The Life of an Asshole

You know how it is, P Diddy wakes up in the morning feeling like me, or he wishes he did. You see I'm Caleb Fleming and I'm sure you've heard of me. No? Well you're missing out. In middle school I went to St. Leo's-this intensely strict Catholic school for rich kids. Even back then I was such a boss. I had sex for the first time with Mallory Kinney after I walked her home from school the day she got together with her boyfriend. But let's be honest here, she's just a whore.

Anyway a lot of the kids form St. Leo's went to PVI- or Paul the Fifth while like twenty of us head to public school. I have to admit that once I hit public school my playboy streak really began to show.

I rekindled old friendships from elementary school and became friends with a lot of people. All in all even from the first week of school I was wanted by all and a total hottie.

I even began talking to Eleanor Grayson.

Ellie was that girl who was the crush of many boys in grade school. You know, for Valentine's day she'd always get the cards that said things like 'be mine' and corny things like 'I think you're puuurfect' or 'I dig you' as opposed to those general ones that said 'Happy Valentine's Day!'. But guys intentionally gave her those Valentine's because as we all know there were too many 'be mines' so you gave them to whoever was left just because you didn't have any more 'happy valentine's day' cards.

Ever since the second grade when she moved her she's had this platinum blonde hair and stereotypical blue eyes. You know, that perfect blonde girl that everyone wants. Despite that her hair was so blonde that it was almost white and that her eyes were so blue they were almost gray she was different than Haley Hollinger who was also blonde haired with blue eyes.

Ellie wore headbands and bows in her hair and her bangs were long enough to tuck behind her ears, she loved to wear dresses but wore casual clothes too. Haley had to wear Hollister or Abercrombie.

Ellie was always this soft-personality wise- sweet easily amused airy type of girl. Not like an air head but she just went with things. She was chill.

To this day Ellie is that same softer, sweet, easily amused airy girl- she's just grown up. And damn has she grown up.

"Caleb, what're you thinking about?" Katherine Price coos- my currently slam piece. She runs a finger up my chest and I give her my famous smile and she instantly giggles.

"Just you baby," I can tell she's looking at my dimples and then at my green eyes. God girls just love my eyes, even Ellie compliments them and she doesn't fawn over anyone. Except children. She really likes little kids but isn't too much into dating or hooking up. Although she has hooked up with people plenty of times.

"Aww, you're so sweet." She smiles, giving me that flattered look that says she wants to hear more.

"Not as sweet as your smile." Okay, I actually mean her ass but whatever.

"Caleb," She playfully hits my arm.

"You know Katherine, I was just thinking about how pretty you look when you smile."

"Caleb, you're too much." She beams. I put my arm around her shoulders as we walk past the auditorium.

"Who do you think you are…? Collecting your jar of hearts…"

We both turn to the open door and see Ellie at a distance playing the piano. Her pretty voice resonates through the place and she sways, putting her body weight into playing the piano.

"Ellie is so pretty, don't you think?" Katherine looks up at me.

"Nothing compared to you babe." I gently smile my fake smile and she giggles. I've become such a good liar.

"But really, she is. I wish I could sing like her."

"Don't we all?"

"True," She giggles again. How fucking annoying. FYI, giggling isn't cute unless you're a kid or you're just insanely adorable.

Katherine Price just looks like a whore with her fake tan, fake blonde hair and over exposed boobs. Of course the boob part I don't mind but still. Class up yo.

Girls wonder why guys go for this type- well it's not because they're prettier- because they're not- it's just because they're easier. Point blank. Easy and we don't mind dumping them on the curb like this week's trash. That's all she is to me, this week's trash.

Eleanor Grayson will forever be that golden girl, the girl who will always be too good for you. Yet somehow she doesn't believe it.

A/n: Okay, so it's a short chapter but it's like the intro I guess. So meet Caleb, he is pretty scummy as he sounds but he's a good guy too. Anyway let me know what you think, I'm not sure if I want to continue this so we'll see. If it doesn't seem like anyone likes it I might just write it for fun haha.

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