once it was on the wall I absolutely hated it and refused to sleep in my room until the walls were a different colour. Let's just say my mom wasn't over the moon on having to buy double the amount of paint.

"The paints are at the end," Ash pointed. When I finally saw the paints my mind went into excitement overload. I immediately took off running to the paint isles and my eyes started frantically moving across all the different colours.

I grinned widely as Ash finally approached the isle. "The possibilities are endless!"

Ash sighed and stuffed his hand in his pocket not really caring about all the awesome colours in sight. "Let's just get whatever and go."

My eyes widened. "Dude, you can't just get whatever. Careful thought and consideration needs to be put into choosing the right colour."

He just rolled his eyes and started skimming over the different paints. I smiled and got back to business in finding the perfect paint.

After fifteen minutes I could tell Ash was getting extremely bored. "This colour is quite nice don't you think?" I said, staring up at the blue square.

"Yep, it's brilliant, let's buy it and leave," he said quickly, not even bothering to look up at the colour.

I looked at the navy blue colour for a couple of seconds. "I'm not sure if it's right…"

Ash ran a hand through his hair in frustration. "That's what you've said for last hundred colours," he muttered angrily.

"Calm down grumpy, I'm just trying to find the perfect paint."

"Anyone would think the paint was for your room."

I patted his chest. "If this were for my room we would be here until closing."

He laughed. "Remind me never to go paint shopping with you."

After another fifteen minutes of looking I felt slightly guilty for making him wait for so long. I dug into my jeans pocket and pulled out a lolly pop. I debated shoving it back in and keeping it for myself but his face just looked so grumpy and I felt mean.

"Here," I said handing the sweet to Ash. He looked down at the sweet in confusion and then back at me. "It's the prize you get for being a big strong boy and waiting patiently." I felt like I was a doctor giving a child a sweet after being brave for their appointment. "You better be grateful because you know how protective I am of my food."

He stared at me for a second and then a grin spread across his face. He put an arm around my shoulders and gave me a half hug. "You're a sweet kid."

"Don't call me kid."

He just ignored me. "Come on; let's find this perfect colour then." As we continued to walk down the isle I realised that his arm was still around my shoulders. I didn't really care because I felt a bit warmer in the air conditioned building.

I suddenly halted when my eyes caught sight of it. I stared up completely memorized. "That's the one."

Ash didn't look convinced "You're not going to change your mind in two seconds are you?"

I shook my head. "No, this is the one, I'm certain of it. It's like fate brought us to this exact moment and this colour was just waiting there to be found by our eyes and-"

"Dotty," he interrupted. "You're rambling."

I ignored him and grabbed the tub in excitement. "Let's rolly moll."

Ash breathed a sigh of relief. "Finally."

When we finally got home after lunch I was eager to start painting. However my dreams were crushed when Ash said he was too tired from choosing the paints so we should start tomorrow. He was talking complete nonsense. I mean, all he did was stand in a shop. How tiring can that be? I tried to fight him on it but got distracted by a documentary about chicken that my step dad was watching so I mumbled a 'whatever' and quickly joined Jack on the couch. Ash on the other hand disappeared up the stairs.

"How was paint shopping?" Jack asked, glancing at me.

"Twas interesting," I replied, fascinated by all the awesome chicken on television. "Ash hated it."

He laughed. "I can imagine. Going shopping with you is an absolute nightmare." I glared at him and crossed my arms like a little angry kid.

"I'm not that bad." He gave me a look. "Okay maybe, I'm a little annoying."

He raised an eyebrow. "A little?"

"Today I wasn't that bad; I even gave Ash my lolly pop."

His eyes widened and he started shouting. "KATE, COME QUICK!" My mom came rushing in from the kitchen to see what all the commotion was all about. "Dotty shared her food!" he exclaimed as if it was the most fascinating thing ever.

My mom's eyes also widened in shock. I one the other didn't see what the big deal was. I mean I knew I was protective of my food and hardly ever shared with anyone, but it wasn't as if it was a complete miracle that I actually shared.

"But Dotty never shares," My mom said in disbelief. "She wouldn't even give you a raisin if you asked her."

"I DON'T EVEN EAT RAISINS," I yelled in frustration. It was bugging me that they were making such a big deal out of this. I'd shared before. It was that time with… err… the time when… let's just say it was a long time ago. I was getting old.

My mom completely ignored my raisin comment. "Who was the lucky person?" she asked curiously as if it was the biggest piece of gossip she'd ever heard. My groans of protest went unnoticed by the two as Jack answered.

"She gave Ash her lolly pop."

"No!" my mom said in disbelief.

Jack smiled and shook his head. "It's true."


"Yes, Dotty actually sacrificed one of her most prized possessions."

"Wow I'm so proud." Huh?

"We should celebrate." Right… this was getting weird. The grown ups were acting like a pair of kids. I decided I needed to escape this creepy scene so I hastily got up and moved out of there before my mom could attack me with questions. You see that's how my mom and Jack were. Some times they would act like mature, normal parents but then sometimes they went a little crazy.

Sometimes I think I'm the only sane one in this house.

People were just so strange these days. Why couldn't everyone be normal like me? Oh shit, I forgot to record the chicken documentary. NO! I'M GONNA MISS THE BEAUTIFUL CHICKENS GOING 'CLUCK CLUCK.'

All that talk about chicken had suddenly given me a craving for a chicken burger. To the kitchen it is then. My trip to the kitchen was cut short when I heard the doorbell ring.

I skipped happily to the door… What? Chicken made me happy. I swung open the door with a huge grin plastered on my face.

My grin dropped and my eyes widened when I came face to face with a person I was not expecting to see. "IT'S YOU!" I blurted out.

The brunette girl in front of me stared back in confusion. "Err… do I know you." I just continued to stare at her in shock. It was the GIRL. The girl in the picture I had seen when I had been snooping around Ash's room last week. The girl, who Ash had had his arm's around. The girl who I assumed had been Ash's one true love. Okay so I'm not sure about the last thing, but I was sure they were together in the picture.

I realised that I had been staring for a while when the girl's hand waved in my face to try and get my attention.

I should probably say something around about now. "I saw you… on that… cleaning commercial."

I resisted the urge to slap myself. Where the hell did I come up with CLEANING COMMERCIAL?

She gave me an odd look. "Cleaning commercial?" she said in confusion. I panicked, trying to think of something to say. "Oh, I think you're talking about the toothpaste commercial I was in last year." She then grinned to show her perfectly white teeth.

Wait… WHAT?

I think I might be physic.

I'm going to be rich!

Moving on…

"Yeah… that's the one," I mumbled. Not only was this girl beautiful with her tanned skin and hazel eyes, but on top of that she had perfect teeth. Not to mention she was famous. Okay a television commercial hardly meant you were famous but still. I had only just met this girl and she was already so annoyingly perfect.

"If you want an autograph, I'll give it to you later," she said peering behind me. I wanted to laugh, who did she think she was, the queen of Sheba? "I'm looking for-" she started but someone cut her off.

"Marissa?" a voice said from behind me. I didn't need to turn to know who it was.

I glanced at the brunette in front of me to see her reaction. She was smiling brightly. "Hello Ash."

Ash stepped in front of me. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Ooh the drama.

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