The anger consumed me; I felt it run hot through my whole body. My fists were clenched so hard, but the pain from my nails digging into my palms was not felt. My teeth were clenched together and my breathing was coming out of my nose fast and heavy. I walked, I couldn't think of anything else to do, I needed to move otherwise I would explode; the walking did not help control the anger.

Not only was I pumping with anger but also shock, shock that I could be so angry, shocked that it had all but controlled me. My body was shaking and I could not think straight.

I hadn't been gone long and I hadn't told anyone where I was going or that anything was wrong. I felt a presence behind me, worried that I would hit or yell at whoever it was, I kept walking.

The person kept the same pace as me, following me and carefully not saying anything. It was then I felt the large hands on my shoulders and I instinctively slowed down, my breathing followed and I let out a large sigh. Without realising, I stopped walking.

His hands slowly moved down my arms, following the line of my body all the way down to my hips, I almost shuddered. The new feelings that ran through my body were conflicting. I felt relaxed, excited, calm, aroused and still a little bit angry and a touch of disappointment in myself.

The overwhelming feeling to just turn around and throw my body into his arms ran through me. But I didn't need to turn around, I knew who it was and unfortunately he was the one who had made me angry; yet the only one who could calm me down.

He moved closer to me and slowly, almost sensually kissed the back of my head.

My mind reeled, my heart shattered and my body was reacting the way it always did around him, I just wanted to touch him, for him to touch me.

"Amelia …" he said, his voice soft and gentle. I usually loved it when he said my name; he could make it sound so sexy. I battled with myself, I didn't know wether to turn around and jump on him or walk off. The memory of what happened made the choice for me.

"Fuck off" I said ready to storm off again, I was feeling so strong and determined until I realised I could not move, he had a hold on me and wasn't letting go.

"Look at me" he said, his voice still soft and gentle. It made me feel calm and relaxed something I had only just realised that added to the list of things he made me feel; this was the first time he had made me feel anger.

I didn't turn, but he easily moved me so that I was facing him. Luckily I only came up to his chest, I knew as soon as I looked into his eyes all the previous anger and thought would disappear. I hated this hold he had on me.

"Look at me" he said again, this time I felt his voice vibrate through his chest and into my body; I looked up.

As soon as my eyes looked into the amazing blue/green eyes that looked deep into me, the beautiful eyes that always smiled, the amazing eyes I had fallen in love with I could not hold back the angry tears. My heart broke at the same time that it rejoiced. No one else had ever looked at me like that before. I saw his eyes shine, almost like they were wet; almost like he was about to cry.

"You need to listen to me. I never meant …" he began but the last thing I wanted was to listen to his reasons, listen to his excuses. I kissed him; I reached up on my tip toes and kissed him hard.

All my emotions poured into the kiss, I was mad, I was upset, I was horny and I was disappointed. The kiss lasted longer then it should have. The both of us hungrily kissing each other, quickly bruising our lips; it felt like a last kiss.

I felt his hands go slowly around my waist and he picked me up. A small moan came from the back of my throat but I wasn't sure if it was a pleasure moan or an upset moan, I had to move back.

"I don't want to hear that you never meant to hurt me or anything like that. I am so sick of not being your number one priority, especially when you are mine. I don't want to hear about how confused you are how you love me but don't have a choice. Lucas, you always have a choice" I said, and I walked off, the anger quickly returning as soon as I wasn't looking at him, as soon as he wasn't touching me.

I was afraid without him in my life I may walk around an angry, jaded person. I would just have to put that to the test, I wonder how long I could last.

A/N: Hope you all like this. It was inspired from a dream I had, a very strange dream nonetheless.

I was wondering what you all think? Are you intrigued? Should I make it a story or just keep it as a one shot? Let me know your opinions, it would be greatly appreciated.