"Mrs. Kyle I know what your thinking", I said as I walked into the classroom.

"So I'm just going to come clean and tell you the truth, the truth is I was walking to school when…a unicorn came out of the sky and attacked me!"

Mrs. Kyle just sat there at her desk looking at me like I was crazy, while the rest of the class laughed hysterically.

"A Unicorn…came from the sky?" she said slowly.

"Yes", I replied. "A unicorn came from the sky and attacked me".

Mrs. Kyle hid her face in her hands.

"Well I'm just gonna go…take my seat", I said as I walked to my desk at the back of the room.

When I took my seat Mrs. Kyle stood up in front of the class and began yet another boring day of school.

How do teachers do that, make school which is suppose to be fun completely boring? Well I had to make the best of it until the orange limo took me home, and by orange limo, I mean the school bus. People sometimes have debates on whether a school bus is orange or yellow. Tell you the truth I don't think it really matters, as long as I get to ride in it home, I don't care.

The hole reason I was late for school and had to make up some pathetic excuse about a unicorn coming out of the sky and beating me up, was because I missed the bus. I truly blame the bus driver for me being late, I mean I he can't say he didn't see me running and waving my arms like a maniac. I was even yelling for him to slow down. Well I can't really blame him for not hearing me because the guy is pretty old, but I can blame him for the seeing me in near view mirrors and not stopping the bus.

I think we need a new bus driver, one who doesn't smell like prunes and old people. A bus driver who can hear, one who doesn't make you repeat the same sentence ten to twenty times when you talk to him.

Well anyway, I sat in class bored out of my mind. That's when I got to me, If the world were to end right know I will have wasted my hole life in school, I will have wasted all my hole life bored out of my mind learning stuff which I'm never going to use, when I could have been out doing fun stuff like playing video games or watching TV. Playing video games and watching TV are way more interesting then Mrs. Kyle's endless talking.

I'm guessing Mrs. Kyle noticed I was staring into space because smacked her the ruler she had in her hand hard on my desk, so hard it broke in two.

"Ray Hut!" yelled Mrs. Kyle as she beamed at me with her big beady eyes. "You come into my classroom late, yes I understand you were attacked by a unicorn while walking to school, but that gives you no right to come and start day dreaming in my class". Mrs. Kyle used quotation marks with her hands when she said "attacked by a unicorn".

"Mrs. Kyle! Mrs. Kyle!" shouted June Kelsey.

June Kelsey has to be the biggest loud mouth alive, she's always ratting me out for stuff, like this one time in kindergarten she told Mr. Taylor that I was eating glue or that one time in grade four when I forgot to do my home work so I started chewing on it to make it look like my dog had chewed a big piece out of it and of course June Kelsey just had to tell Ms. Gilmore that I was eating my home work. My mom made me see a counselor about the eating my homework thing, all because June Kelsey had to open her big mouth. I swear one of these days I'm gonna get June Kelsey back for all those times she's got me in trouble, I mean it, I will if it's the last the last thing I do.

"Mrs. Kyle! Ray takes the bus but he missed the bus this morning! That's why he was running after the bus like a crazy person who just escaped from the loony bin!" shouted June Kelsey. "I think you should send him to the office so Mr. Foster can yell at him!"

Once again June Kelsey had opened her big mouth and got me in trouble, and once again there I was at the office waiting to get yelled at by the principal Mr. Foster.

After what seemed like forever Mr. Foster asked me, well told me to take a seat in his office.

Mr. Foster's not your average principal, he can yell at you for ten minuets with out taking a breath, how does he do that? It's hard to pay attention to what Mr. Foster's saying when he's yelling at you, well it is for me, I can't stop staring at the big bald spot he has on the top of his head, it's some what hypnotizing in a way.

"Ray", Mr. Foster said after taking a breath from his ten minuet non stop shouting. "I have no choice but to call you mother, maybe she can explain the importance of paying attention in class because clearly I can't".

"No you can't", I mumbled.

"What was that?" Mr. Foster asked.

"Nothing", I told him.

Then Mr. Foster was out of his office to go call my mom.