I'm on my mid twenties, I have a shitty job, I have no love interestess, I have no savings...I have no life, at least not in the conventional sense.

I like toons, I like my nostalgic 80's and 90's movies, I like videogames and comics and reading bad fanfics in order to get a couple of cheap laughs: of course, I wouldn't even dare to suggest that those hobbies are "childish", no, not at all...my level of obsession, on the other hand, that's what I call "childish": I barely earn any money, and almost all of it goes to my stupid toys instead of, you know, help to pay my own weight.

The times have changed: at my age, my parents were already married, with steady jobs, a home on their own, and almost any asset of achievement that could be considered "mature"; Of course, I'm not saying that I would like to be married right now, but if life is a race, I haven't even figured how to turn on the engine of my vehicule.

And I'm not the only one...

...But I can't say I can't understand the current state of my generation: growing up sucks, that's an universal truth (as universal as the fact that any singer that uses auto-tune should be jailed) and today we have plenty of tools to avoid the fact that we're not children anymore: we live in a Golden Age for the slacker and the hispter, with music from all over the world avalaible with just a couple of clicks, and toons made specially for our sick sense of humor.

It's not that we don't wanna grow up, it's that the society doesn't want us to do it...

...Well, that's just another ridicule excuse, but then again, that pretty much show you how inmature and childish I am.

Then again, how can we not feel that? The media glamorizes the youth and the teenage years: we want to be teens because it is the perfect blend from the best of the two worlds: we are more independent than children, but we don't really have to face any real responsability: they are not always sweet or nice, but damn it! Once we're adults, all we do is missing those times.

Someday I will grow up, grow up for real, not because I want to, but because I have to, and sooner or later, I will have to act my age, but for now, I will waste my time with more of my self-indulgent amateurish writing, just like many of you: over-educated, under-achieved people...the teendult generation.