Okay so this just isn't my month. First I get sick for the first time in years and now I have a damn concussion. Stupid Harrison fucking Harvey, that bitch is damn lucky that I don't have any physical damage besides a bruise. If that fucking loser cracked my skull I would've pulverized him.

There I was in my oh so sexy baseball uniform standing on the dugout and Jason is practicing his pitching. Jason is throwing some balls at the wall near me but that kid has an excellent aim. Then Harris is horsing around like the bench warming idiot he is and shoves Jason who ends up hitting the side of my head.

Boom, concussion.

"I swear, I'll kill him." I curse as I hold an ice bag to my head. It's been what two days and my head is still throbbing.

"Hey no one is objecting," Jason adds. I sigh and lay back onto the doctor table-esk thing. There's about six of them here in the athletic training room. We even have an ultra sound machine here for the pregnant girls.

"Once I'm able to play again he'll be pulverized. And if I'm not able to play then he's fish fucking food."

"Can't wait," Jason chuckles.

"Hey, now that's not nice." Ellie says, giving me and teasing wide eyed look.

"Ellie!" We both holler. She's wearing incredibly short and tight shorts, I seriously need to watch the track team run more often.

"Hey guys," She laughs, "How's your head?"

"Bitching." I gripe.

"Awwww poor baby." She teases.

"Wanna kiss it better?" I suggest.

"Sure," She laughs. Ellie makes her way over with an ice pack in her hand and brushes my bangs aside. She plants a soft kiss on my forehead and I smile.

"That's not where I got hit."

"Where then?"

"The side of my head."

"Oh sorry," She rolls her eyes, "Like I can even tell with your messy hair."

"Look!" I push up the hair covering my sore bruise and Ellie gets closer to inspect my head.

"Eh." She shrugs, unimpressed.

I dramatically frown as she sighs, "Fine fine." And she kisses the side of my head.

"Thanks." I beam. I smile genuinely and Jason scoffs.

"Look who's getting all lovey dovey." He teases.

"Well you know." We both say cause Jason to laugh a bit.

"So, how's track going Ellie?" Jason asks.

"You know, same old same old."

"Total track star I bet." I add in.

"Oh totally," She rolls her eyes, "I'm so fast that I'm last place."

"Ch'yeah right." I snort, "Mikey told me that you're pretty good."

Mikey Lowstutter is Ellie's best friend, at least guy wise. Although I know there's nothing going on between them it's hard to not get that little pang in my heart when she kisses his cheek or when they hug and he picks her up and spins her in a circle. But I mean it's not like I'm jealous, I'm too hot to be jealous.

"Yeah well Mikey is failing English, Spanish and is lacking a little something called common sense."

"I thought he was good in Spanish?" Jason asks.

"Nope. On the rare occasions he actually does do good is because he's friends with Gerardo who is so good at Spanish that he should just teach the class."

"Spanish is so lame," I stretch my legs, "I'm glad I picked French."

"Right because you can seduce girls with your sexy language."

"You know how I do."

"But hey," Jason holds a hand up, "Me and Ellie have Latin down."

"This boy speaks the truth," Ellie admits, "Anyway, nice seeing you guys. Feel better Caleb."

"Thanks boo." I lift up an arm as my goodbye and place another arm over my eyes.

"Later. Go be a track star Ellie bellie."

After some silence and after one kid from the other side of the room leaves Jason speaks, "So when do you plan on nailing Ellie?"

"What?" I cough a little.

"You totally were flirting. You always flirt with her." Suddenly the other side of the room is far too silent. Nosey little snots.

"I flirt with everyone." I defend.

"True, but I mean we all know Ellie is far too pretty for you to pass up." Sometimes this is why I love Jason, he picks up on the little things. He kind of over analyzes things…kinda like a girl. But I mean it might be because his girlfriend is so annoying observant and has the constant need to know everything about everyone.

"You're crazy. Ellie is gorgeous, sure, but still. We're just friends."

Jason snorts, "Caleb Fleming being just friends with a girl? Unheard of."

"Well clean out your ears bitch cause it's true." Okay so maybe I'm lying to him but whatever. It's not like anyone needs to know that I might just want to be more than friends with Ellie Grayson. Because that's just not me; I'm not a one girl man-I'm a million girl's man.

"Yeah well we'll see."

I don't answer him and roll over to my side. Ugh great the bag is starting to leak a little.

"You know I heard that Harrison and Ellie have something going on."

"What?" I snarl.

"Gina told me."

Fucking Gina. Jason's girlfriend is never wrong. She's the fucking queen of gossip.

"I hate your girlfriend."

"Yeah I know." He laughs knowing that I meant I hate how she's right about everything.

A/n: Soooo…I have a concussion. And I'm not supposed to do anything that involves like thinking for a few days haha. But I can't help it and I'm bored. I'm not allowed to go on facebook or text or watch TV or even go outside even though the weather is amazing. The athletic trainer at my school said to just chill and relax for the weekend until they can see how bad it is.

So yeah! For some reason each chapter of this story is influenced by my life haha.

I might write a new one shot but I can't really concentrate.

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