Flash Fiction

1. Mommy: A woman is forced to make a choice for the betterment of her child even if it means hurting her. What is good for one isn't always good for another.

2. Sharks: A man alone at sea wonders on his fate.

3. Consuming: A simple question can change everything.

4. Her Place: Sometimes the only way to be at peace is to exist only in that place.

5. How It All Ends: A woman unable to handle the choice made by another takes drastic action.

6. Skin: She becomes them when she dances in him.

7. Kittens: They think she's crazy.

8. Beginning : She will fight her demon for a new beginning.

9. Remembering: It hurts me like a knife in my gut.

10. Bryce: Bryce is reliving his recurring nightmare, but this time there is a change. For the May WCC on the RG.

11. Something that Someone Needs : I can be that. Winner of the June WCC on The Review Game.

12. Hum: Lily is reminded of the cost of music. For the July WCC.

13. Nila and the Case of the Missing Mouse Trap : Nila is called in to find a missing mouse trap. (humor)

14. Topside : Alma is the last human topside.

15. When She Dances : There is a moment, when she dances, in which the world and time with it begin to fracture, but all he sees is her. For the August WCC at the RG.

16. Polite: George learns that his actions can be far reaching.

17. Rox : Before this place, before them, Mick would have never believed anything but science proven fact. Now he was always wondering what he had dismissed as absurd that was real, or how many crazy things lived out there that no one knew about.

18. Happy: He is all she needs.

19. Running : There would be no more running for Sandy.

20. Together: So let us go together, because we are what we are and there is no going back.

21. Anna : She was the only reason he was doing this; he had to save her. For the December WCC at the Review Game.

22. Out! : He wanted it out by any means. For the February WCC at the Review Game.

23. Monster : This is what I am. For the March WCC at the review game.

24. Black : There has to be more. There has to be something else. I was happy once.

25. Never Her : He's used to it now. He used to all of them now, but not her. Never her.

26. Beauty and Death : There was only beauty and death. For the July WCC.

27. Trade : What do you want? What will you trade? For the June WCC at The Review Game. Winner!

28. Even This : She wanted happiness. For the August WCC at The Review Game.