The clouds rolled and smashed in the night, setting the sky ablaze with each thunderous boom and white hot streak. Rain lashed against the windows, spraying the panes with little rivers of water that fell to the base of the window, never to be seen again. It was never this stormy in their mountain home, but this winter had been a cold one and the spring had brought harsh rains.

It was in this harsh weather that a tall young man rolled over in his bed. The thunder was too loud, waking him each time he drifted to sleep. As another clap of thunder roared over head, he groaned and opened his one good eye. The red orb stared sleepily at the ceiling, almost as if he was asking it to make the storm go away. For a second his room brightened with a flash, casting him and his wife in light almost as white as his skin.

Stirred from her sleep by the flash, Dais's wife moaned loudly. "Mother of god..." she trailed off, pushing her blond hair from her eyes as she tried to sit up. Struggling against the blankets, she finally managed to right herself. Sleepily she stared at Dais, who was now growling low in his throat.

"What is the matter?" she yawned, scratching her neck sleepily.

"This damned storm. I mean, I just got to sleep, and now it is like a symphony out there!" he waved one scared black clawed hand at the air.

"It is kinda loud..." Briar muttered, staring out the window. "Do you think we need to check on the kids?"

Dais sighed and rolled over. "They will be fine. If they get scared they will come to us."

Briar sighed, pulling the covers to her chest. "Maybe."

"Love, they are smart kids. If they get scared they will co.." Just then a knock on the door interrupted Dais. He smirked with his eyes closed. "Speak of the three foot tall devils."

"Come in!" Briar called, sitting up higher to see over the bulk of her husband. He lazily rolled his one good eye toward the door.

The heavy oak door swung open, revealing a young figure in the shadows. Stepping into the low light of the windows, Rose crept in. In her arms she carried a teddy bear, and the shivering Todd. Todd was clinging to his sisters shirt, trying not to cry like a big boy, but the eighteen month old child was not doing very well at it so far. His cheeks were red and streaked with tear tracks, his thumb lodged firmly in his mouth. Large green eyes set in black rimmed skin stared at his mother and father. Rose stepped carefully, showing more grace as a six year old than most nine or ten year old's could dream of.

"Daaaaaaady?" she asked, voice tight with fear.

"Yes, little flower?" he smiled at her.

"Umm, me an' Toddy came to ask ifs you an' momma were scareded." she muttered, staring at her toes, suddenly shy.

Briar and Dais smiled, Briar actually chuckling to herself. A flash of lightning caused the two children to jump, Todd crying out.

In a flash they were climbing on the bed, Rose pushing Todd up to the mattress by his diaper as she tried to climb herself. After they had scrambled up the side of the bed, they slid under the covers, hiding their faces from the night.

With a smile on his face, Dais lifted the cover's and ducked his head under there. "What are you two doing exactly?" He chuckled, the noise a deep rumble.

"Todd looked at his father and bared his teeth. Taking it on herself to interpret her little brother, Rose addressed her father.

"We is protecing you an momma from the storm!' she grinned, making clawing motions with her fingers. All ten of which sported solid black nails, and were as sharp as knives.

"Oh, why thank you." Dais pulled his head from the covers to look over at the giggling Briar. "Did you hear that dear? The Brave Sire Toddicus and The Gallant Lady Rose of Bedroom are going to protect us from the Storm Dragon." he tossed her a grin, chuckling.

"Oh my! Thank goodness!" Briar smiled, tucking her head under the covers as well. "We were getting really scared without these brave heroes to protect us."

Rose grinned, hugging her brother to herself. Todd nodded, planting his thumb right back into his mouth.

Reaching his claws into the covers carefully, Dais grabbed his son, pulling him up to sit on the pillow. "It is easier to protect us from out here, dont you think?" Todd nodded, his grin fading as another round of thunder tore through the silence.

Rose crawled from under the covers, setting herself against her mother. "It is not really a dragon is it?" she whispered, staring wide eyed at the window.

"No, but it does sound scary doesn't it?" Briar whispered back, snuggling her daughter close. "BUT," she spoke louder so the boys could hear. "I know a fun way to beat the storm!"

Dais looked over, his head cocked to the side, almost exactly the way Todd had his. She giggled, those two seemed so much alike sometimes it wasn't funny.

"See, you look for the lightning, then count until you hear the thunder. The longer it takes, the further from you it is. Want to count with me?"

Both Todd and Rose nodded, Dais smirking. Together they lay in bed, counting the minutes between lightning and thunder. Hours passed, and the storm waned, disappearing into the sky once more. Sleeping in the arms of their parents, Todd and Rose rested peacefully. Dais snored slightly in his sleep, face against the pillow as Briar slept curled up against Rose. As the birds began to chirp and the sun shone through their window, the small family slept without a care in the world.