Charlie had left the day spa feeling like a million bucks. The weekend she had been spending with Cord had left her feeling somewhat satiated. She had returned to the suite afterward wondering if he'd be waiting there to ravish her at the door, not that she'd mind of course. Even if he pushed her against the wall next to the door, and well…she sighed heavily as she looked around and saw the suite the way she had left it. Then she noticed a note on a stool near the wet bar and walked over to read it.

Definitely in his writing, she saw.

He told her he hoped that her trip to the spa had been relaxing and that her next move would be to go into the dressing room next to the bathroom. Okay, so maybe it sounded a little bit bossy, even commanding but she hadn't minded being introduced to that part of him and her pussy throbbed at the memories. She had accumulated enough of them to last her…when things went back to normal between them on Monday morning, the beginning of another work week. Well, she'd enjoy tonight with him and savor every moment, hopefully most of it would be spent with him wrinkling the sheets or a few other places.

She smiled as she walked into the dressing room and her eyes widened at what she saw hanging there.

The most beautiful off-white dress, more like ivory shaded, with sleeves and plenty of lace, on what looked like an exotic type of silk. There was a box next to it, and unwrapping it, she found a lacy white bra and garter set with sheer nylons…and the shoes, she couldn't believe he had her playing dress up again but she didn't mind at all. There were some flowers and a card, which told her to get dressed and meet him downstairs in the lobby in about an hour.

Not much time she thought but enough as she began to take off what she had been wearing careful not to muss her hair and slipped the clothes he provided for her on. The lingerie was both nice, with a hint of secret naughtiness, enough to make her more than just a little bit heady

The dress…oh my…it fit just perfectly, shaped to her curves and looking in the mirror, she thought she looked like…she had never seen herself. She picked up the excess material on the dress which flowed down and turned around, posing in front of the mirror.

What did he have planned for her, was it a formal dance or other type of party? Were they going to leave the hotel? She had so many questions and she knew better to ask them, she would just have to be ready for anything.

She left the suite and started towards the elevator…anticipation building inside of her with every step.

Cord stood below in the lobby talking to the bellboy.

"I've got everyone waiting…just don't tell her anything but have her follow you to where I'm going to be okay?"

The bellboy nodded.

"The hotel's setting up the party in the main ballroom," he said, "and the valet has been parking the cars as they arrive."

"Thanks…I have an uncle here somewhere…"

"He's waiting for you in the foyer."

Cord nodded and then left him to go find his uncle. He hoped that Charlie would be surprised at what he had in store for her. He guessed as intelligent as she was, she would be even with her powerful deductive skills. Oh, he wanted to see that very first expression on her face, the arch of those eyebrows when she figured out what he had been up to in the past few hours.

Actually the whole entire weekend…because he had been planning this for quite a while and it had turned out better than he had anticipated. The best weekend of his entire life, and he hoped hers as well.

But he'd better get going to find his uncle. Charlie would be joining them soon and there were still a few last minute details to get nailed before she arrived.

Charlie reached the lobby and the bellboy walked up to her as if on cue and told her to follow him to another part of the hotel. She did, looking around her and then they left the hotel's back entrance and walked across a courtyard to what looked like…she narrowed her eyes.

A chapel?

She saw flowery arrangements around its entrance and thought, what the hell was going on here?

Then she saw what looked like Cord's uncle. Okay, what was he doing here? The older man just smiled and handed her a card. It said to go inside with the uncle.

She put her hands on her hips, looking at him.

"What is going on here…why am I going inside a church?"

Then she heard a pair of footsteps and saw Cord moving towards her, looking so breathlessly handsome in his tuxedo and a smile on his face.

"I think it should be obvious."

She tilted her face at him.

"What's so obvious?"

His smile broadened.

"That you and I are about to get married…."

That shook her world.


He licked the corners of his mouth and oh, she wanted to do that for him with her own but damn, what had he just pulled on her?

"Charlie…this weekend's been the best I ever had…I knew you had what I wanted in a friend, my best friend and we know what it's like to be partners through our business but I never knew that it could be like it's been between us…on other fronts."

Oh yeah, and she knew what those fronts have been and the sex between them…it robbed her of her breath just to think about it. But marriage…didn't men usually propose to their girlfriends first and ask, not assume?

"Cord…this is so sudden and I imagine there's a lot of guests there waiting."

"A few…just our closest friends," he said, "and I know you can say no and turn around and walk on out of here…but I love you Charlie…I love you more than anything and I want you as my wife and my partner and most definitely as my lover."

She had to suppress her smile because she had to be firm here. A man even Cord just couldn't thrust this whole marriage ceremony on her without asking her first. At least that's what she told herself…but damn if she didn't love him too…and she couldn't think about anyone else she'd rather walk down the aisle with than him. She had been dreading Monday morning when things between them would return to normal…she couldn't do normal with him anymore. Not when she'd be sitting at her desk in the office thinking about what it had been like when he'd licked her pussy with that devilish tongue until she screamed…or she had been riding him like a cowgirl…she blushed at the thought and her damn expensive wedding day panties began to feel damp.

She could see it all in front of her and she wanted it too. She wanted to walk down that damn aisle towards him and kiss him senseless in front of everyone. She wanted him to go home with every night and to wake up cuddled in his warmth every morning…and eventually, she wanted his children.

But…wait a minute, stop that she told herself…she was a businesswoman and thus used to taking risks. She'd gone skydiving for goodness sakes and loved it enough to do it again. She could handle marriage to her best friend.

So she nodded and he moved towards her and cupping her face, kissed her gently but thoroughly on her mouth. Then he told her he'd be back and when he returned he had this white silky thing that my god…looked like a veil and as she bit her lip, staring into his brown eyes the ones she had known forever, he placed it gently on her head and told her he'd be waiting inside the church.

"Oh god…."

He nipped her on the neck, playfully.

"Oh god…what…?"

She sat astride him, totally buck naked, his hands on her breasts as she moved against him, his erection snuggly inside of the part that had ached for him as she recited her wedding vows, as she had danced through the reception and as she had been kissing him in the elevator on the way up to the suite. Yes, they loved each other and they wore gold bands showing that to the world but the sex…that's what they wanted right now.

"That was…nice."

He chuckled, as he reached to pull her down on top of him while they remained joined, her breathing slowed and her heart…well it still beat quickly but then looking at him had that effect on her and being fucked by him…off the charts.

"So we really don't have to work tomorrow?"

He shook his head before kissing her again. The honeymoon would be continuing in the morning for another week while they'd be frolicking in some tropical island in the South Pacific, flying there on the jet tomorrow morning. She loved the frosty blue waters, clear and warm not to mention the soft white sands that met the waves…the starry nights where the waves could be heard breaking on shore and the great cuisine eaten out in the moonlight along with some wine.

Life had gotten really good and she had the man she wanted with his arms wrapped loosely around her now and tomorrow he would be there to wake up with her, on the morning that their new life together began.