When I got home boy did I get yelled at, I think I might be deaf. My mom started of with her yelling by asking me why I didn't get on the bus, then she asked me why I told the teacher a unicorn fell from the sky and ya you get the point, she basically repeated everything Mr. Foster yelled at me for.

"It wasn't my fault mom!" I told her thinking she would believe me, ya right. "It's the bus drivers fault he didn't stop the bus, I know he saw me running after the bus!"

"You were running after the bus!" yelled my mother. "I can just imagine what the neighbors were thinking".

My mother, I don't know why actually cares about what the neighbors think. I don't really care that they saw me chasing the bus like a crazy person. Our neighbors are just as, well more weird then our family put together. Our next door neighbor Frank has to be one of the weirdest neighbors in the world, he was out in a blizzard shoveling the snow off his roof while drinking a beer and trying to smoke a cigarette, What an idiot, I secretly wished he'd fall of his roof, if he did I would have laughed so hard I would have wet my pants.

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse my older brother Devin comes stomping up the stairs from the basement where is room is.

"MOM!!!" Devin yelled. "I'm starving!"

My older brother Devin Hut is sixteen years old, eats everything and will eat about anything, he's always hungry. My mom says he's going to eat us out of the house, what ever that means, parents…sometimes you can't understand a word they're saying. Devin has to be one of the most disgusting people on the planet, he burps, farts, and picks his nose and doesn't give a dame about what other people think. I don't think he even owns a hair brush, if he does, he never uses it, he always keeps his dark brown hair in a curly, knotted mess on top of his head.

"Devin!" my mother yelled. "I'm a little busy disciplining your brother at the moment!"

"You are!" said my brother as he ran into the living room where mom was yelling at me. "What did you do this time, let me guess, you skipped school, no you talked back to the teacher, no you beat some kid up!?"

Devin looked at me with big eyes, apparently me getting in trouble is fascinating to him.

Even though Devin was watching and listening, mom told me I was grounded for three weeks, which meant no video games, no cell phone, no TV, and no hanging out with friends after school. I could tell it was going to be a boring three weeks.

"Wow!" Devin said as I sat on the couch and my mom left to go get ready for work. "I can't believe you told Mrs. Kyle that a unicorn fell from the sky and beat you up, have I taught you nothing!? You could have said you got mugged by a hobo".

"I'm so stupid!" I said. "I should have said that".

"Finally you agree with me", Devin said and then he went to the fridge to find something to eat. "I always say that I got mugged by a hobo when I'm late for school".

"You use the same excuse everyday?" I asked Devin.

"Sometimes", he said as he pulled a tube of left over macaroni and cheese. "Sometimes I say I got hit by a car".

"You say you got hit by a car?"

"Ya I don't know why but non of the teachers believe me when I say that", Devin said as he grabbed a fork and began eating the cold left over macaroni and cheese.

"I wonder why", I said sarcastically.

Then my little brother Henry comes running down the stairs screaming.

"There's a spider in my room!" Henry screamed as he ran back and forth from the kitchen where to the living room where I was.

Henry's five years old and it terrified of spiders. This one time our family was driving to Grandma's when Henry let out this ear piercing scream that made my dad swerve off the road and into a ditch at the side of the road. I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes. Luckily no one was hurt, I think Henry was thought because Dad wouldn't stop cursing at him. When Henry told my Dad he screamed because he saw a spider out side the window, my Dad lost it, he climbed out of the car and began freaking out at the side of the road for everyone who drove by in their cars to see. I was actually really funny to see dad jumping up and down and screaming at the top of his lungs. When Dad was finally done freaking out the rest of our family climbed out of the car and played a game of hitch hiker, that's where you stand at the side of the road with your thumb up hoping that someone will stop and give you a ride into town. We didn't have that much luck, we ended up walking the rest of the way to Grandma's.

"Kill it Devin!" screamed Henry as he stood in front of Devin who was stuffing his face with macaroni and cheese. "Go kill the spider in my room! It's really big!"

"Don't you see I'm busy!?" said Devin with his mouth stuffed. "Why don't you get Ray to go kill it!"

Henry then ran to where I was sitting in the living room.

"Ray please go kill the spider!" cried Henry.

I got up from the couch and went up stairs to Henry's room.

"So where's the - HOLY COW THAT'S A BIG SPIDER!" I shouted as I saw the spider crawling up the wall of Henry's room.

This spider had to be some kind of exotic species because the spider was so big you if you tried to kill it with your shoe it would probably grab your shoe right out of your hand and throw it back at you.

"Kill it! Kill it!" Henry screamed as he pushed me forward.

"What am I going to kill it with!?" I said as I looked around Henry's toy covered floor.

"Here use this!" Henry said as he held up one of Devin's video game cases.

I grabbed the case a moved slowly toward the spider, then just as I was about to whack the spider, it jumped right off the wall and landed on me.

I then screamed the most girlish scream and began swatting and jumping around trying to get the spider off.

Henry at some point must of grabbed the video game case out of my hand or maybe I dropped it because all of a sudden Henry smacked the video game case at the back of my head.

"Did you kill it!?" I asked.

"I killed it!" Henry chanted. "I killed a spider!"

"You killed it?" said Devin as he stood in the door way holding a video camera. "Won't this video of you making a fool out of yourself look amazing on you tube? I think it will!"

"Give me that!" I yelled as I ran after Devin. "You can't do that!"

"Oh but I can!" Devin yelled as he shut and locked the door to the basement.

Devin laughed as he walked down the stairs that lead to the basement.

"This isn't fair Devin!" I yelled through the closed door to the basement.

"Life isn't fair little brother", Devin yelled back. "You should have know I'd get you back for using my video game case as a fly swatter".

"I didn't do it on purpose!" I yelled. "I didn't think you'd care".

I herd Devin walk up the stair from to the basement, and then WHACK, the door flung open and slammed into my face.

"Didn't think I'd care!" he shouted as he gripped the collar of my shirt. "My video game case know has squished spider guts on it, trust me…I CARE!"