God & Existentialism

"The nature of God is a circle of which the centre is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere."
- Empedocles

What is God?

I believe that God is the collective consciousness of every living thing in the universe. God is in the wind, in the earth, in light. God is in the rain. God is in the changing seasons; God is the changing seasons. God exists in movement and inertia, as the sleight of hand and the incline of your nose.

God is the collective energy that flows between every living thing in the universe – assuming of course, that the universe stretches to infinity, so much so that there is no such thing as 'nothingness' in the purest sense of the word – and if there is such a thing as nothingness, then God fills up the spaces of nothingness that exist in the universe, making them full and the universe a whole, infinite infinity.

God is the bond that binds together every existence in the universe. God is the relationship between all things; between the absence of nothingness and existence, between the creation of existence and existence itself.

God is creation; God is in the creation of infinity. God is death and God is destruction.

There are no laws that bind God; no mortal or moral reasoning to which God must adhere. God simply is; God follows God's own flow in the existence of all life and of all existences, of all planes of being. What higher existence is there above God? What higher realm of consciousness?

Is God divine?

Yes, God is holy by virtue of God's existence, and the nature of God's existence as the bond between all existences.

Is God pure?

If God is everything, and everything is God, and not everything is pure, then is God therefore impure? Perhaps God is pure simply by virtue of the impartiality of God's flow?I.e – God plays no favourites, there is no hidden agenda, no rhyme nor reason nor a means to an end – rather by virtue of the purity of the flow of God, things simply are because they must be. God is made up of both right and wrong, pure and impure, because to God, there are no extremes. There is no right or wrong. There is no such thing as purity – things are simply because they must be. If at all, there is only purity in existence itself.

But does this mean that nothing in life happens according to a divine plan, according to the principles of divine morality? That things simply are? Perhaps there is no grand scheme; perhaps there is no such thing as divine retribution for sins. Perhaps it is simply that life goes on – there is nothing that needs to be 'worked out' because God is in control of the flow of God, balancing every aspect of existence. Life and time and existence simply are. Perhaps this is why goodness and misery exist side by side.

But I do believe in karma. I believe that karma and God exist in each other. Karma is universal justice; it is the natural, impartial, true spirit of justice. Neither you nor I will ever fully comprehend it; and it need not be understood to exist.

God is the alpha and the omega. God is infinity. God is every particle of dust that becomes us, that is us. God is peace; God is the rich silence, the wholeness that fills and joins up the spaces in the universe.

Who is God?

Me, I am God. And you, you are God. And when we turn to dust, our energy, consciousness and the event of our existences all join God's flow and stretch on to infinity, and so have an eternal existence in God.

A/N : Who amongst you made sense of this?